Grouper – Pomegranate Fish – Dutch Fish

Grouper - Pomegranate Fish - Dutch Fish

The grouper or Dutch fish is also known by another familiar name, pomegranate fish. This is one of the many beautiful ornamental fish that many people love.

Like many of the lines of fish I have featured before. The grouper fish has many colors, the advantage is that it is easy to raise and care for, which is why it is chosen by many people in their aquariums. They are as small as guppies or as small as neon fish, but this fish has many interesting features. Let’s find out together with blogyeucomeo.

Grouper Information – Dutch Fish


  • Fish with Scientific Name: Xiphophorus xpp
  • Vietnamese name: Holland; Netherlands; pomegranate seeds; dwarf dutch.
  • Category details:
  • Family: Poeciliidae (the gorilla family)
  • Grouper is also known as Dutch fish, pomegranate seed, dwarf grouper, my rose; The English names are platy fish, moon fish, variable platy, sunset platy, red globe platy.

Red Dutch fish. Gather

Currently, this line of fish is derived from some species of Xiphophorus maculatus, Xiphophorus variatus, Xiphophorus xiphidium. After many years of being introduced to Vietnam, grouper has now become more diverse with many new types. At the same time, they are also very popular with domestic fish farmers.

Characteristics of Dutch fish

Regarding the appearance, Mere Small in size and varied in color. They are about the same size as guppies or slightly smaller.

Dwarf Dutch Fish: Short body, high back, round belly, small size. This variety has many colors but mainly red and black. Most of the Dutch strains are found in Central America and Mexico. They live in the middle and upper layers of the water.

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how to care

Grouper It has the advantage of being easy to care for and to adapt to the environment, which is why many people choose to play. In addition, this line of fish also has smooth characteristics. The fish can be kept with many other species of fish.

How to breed grouper fish

Here are some notes to pay attention to when choosing to care for this small line of aquariums.

fish habitat

Basically, Mere they live in the same aquatic environment as the previous ornamental fish we featured. The water needs to remove odors and toxins from the water by leaving it outside. Often tap water contains a lot of chlorine, which is an unfavorable condition for fish farming.

Water quality also needs attention when the water needs to remove harmful elements. Balance PH and hardness to help fish grow and develop easily.

Light Requirement: Medium

Water Filter Requirement: Average, okay not to need it.

Characteristics of the grouper fish. Gather

Aerator Required: If kept in a large tank, they do not need aeration and can grow well. Fish do well in an environment with aquatic plants. They can coexist with algae, duckweed, aquatic plants… Every time you change the water, you must pay attention to change 40 to 50% of the old water and keep it to avoid sudden changes in the aquatic environment that affect the health of the fish.

The temperature in the aquarium should reach 22-32 degrees Celsius, this is the right temperature for the fish to grow and develop well. For those of you who live in the north, you should buy more heating for fish in winter when the natural temperature does not reach the standard threshold.

What do grouper fish eat?

grouper, grenade fish gobble up. They can eat anything in the aquarium like moss, worms, frozen worms, bo bo… Most foods smaller than fish can be eaten.

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However, feed your fish sparingly to avoid cloudy water. Fish that don’t eat all the leftovers can contaminate their habitat. At the same time, old spoiled food also greatly affects the health of the grouper. You must divide the meals of the fish so that they can eat them all. Fish should be fed early in the morning and at night.

Grouper price in Vietnam

This fish has appeared in our country for a long time, therefore they are quite popular. Because it is easy to raise and care for, many people choose the fish. They are also in the top of the most cultivated fish in our country. Although not as popular as other lines of ornamental fish.

What do grouper fish eat?

possess Mere It’s not very hard. You can go to any aquarium store for referrals. Most of the prices are between 2 and 4 thousand VND/head. Very cheap so new fish farmers like me often choose to care for them. The most common fish color is red.

How to breed grouper fish?

Mere exterior ensures the environment of the water, the temperature as we indicated above. You should also choose beautiful and strong individuals. Males are usually smaller than females.

Perhaps many of you do not know that the grouper fish only lives for about 3 years and the maximum length is up to 6 cm. The grouper reproduces quickly, so the number of this fish can multiply rapidly if conditions are favourable. Even Grouper fish are also classified with Guppies and Swordfish due to the level of reproduction and natural invasion.

I hope this blogyeucomeo article has helped you in part to understand more about this group of flounders. If you have any questions about the article, you can leave a comment so that we can improve the quality of the article.

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