Great way to train bosses to use the cat toilet

Great way to train bosses to use the cat toilet

When starting out with cats, one of the biggest headaches is potty training. Because if the cat walks around your house, it will smell bad and it will lose the aesthetics of the living space. Therefore, trying to teach cats to go to the bathroom in the right place is very necessary. And one of the effective solutions is to prepare a cat toilet in the house, to train the boss in the habit of going to the right place.

Why use a cat toilet?

Basically, newborn kittens usually learn to defecate from their mother. However, when you bring your baby home, in order to prevent the cat from pooping on the carpet or other surrounding areas, you should familiarize your baby with the place to go to the bathroom and learn to quickly adjust to the new home.

However, not all cats go to the right place obediently, even when they go to the right place, they also encounter some problems such as: Splashing sand on the floor, making the floor always in an unhealthy state of birth, causing discomfort.

With closed, small and narrow houses in big cities. You will find that letting the cat relieve himself in a litter box or playing makes the house smell strong. Imagine after a tiring day at work, you want to go home to rest, but unfortunately your house is just full of bad smell, with sand scattered all over the house. This will only make you “sick” more. Thus, a cat toilet was born to solve all the above problems.

Benefits of using a cat toilet

Unlike commercially available toilet pans, the toilet is designed with eye-catching design, durable quality, discreet and clean.

An important point, such as the name “toilet”, they are made in an enclosed way with a roof above, so you never have to worry about kitty litter on the floor.

In addition, on the roof there is also a ventilation box, you can put scented bags or scented crayons on it, to make sure that the toilet area is always smelling fresh.

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The cat toilet is also designed in a removable form, which is very convenient when you want to transport it to another place or clean it.

Great way to train the boss to go potty in the right place

Step 1: Confining the cat for 2-3 weeks so it can get used to the new space and have better access to the bathroom. If you are a kitten, you should make a few small steps so that it can easily get on and off the toilet. Pour a layer of sand 3-4 cm thick, you need to fix the toilet for the cat, avoid moving, it will cause chaos, making the cat tend not to go to the right place. It is best to place it in a quiet place and few people see it.

Step 2: Put the cat on the toilet, you can whisper in his ear to let him know that this will be the new toilet, upon entering the litter tray he will instinctively dig and defecate. I should leave them here, so they can get used to the smell and the sand in the bathroom.

Usually, after cats finish eating, they tend to go to the bathroom. You should notice if you see them meowing and scratching, then take them to the bathroom immediately. Just a few times to go to the toilet, the cat will quickly get used to and adapt to the new environment, and gradually go to the right place.

Every time the cat is doing well, you should pet it and praise it. This is an incentive to help the cat stay on the right track next time. If the cat goes to the wrong place, you should use isopropyl alcohol to clean that area. It should be noted that only alcohol can reduce the smell, other fragrances can only be temporarily removed, but it is impossible to fool the cat’s nose. Each time, you need to scold them, limit hitting, or take the cat back to the litter box and say that this is the place for him to go. Over time, the cat will get used to it and go to the right place.

In addition, you need to clean the litter tray in the toilet daily, collect feces and urine. Replace the litter with new and clean the litter box once a week so that the cat can go to the bathroom in the most comfortable way. Clean the area around the floor where the cat goes to the bathroom.

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Note when buying a cat toilet

Cat toilets today come in many different brands and designs. But there are still quite a few places that sell poor quality products, you should consider choosing a manufacturer with a reasonable quantity. Check many places before buying, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a cat toilet, avoiding waste.

Because the cats are now well cared for, they are all quite large. Not only that, many families also raise 6.7 cats at the same time. Therefore, you need to choose a toilet that is the right size for your cat. Ask the seller to buy the type that is most compatible with the conditions in your home. You should look for a toilet that is ideally 1.5 times longer than your cat (calculated by the size of the adult cat). This will allow the cat to move freely around the cage and scoop up litter to fill it up after going to the bathroom without difficulty.

Cats don’t like to use a dirty litter box. Therefore, it is advisable to change the sand periodically, if you want them to go to the bathroom in the right place. Therefore, when buying a toilet, you need to consider whether the product is easy to disassemble, convenient to clean and clean.

You should choose a toilet with a wide door, which will help the cat feel comfortable going in and out. In particular, there are many cats who fear confined spaces, which makes them feel insecure. Therefore, you should carefully consider and choose before buying.

Once the kitten is familiar with using the litter box, you can put the lid on the litter box to put the cat in the tray. Give your cat some privacy when going to the bathroom, as well as prevent small litter from falling out when the cat scratches the litter or when you turn the waste in the tray.

hope with the note chocanh As mentioned above, you will soon find a suitable toilet for your boss, and you will also train the cat to go to the right place. Good luck!