Great Dane – Giant in the world of dogs

Great Dane - Giant in the world of dogs

The Great Dane is known to be a super giant but extremely gentle dog. They are friendly with people and are a breed that is kept quite a lot in the world, especially in Europe. They have even been chosen as a state emblem in the United States.

great dane dog breed

Great Dane breed. internet photos

The Great Dane breed has been around for a long time to this day. According to many scientists, the Great Dane may have lived up to 5,000 years ago. This is evidenced by drawings found on monuments in Babylonia and in China. It can be said that the Great Dane is the oldest dog breed on Earth.

After thousands of years of development, the Great Dane quickly became popular throughout the world. There is also evidence that this breed is closely related to the Tibetan Mastiff. It was thanks to the wars that the Great One was brought to Europe and quickly became what it is today.

The Great Dane was used primarily at dinner parties for the aristocracy. They are large but very agile and flexible, so prey once caught in their eyes is often unable to escape.

Today’s dogs have been greatly improved and bred by the Germans when they realized the value and beauty of the Danish breed, the forerunner of today’s Great Dane.

appearance features

The Great Dane is a large dog with a muscular body. They have 4 long, straight legs, more muscular hind legs. The maximum height that the Great Dane can reach is up to 70 cm and the maximum weight is up to 90 kg, depending on care conditions and level of maturity.

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Characteristics of the Great Dane dog

Characteristics of the Great Dane dog. internet photos

The Great Dane has a long, large head, large almond-shaped eyes, and is smaller than the face. Jaws wide, strong and sharp. Great neck and firm breasts. The long, slender ears droop evenly on both sides. Some breeders even crop their ears to prevent them from being attacked by other animals.

The coat is glossy, thick, and colorful, but is still mainly brown, yellow, gray, and spotted.

Personality traits

As mentioned above, the Great Dane dog has a huge body, but on the contrary, its personality is extremely gentle and affectionate.

They are friendly with everyone in the family, especially children. With really young children, the Great Dane deserves a real babysitter.

One problem with this breed is aggression towards strange dogs. In addition, this breed is easy to raise and its training is not as complicated as that of other dogs.

They are loyal and are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their owners when they are in danger.

How to care for a Great Dane dog?

Great Danes have a hard time living in small apartments because their body size is a limitation for tight spaces.

If they live in a spacious environment and have regular exercise conditions, they can easily adapt and grow better.

Because they are large dogs, they need to be released with intense exercise.

Their fur is short and thick, shiny, so it is not necessary to take care of them too much. It is enough to clean the stains from their fur after each exercise or shower with a specialized soap.

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Great Dane dog care

How to care for a Great Dane dog. internet photos

The life expectancy of the Great Dane is between 12-14 years with the best care. Due to their large size, many of these dogs are born with certain diseases such as the musculoskeletal system or congenital diseases of the heart or lungs.

What is the price of a Great Dane dog in Vietnam?

Currently, it can be seen that this breed has not been favored or cared for by many people in Vietnam, perhaps due to its large size.

This also makes this breed quite rare in Vietnam. The average price to own this breed is also not too high, ranging from 5-7 million VND according to a survey on dog selling websites in Vietnam. After 2 months of age, puppies can leave the cage and go to a new home.

Like other breeds of dogs, they will be regularly vaccinated and dewormed. Female dogs cost more, and of course dogs imported from abroad cost much more than dogs bred in Vietnam.

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