Golden Retriever dog breed | Characteristics and price of the Golden dog

Golden Retriever dog breed |  Characteristics and price of the Golden dog

The Golden Retriever is known to be an intelligent breed of dog. This is an active, playful and extremely intelligent dog. Golden is also known as a human-loyal dog.

Characteristics of the golden dog breed Characteristics of the breed of the golden dog ST photo

Although, Golden Retriever is bred quite a lot, but few people can know the origin of this breed.

The Golden Retriever was bred in the United Kingdom. Actually, Golden was bred from Yellow Straight Retrievers and other spaniels and setters.

In the United States, the Golden breed is most commonly bred in families. Even in Dog Show competitions, there have been many Golden dogs winning great prizes.

golden retriever Originally a Scottish hound in the lord of Tweedmouth, since 1835 the lord strives for the perfection of cattle, according to records, he created the dog named Golden, his effective assistant in hunting birds in the swamps of England.

With their super sensitive sense of smell, agility and friendliness towards humans, this breed quickly became a favorite house pet in the UK.

history of the golden dog breed History of the Golden Dog breed. ST photo

The Golden Retriever is intelligent, approachable, and friendly with humans.

This really is the ideal dog to have in the family. In addition, the Golden is also used in drug sniffing and as a working dog to support police officers in many countries around the world.

The Golden Retriever was eventually recognized as a separate breed by the British Kennel Club EKC. So far, the Golden has become the second most popular dog breed in America.

Characteristics of the Golden Dog breed

Golden is a medium-sized dog, with a well-proportioned body and very active. They have creamy yellow to golden brown fur.

The Golden’s coat consists of 2 layers: a waterproof undercoat and a thick, smooth undercoat. Golden’s skull is large and long, with sharp teeth, a broad chest, and a long, straight tail.

It can be said that the Golden Retriever is one of the closest friends to humans. His sharp nose and quickness made GOLDEN the perfect hunter to help humans.

the kindness of the golden dog breedThe kindness of the golden race. ST photo

This breed is a fast learner and always wants to please its owner. Perhaps that is why they are called one of the smartest dogs in the world.

This breed is divided into many types (UK, US and Canada), but the golden breed in the US can be considered the most popular, and this is also one of the most popular. many breeds of dogs quite popularly bred in Vietnam


Golden Retriever is average in size, weight mainly 20-35 kg, height about 50 cm. Their well-proportioned bodies love to run and are active, and their thick, waterproof coat allows them to swim comfortably in water, even in cold water areas. Golden’s fur is creamy yellow or orange-yellow…

The black nose is very sensitive to smells, Golden’s eyes are dark black and cute folded ears. Her tails are also very furry, stiff and loose.

The size of the Golden Dog breed. The size of the golden race. ST photo


  • It is not necessary to say too much about the personality of the Golden breed, they are intelligent, loyal and absolutely similar to the Labrador retriever.
  • He prefers dynamism and outdoor activities, thanks to his intelligence he usually excels in training challenges and is especially friendly with everyone.
  • If you raise Golden from a young age, you will see his tenderness and closeness, especially with small children.
  • It is because of the friendliness of this breed that the owners should be close to them. When left for a long time, Golden is likely to have autism and cause strange actions in the family. So if you are a busy person who does not have 30-60 minutes to play with Golden, you should not stick with this breed.
  • Another thing is that this breed is very fond of swimming and they are very talented fishermen in the world of those dogs.
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golden dog care Taking care of the Golden Dog breed. ST photo

Golden Dog Price in Vietnam

golden dog in vietnam He is being loved by many people for his intelligence and sympathy with people. However, the price of Golden dogs in Vietnam is divided into many levels, which makes it difficult for dog owners to choose their favorite pup.

Also, when choosing a Golden puppy, you need to determine your financial condition to decide. Currently, on the market, Golden dogs are divided into

  • Golden dogs are bred in Vietnam, they are often bred in families and reproduced, some come from dog farms that specialize in Golden. Such babies are priced from 5 to 9 million depending on the characteristics of the dog and gender. If the physical characteristics are not good, the price is lower.
  • Dogs born in Vietnam but with complete documents proving their origin: Prices range between 9 and 16 million. This price is suitable for purebred Golden lovers with good financial conditions. Not much needs to be said about the quality of the golden children here. Better than expected, as well as knowing the origin to help you feel confident in caring.

cute golden dogcute golden dog

Golden babies of unknown origin or from owners who do not have photos of their parents may be sold as intermediaries or imported from unreliable addresses. Even dogs that are sick or have health problems

  • Dogs imported from abroad, such as Thailand or countries with a developed movement of dog breeding.

These Uncle Golden entered Thailand or neighboring countries, the price is much higher than that of dogs bred in Vietnam. They are simply the country where the dog breeding movement has developed before and is stronger than ours. Vietnam usually imports more Thai. Each baby imported cost 12 to 20 million not including shipping fee.

Golden Dog imported to Europe: Golden dogs imported from Europe have always had a strange attraction for dog lovers. With many standard appearance, purebred, well-proportioned body, the price of these babies is up to tens of millions of dong. Depending on the characteristics and the origin, the imported golden dog ranges between 25 and 50 million. And of course, all these children have clear papers of pure breed, origin, even certified genealogy with high international awards.

golden dog pricegolden dog price

There are also Golden hybrid dogs, the price is much cheaper. It can be the product of an unwanted “love” with other breeds of dogs, domestic dogs… For which its price is only 2-4 million.

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What factors does the price of Golden dogs depend on?

The origin greatly influences the price of Golden dogs. As I mentioned above, the price of each imported baby in different countries. You can also easily see the difference in price for each child.

  • Gender: Females are always more expensive than males. This is obvious
  • Dog Age: Adult dogs are more expensive because they were bred by their previous owners. However, I do not recommend buying an adult dog because it will have a hard time getting up. You should only buy large dogs for breeding purposes.

How to care for the Golden Dog breed

Although Golden is a dog that loves to run and jump, you can definitely keep him in an apartment environment. Just make sure you give them time to exercise every day.

Golden Retriever needs daily training, they love games like picking up balls or toys. Remember to exercise them regularly and not overfeed them because they can become obese.

With a thick, silky coat, this breed needs a good coat care regimen, you should brush the Golden’s coat every day. Golden can face some hair problems like big tangles in the ear area, between the armpits, between the legs or places with high hair density. To remove tangled hairs, you can use a specialized brush or use scissors to remove them, but pay attention that they do not bleed when cutting the hairs close to the skin.

Some notes when taking care of Golden dogs

Plumage is one of the many advantages that make the Golden more beautiful. However, caring for their fur is not easy. They are hyperactive and like to be mischievous which makes their fur sticky, plus their large bodies also makes it difficult for owners to make them sit still to care for them.

golden dog caregolden dog care

Regular brushing with specialized tools is essential.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the nutrition of Golden dogs because this is a factor that helps them grow healthy. A reasonable exercise program is also necessary to help Golden develop holistically.

Skills that must be trained for Golden dogs

Upon returning to a new home, Golden dogs often find it difficult to adapt to a new environment, so it is necessary to train them with basic skills such as:

go to the bathroom in the right place

This is an important habit that will help you preserve the Golden’s living environment, including your family, when it is nurtured. Some tips can help you train your dog to go to the bathroom in the right place

  • Train them on a consistent toilet schedule. Taking them out to the bathroom at a certain time will help Golden to easily adjust to the new family environment. When it is time, they will tell you to go outside to go to the bathroom. However, this approach requires more time to train.
  • Train your dog to defecate in a fixed place by spreading newspapers around the house for him to defecate. Then take the newspaper to the places where you want them cleaned. The familiar smell will lure Golden to the right place to go potty.

Get up, sit down and execute basic commands

It is not too difficult for you to train golden dogs to obey commands because they are quite intelligent. You have to prepare a treat for the dog or the food that he likes to eat the most. Then repeat the commands several times so that he thinks that when you do the action, the dog will have the food.

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Some cute photos of golden dogs.