German shepherd dog | Becgie Dog (GSD)

German shepherd dog |  Becgie Dog (GSD)

The German Shepherd, known by the family name German Becgie or GSD, is quite a popular breed of dog in Vietnam. They are smart and are used a lot in the police, the army.

The German Shepherd or German Becgie is internationally known as GSD or German Shepherd. They can be considered as the most popular dog breed in the world and one of the four dog breeds that represent the German nation. In our country, Becgie was only introduced in the 2000s when the movie REX Detective Dog was popular. Dog lovers hunted and brought this breed to Vietnam.

After more than a decade of development, the Becgie or German Shepherd is still considered a breed of dog that was bred quite a bit by the Vietnamese.

Origin of the German Shepherd or Becgie Dog

German Shepherds appeared in 1899 by Captain Max Von Stephanitz. A German army officer. His goal was to create his own German breed by crossing with existing German breeds.

The story begins when he attends a dog show and meets the dog Hektor, a dog selected through many generations. The criteria that she exposed all appear in Héctor. She became very interested and bought Hector and started his plans.

After much effort, Max Von Stephanitz has succeeded in creating a new breed of dog with intelligence, speed, agility, loyalty, and extremely hard work. They are receptive to even the most severe training exercises.

Origins of the German ShepherdOrigins of the German Shepherd

After centuries of reliance on the Rottweiler, the Germans finally have a breed that is equally healthy, intelligent, loyal, and trainable.

All thanks to Von’s work. Some time after the war broke out, it was he who proposed to the German government to turn his dog into a working dog to participate in mail delivery, rescue and surveillance tasks.

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The breed’s first name was Deutscher Schäferhund, but it was later changed to Altdeutsche Schäferhunde.

These dogs were recognized by the British kennel in 1919. However, later when World War II was about to end. It was feared that this breed would be eliminated because of the name associated with Germany, so they were renamed by the Kenel Club to Alsace…

This name was used for a long time, until in 1977 the name of this breed was changed to “German Shepherd”.

With an intelligent and quite courageous nature, the Berger or German Shepherd dog quickly became loved and bred all over the world.

In Vietnam, this breed has appeared since French times when the war broke out. They were called Becgie in French and gradually developed into an excellent dog serving in the army at the time.

Later, when peace came with the appearance of famous movies, the German Becgie or German Shepherd Dogs were widely imported and bred by dog ​​lovers in our country to this day.

Characteristics of the German Shepherd, German Becgie Dog

The German Shepherd is a medium-sized dog, not too big. They can grow up to 65-70 cm tall and weigh up to 45 kg.

This breed has a round head with a long, square muzzle. Strong jaw muscles are not inferior to other breeds of dogs. The eyes are mostly brown. The ears are erect and very flexible. They have a high neck and four stout legs. The running speed is very fast and it follows the subject extremely well.

Characteristics of the dogs Becgie-For German ShepherdsCharacteristics of the dogs Becgie-For German Shepherds

The main color of the coat of the German shepherd is dark, dark black. There are also jet black, mink, and pure white colors, which are quite rare.

However, most are still black with dark yellow. The coat of the German Shepherd is thick and not too long. The coat has 2 layers, the undercoat is thick and warm.

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Perhaps the intelligent trait is not too controversial in Becgie. They are always rated as the leading dog breed in terms of intelligence, maybe that’s why security forces, police and military always use Becgie to catch criminals and communicate in war.

Smart and brave at the same time. What a rare breed of dog.

Personality Characteristics of a German Becgie or German Shepherd Dog

When it comes to taking care of the Becgie dog, the most recognizable characteristic of this breed is its loyalty and kindness with children.

However, it is advisable to care for German becgie dogs from an early age so that they can become familiar with family members. With strangers, Becgie is extremely cautious. They always bark or threaten if there are strangers in their territory.

If you own a Becgie dog, you should train it to get used to family guests and strangers. Although intelligent, the German Becgie also needs to be trained and strict.

Some families when taking care of German Becgie dogs may take their dogs to dog training camps across the country to hire people who have experience in dog training.

German Shepherd Dog PersonalityGerman Shepherd personality. Internet photo

German Shepherds and Belgian Becgies (Malinois dogs) are widely used by rescuers. In the 9/11 incident, this breed helped rescuers search for people trapped in rubble.

In addition, German Becgie dogs also have the ability to track quite well, which is why they are used in countries’ police raids.

What is the price of a German Becgie in Vietnam?

German Becgie dogs in Vietnam range in price from 4 to 7 million VND. These dogs were bred in Vietnam and adopted by many families. You can find any family for sale on Social Networks.

Dogs with pedigree documents will cost more than 8 to 16 million depending on the characteristics. And, of course, dogs imported from Thailand can be up to 20 million, imported from Europe 20-30 million.

These dogs are mainly imported for breeding. They have full certificates of origin and are sold at large dog farms in developed countries such as the United States and Europe.