German Becgie dog How much? How to Distinguish Purebred Becgie

German Becgie dog How much?  How to Distinguish Purebred Becgie

The Becgie dog in Vietnam is the name of the German Shepherd dog (with German Becgie and Belgian Becgie – Malinois). The German Shepherd is ranked in the Top 10 smartest dog breeds in the world. Perhaps because of this, they are also the most popular and popular dog breed today.

The selection of a purebred German shepherd is probably not known to everyone, so will provide you with the most specific information so that you can have a specific insight into the German becgie breed.

Purebred Becgie has floppy ears, not standing until after 6th grade

Why is Vietnam called Becgie dog?

The German Shepherd Dog is also abbreviated as GSD called Sheepdog because the development of this line of dogs was primarily for the purpose of herding sheep. However, due to their strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience, Becgie dogs around the world have become the breed of choice for many types of work, including assisting the disabled, search and rescue, military police and even theatre. The German Shepherd is the second most registered breed with the American Kennel Club and the seventh most registered breed with the Kennel Club in the United Kingdom.

In Vietnam, this breed is called Shepherd dog (beer) hay berg)French transliteration shepherd also means sheepdog. The German Shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog, born in 1899.

Distinguishing between purebred and non-purebred Becgie dogs

In fact, the purity of the Becgie dog has now decreased, because the Becgie’s diet, diet and lifestyle have changed too much from before, and the major change is due to crossbreeding and mating. pure generations.

To distinguish purebred Becgie dogs from non-purebred dogs, you can rely on the following characteristics to tell them apart.

distinctive point Purebred Becgie Becgie is not purebred
Standard size female dogs: + Weighs 32kg to 37kg (You can add or subtract 1kg or 2kg).

+ The height at the shoulder blade is approximately 57.5 cm.

– Male dogs: + Weighs from 37kg to 45kg.

+ The height at the shoulder blade is 65 cm

Reduced weight and size
So don’t (four members) The hind legs are slightly lower (sloppy, not straight) compared to the front legs. This makes Becgie’s posture from back to tail progressively lower, people often compare it to the back of a shrimp. However, the hind legs are still very strong, unexposed. The standing posture from the back to the tail is still not low or, on the contrary, too low. Hind legs unsteady, fully bent, looking very weak. In many cases, there are purebreds, but due to poor diet or lack of exercise, the posture of the hind legs is damaged.
Hair Lots of colors, but in Vietnam just watch out for the dark yellow and black tints on the back. Rarer colors include black mink, jet black, jet white, livery, and variations of blue.

2 layers of feathers. The outer layer usually sheds throughout the year, densely covering the body, with a thick inner layer. Dog coats come in two forms, long and medium. Long hair is a recessive expression of a gene, which makes the long hair variant less noticeable. The neck part of the hair grows more and more, like a mane.

Often seen in Vietnam, Becgie is not a purebred with a mixed coat color but it is quite difficult to tell if the dog is small as most puppies are black.

Head, face, mouth Becgie’s head is also large enough to match the length of the dog’s body, and of course male dogs will have slightly larger heads than bitches. So when you look at it, you can easily identify male and female becgie dogs.

The dog’s mouth is large, strong and seems in harmony with the face.

Take a look at the photo of a purebred Becgie dog and it will be easy to tell him apart. Becgie’s head is not purebred, and especially the face has many other characteristics such as: the head is smaller than the body, the head is slightly longer, the muzzle is too long or too short. The dog’s mouth is too big, too small or narrow.
Eye Becgie’s eyes are usually almond-shaped, slightly slanted but not protruding. The coat color is yellow or dark brown around the eyes of the dog. Through these expressions, they are shown to be intelligent, agile and extremely active dogs. Always steadfast and extremely loyal. It’s hard to change your mind in an instant. It is therefore very important to keep an eye on them. No yellow or dark hair color around the eyes
Teeth Dog teeth should be strong and should have 42 teeth. The upper jaw has 22 teeth and the lower jaw has 20 teeth.

The lower front teeth should intersect or intersect with the upper front teeth.

If there is a big gap between two teeth, it is not good.

Misaligned teeth

dog ears The adult dog’s ears stand erect, protruding forward. Puppies with lowered ears, if they are teething up to 6 months, they are still slightly tucked. After the age of 6, it will be built. If the ears are fully erect before 6 months of age, the dog is a crossbreed and no longer a purebred

If a Becgie is not trained after 6 months or is not straight or forward, it is not a purebred.

dog neck The dog’s neck, if viewed horizontally, is at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. When angry and excited it will be 45 degrees higher, while when running it will be slightly lower. According to the horizontal visibility, it is not enough or more than 45 degrees
good at everything Looking at ordinary dogs, you will have different perceptions of length. However, for German becgie dogs there will be a different and more special length with parameters that will surprise you. The length of the dog’s body is 110 > 117% of the height of the dog’s shoulder blades. The dog’s chest is 45 > 48% of the dog’s height and should not be too wide. The dog’s chest should be broad and show the long ribs. Only a good dog’s chest can function properly.

dog tail Normal becgie dogs will never be without, the tail is loose but still retains the slightly curved appearance. The tail feathers are long, making the inside of the tail broad, resembling a broom. The dog’s tail hangs down completely, not curved, the tail hair is not long, the tail is thin.
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5 Becgie Dog Traits That Prove They Are The Best Pets

The Becgie dog is extremely intelligent

Becgie is able to learn simple tasks after only five prompts and obeys the first command 95% of the time. It is thanks to this ability to learn quickly that they can be easily trained to become dogs.

The Becgie dog is extremely loyal

The Becgie dog has an ideal body

The Becgie is a fairly large dog, with an average height of 63cm and a weight of 22-40kg. With this physique, they are large enough to be able to put down criminals, but not too large to make it difficult for trainers to control when on duty.

The Becgie dog has a stronger bite force than a Pitbull

In a National Geographic test, it was measured that the bite force of a Becgie is around 108 kg, slightly higher than that of a Pitbull (around 106.5 kg). With this bite force, even the most muscular criminals are easily defeated.

The Becgie dog’s sense of smell is super sensitive

One of the dog’s regular tasks is to sniff, search for signs of crime, search for explosives and drugs. This work requires them to have an extremely keen sense of smell, even more sensitive than modern machines.

Shepherds are one of the most “reliable” dog breeds in activities related to the ability to smell due to their super-sensitive sense of smell, even in ambient conditions with many easily disturbing signals.

Zuyaqui, the dog with the most drug discoveries in Mexican history, is also an elite member of the breed.

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Brave, brave

Due to the fact that they often face danger (sometimes ready to sacrifice their lives) while on duty, it is necessary for soldier dogs to have a strong and courageous spirit. Becgie meets this criteria perfectly. Sometimes they become extremely aggressive when they need to protect their owners.

Also, like other dog breeds, the Shepherd is exceptionally loyal and obedient to its owner (trainer).

All of the above reasons make Becgie the number 1 choice in canine strength in many countries around the world.

How much does a German Becgie cost?

The Becgie is a wonderful dog that is loved by many. Their price depends on many factors, including origin, age, parental qualities, personal qualities, etc.

For young Becgie puppies (2-4 months):

  • Usually the price is quite cheap, purebred dogs 3-6 million, Vietnamese children, healthy, agile, but without registration or pedigree.
  • Becgie born in Vietnam is priced from 6 to 10 million, has papers and an origin. Or purebred puppies imported from Thailand.

For adult German Becgies (from 4 months) they are usually more expensive.

  • From 5 to 10 million: Becgie Duc was born in Vietnam, raised
  • 10 to 20 million is the price of a line of Vietnamese Becgie children, whose parents or both are of foreign races, have full papers, good health.
  • 22-35 million: This is the price of a German Becgie, has clear registration papers, has been to dog shows, has good experience and is fully trained.
  • More than 40 million: These are adult dogs imported from Germany, the United States… with full papers, purebred, possessing all the qualities of native dogs.

To buy at a reasonable price, you must carefully research the unit and installation you intend to buy to ensure quality and get the best price.

Here is the article answering the question How much is the German dog Becgie? and how to distinguish between purebred and non-purebred becgie. Hope this article is useful to you