French Mastiff – The #1 Loyal Bulldog in the World

French Mastiff - The #1 Loyal Bulldog in the World

The French Mastiff, also known by the English name – French Mastiff or Dogue de Bordeaux, is one of the many loyal large dog breeds in the world today.

Why say that the Dogue de Bordeaux is the #1 loyal dog in the world because it is willing to sacrifice itself to protect its owners from danger? At one time, the French Mastiff was used by the French military as one of many effective protection and support dogs for them. They are trained to be brave, warlike, and loyal.

There was a time when this breed was almost on the verge of extinction, but with the breeding efforts of dog lovers, they have survived and developed to this day.

Origin of the French Mastiff

No one can be sure when this breed was born, only knowing that they were bred from the Ancient Roman Bulldog, Tibetan Mastiff, and Molossus. It seems that the Bulldog is the ancestor of many dog ​​breeds today.

Origin of the French MastiffOrigin of the French Mastiff. internet photos

In the past, this breed was used for house protection, herding and hunting, it can fight with bears and bulls.

However, they are listed as one of many dangerous dog breeds and are banned in some countries around the world. Perhaps because it is a descendant of the Bulldog and the Tibetan Mastiff, the French Mastiff has a rather aggressive and strong character.

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Appearance characteristics of the French Mastiff

The French Mastiff has a large appearance with a solid, muscular body. The maximum height of this breed is up to 75 cm and the maximum weight is 60 kg. A staggering number, isn’t it?

Its head is large and wide, this is also the most wrinkled and drooping part of the dog’s body. Short strong teeth, snub nose, large nostrils.

The large muzzle occupies most of the area of ​​the face. Especially the color of the eyelids, the nose and the edges are black or red, unlike other parts of the body. The lips pout and fall to cover the lower jaw.

Characteristics of the French MastiffCharacteristics of the French Mastiff. internet photos

The highlight of this breed are the prominent wrinkled face coats similar to their ancestors. However, many dogs have a higher degree of slump.

The legs are straight, large, muscular, the tail is also quite large, tapering towards the end. The short coat is soft and has a characteristic fawn to deep reddish-brown color. With careful and attentive care, this bulldog can live up to 12-13 years.

This breed tends to drool a lot and it is quite difficult to give birth normally because the head is too big. Mainly caesarean. When a female dog takes care of her pups, absolutely do not go near them because they are quite aggressive at this time.

Characteristics of the French Mastiff

The characteristic of loyalty is that no one can deny Ao Phap. They are so loyal that they are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their owners.

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They are courageous, courageous, and are considered one of the most powerful dog breeds on the planet. They do not like other breeds of dogs, but they are quite friendly with family members.

They are suitable for living in large areas. You can keep them in the apartment, but you should take them for a run frequently to release energy.

Caring for the French Mastiff

The French Mastiff is one of the many breeds of dogs bred in the family for the purpose of protection and guarding, so they keep a good ball. In the process of breeding, the French Mastiff often suffers from many respiratory diseases, they often have difficulty to breathe. because the structure of the nose is also prone to drooling due to the wrinkled and sagging skin on the jaw.

French Mastiff PersonalityFrench Mastiff dog personality. internet photos

Take care when taking your dog outdoors. You need to wear a muzzle to avoid unfortunate situations with other dog breeds and with people around.