What Happens if Your Dog Misses a Dose of Medication?

With some dogs, medications and specialized diets may be vital for your pet’s health. Especially if your dog takes medication to manage a condition, missing a dose of medication can be a huge worry. Life can be hectic, and sometimes your pet’s meds can get lost in the shuffle. We’ve assembled some information to help you understand what you should do if your dog misses a dose. If you have an older dog that needs care throughout the day, Critter Sitters’ Atlanta dog sitters can keep an eye on your friend during the day, and make sure they get the medication they need while you’re out of the house.

My Dog Missed Their Meds – What do I Do?

Depending on how long ago they were supposed to take the medicine, this may not be a problem. If your dog is supposed to take the medication every day at noon and you don’t realize you forgot the dose until 2 in the afternoon, it’s probably okay to give the medicine a bit late. If your dog takes medication every day, something like this bound to happen and shouldn’t affect their health too much.

Many other pet medications, especially things like flea and tick prevention or heartworm medication, are administered monthly. Flea and tick prevention medicine may come as a pill, but more likely comes in a small vial you apply to your pet’s neck. If you miss these medications, your pet is probably fine so long as they have not been exposed to ticks or fleas. If you live in an area with a large yard, high grass, or woods, it is important to check your dog for fleas and ticks even if you do apply tick prevention. This proactive attitude is probably enough to keep your pet safe – but taking your dog to the vet to check might be warranted. Just apply a new dose and set yourself a reminder so you don’t forget next month!

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If you miss something like heartworm medication, you may want to schedule a visit to your vet. Most heartworm medication for dogs has a 15-day overlap period – so if you are less than 15 days late, your pet should be okay. Simply give them a new dose and make sure to give them their next dose 30 days later. If you missed an entire month of coverage, your dog may not have had any of the medicine in their system. Without that protection, there is always a chance your pet could have contracted a heart worm. Your best bet is to see a vet and get your dog tested for heart worms – especially if you’ve noticed any strange behavior or other signs of illness since the missed dose.

pet sitters for dogs with medication - What Happens if Your Dog Misses a Dose of Medication?

Prevent Missed Pet Medication by Hiring a Dog Sitter

If your dog needs extra care, like frequent medication, special diets, or other health needs, you may not have the time to always handle their needs. Our Critter Sitters can help you spread the burden of caring for a dog with special needs. Our dog sitters are trained in pet sitting for elderly dogs, dogs that need medication, and other special needs pets. We can come to your house and take care of your dog while you’re at work, out of town, or out running errands.

One of the best services we offer for elderly pets or other dogs with medication needs is our Key Client service. If you become a Key Client, you would leave a key with your Sitter. Your Sitter can be on-call to swing by your house and administer medication, take your dog for a walk, take them outside, or whatever else you need.

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In most cases, dogs are okay if they miss their meds. It is usually better to give them their dose, even if it’s a bit late. However, older dogs and dogs with serious medical conditions should miss their medication as little as possible. Hiring a pet sitter can help you make sure that your dog gets their medication on-time, even if you can’t be home to administer it.

Special needs like medication, helping your dog move around the house, and dealing with grumpy, older dogs is part of what we do at Critter Sitters. Our Sitters can help you with your pet’s medication as part of their typical routine – no extra charge or service fee required.

Atlanta Pet Sitters

The pet sitters at Critter Sitters have been recommended by multiple veterinarians in the Atlanta area, and can help you get your dogs their medicine on-time. It’s part of our pet-sitting service to administer medication, walk your dog, and to do what we can to help keep your pet comfortable if they are sick or older. To set up a free consultation with our sitters, call Critter Sitters today at 404-793-6178.