Fire dolphin – African giant fish


The fire dolphin, also known as the African giant fish, is one of the many fish that is easy to breed and is loved by many people in Vietnam.

Fire Dolphins are aggressive fish, so it is difficult to keep them with other aquarium fish. They eat everything from smaller animals to industrial foods. Typically, when caring for this line of ornamental fish, farmers often choose fish of the same size or larger to breed together.

Fire Dolphin Information

Fire dolphin. Gather

The African fire dolphin or giant giant fish has the scientific name of Astronotus ocellatus (Agassiz, 1831).

  • Order: Perciformes (order of seabass)
  • Family: Cichlidae (tilapia family)
  • Tên đồng danh: Lobotes ocellatus Agassiz, 1831; Acara hyposticta Cope, 1878; Astronotus orbiculatus Haseman, 1911…
  • Another Vietnamese name: Cotton Dolphin
  • Other name in English: Red oscar; marble cichlids; Oscar Tiger; velvet cichlids.
  • Fiery Hog Ear Fish (Red and White): Albino Red Oscar
  • English name: Oscar Fish
  • Vietnamese name: Fire Dolphin; african giant fish

Biological characteristics of the dolphins of fire

Fire dolphins have strange patterns on their bodies. This makes the fire dolphin special. The background of the body is white and pink and many orange cottony spots are quite typical.

This fish has a strong body, sharp lips, and a wide mouth. The tail has a rounded red edge. Fish are very hardy and can adapt to many different types of environments. The fish is omnivorous and easy to breed. Fish have many different body pattern characteristics depending on the individual.

Fish biology. Gather

The fish are most abundant in South America, right in the Amazon River, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. fire dolphin It was introduced to Vietnam in the 1960’s. Widely bred and bred.

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What fish to breed fire dolphins with?

fire dolphinAfrican giants can be said to be aggressive, but they can still be kept with other lines of ornamental fish. Just make sure the fish are the same size and in proportion. fire dolphin It tends to be territorial as an adult, so you need to keep them in large numbers. The quantity is about 6 children.

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Limit placing too many models, this will make them fight for territory more fiercely. You should also feed the fish enough to avoid starvation, which will make the fish more aggressive.

What do fire dolphins eat?

What do adult fire dolphins eat?

Omnivorous fish can eat everything from algae, vegetables, aquatic plants, etc. However, they also eat smaller animals. This helps the body of the fish to develop more fully and healthily. You should also feed the fish enough, not too much to avoid cloudy water.

Fire Dolphin Breeding Techniques

To breed this fish, you need to have a tank with a fairly large area. In order for fish to reproduce, an environment similar to their natural habitat is required.

Some tips for those of you who are about to breed African giant fish is to place a footing brick to make a nest for the fish. This makes it possible for the fish to reproduce similar to natural conditions where there are lots of bricks and gravel.

When you see two individuals chasing each other, biting each other is a sign that the fish is about to lay eggs. The African Giant Fish is spawned in batches and the eggs are evenly distributed on the tile that you have arranged beforehand. When the male fish sees the eggs, he will enter to fertilize. When watering the eggs with a paste for fertilization. It is then when the sperm meets the egg, it will begin to develop.

How to breed African giant fish. Gather

The eggs will hatch in 1-2 days. The young fish stay in the nest for 3-4 days. The hatchling will keep the fry. Even though it’s an artificial environment fire dolphin they still maintain the same biological characteristics as in nature.

According to the experience of some fish farmers in the community. They will separate the fry from the parents to avoid the situation that the parents can eat the babies. This is the behavior of many ornamental fish species previously introduced by blogyeucomeo.

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The fairy fish is also a fish that likes to eat its own children. Therefore, when the fry are born, they are separated from their parents.

Each year, the fish will give birth to 6-8 litters. The first generation lays only about 500 eggs, then it will gradually increase in the following times.

how to care

When newly hatched, the fry cannot eat their parents’ food, they use the food stored in the body. After 4 days, the fish left the nest and became accustomed to the environment. The fish begin to swim. The special thing about this fish is that after each spawning several fry die. Although she gave birth many times, she did not survive long.

In fact, no one understands why this number of fish died. In the wild, baby fire dolphins also die a lot. The percentage of fish that survive to maturity is only 10%.

What do baby African giant fish eat?

The unicellular algae, the protozoa, are the appropriate food for the size and absorptive capacity of the fry. However, when breeding this line of ornamental fish, you should pay attention that spitting out the small particles of fish food quickly makes the water cloudy and polluted.

Taking care of the spawning of the African giants

Therefore, you should clean the water periodically and arrange the food content of the fish accordingly.

Common diseases

The most common fish disease is freshwater white spot. The main reason is that the tank has not been cleaned properly. Although not dangerous, this disease causes discomfort to fish making them more aggressive.


To limit fish diseases. You should keep the tank clean and regularly clean the water. It is not difficult, but many of you when raising fish often skip this step.

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What is the price of Fire Dolphin in the market?

The African giant mackerel is quite popular in our country, you can also find this fish in aquarium stores. However, when buying fish, you should choose reputable aquarium stores to buy from. This will greatly reduce the chances of your fish getting sick.

Currently the fire dolphin on the market is priced at 50-60k/medium size. The largest fish cost more than several hundred thousand.

We hope that through our article you have learned more about the type of fire dolphin or the African giant fish. If you have any suggestions, you can leave a comment in this article. We will accept and update.