Fetch Review

Fetch is a secure and legitimate company offering real gift cards in exchange for receipts uploaded by its users. Users can redeem their rewards for prepaid Visa cards, charitable donations and sweepstakes entries.

Modern JavaScript contains an inbuilt function called fetch() that enables us to send HTTP requests from the browser and retrieve data from web APIs, and update pages via AJAX. In this tutorial, we’ll use fetch() to gather data from web APIs and then update pages using AJAX.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a free app that enables you to collect points by submitting receipts from various retailers, redeemable for gift cards from popular brands like Target and Starbucks. Furthermore, this partnership with GoodRx helps users save money when it comes time to fill prescriptions – plus its compatible with iOS and Android devices!

Fetch is designed to be easy and takes little time to set up. You can create a new account or sign in via Facebook or Google, choosing an easy password that protects your information – don’t share it with anyone – although Fetch won’t ask for sensitive data like Social Security numbers or credit card information, any request may be an attempt at fraud or phishing scam.

The main screen of the app provides your points balance and ways to earn more, with filtering capabilities by category and value to find offers tailored specifically to you. In addition, the Discover page displays limited-time bonus offers from particular products or brands; often with price, size or product requirements that must be fulfilled; be sure to visit often as some promotions only last a limited amount of time!

Special Offers

Once you join Fetch, you’ll get a welcome bonus of 3,000 points just for signing up and scanning your first receipt. Redeem these for gift cards from major retailers or charitable donations through Discover tab of app – each offer may require specific criteria such as minimum purchase requirements and expiration dates; please make sure to read all details prior to using any offers! You can even use your Fetch card at participating pharmacies to save on pet prescription costs!

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Fetch offers both regular offers as well as special branded promotions on its Discover page of the app, featuring bonus points based on which brands you buy. These promotions change regularly, making them easy to spot.

Ibotta, another cash-back shopping app, also provides offers similar to Fetch: buy one, get one free offers and “any brand” offers that apply across stores. Both services collect demographic information about their users if desired; this step is optional and depends on personal preference; these companies use this data to analyze consumer trends and create better products; however, it should be remembered that this may be shared with other organizations.


Fetch’s eReceipts program gives customers the ability to earn points for online purchases with over dozens of retailers, helping you build up their Fetch Rewards points faster and qualify for higher cash back amounts.

EReceipts offer businesses and customers with tight compliance requirements an efficient solution for keeping track of purchases for tax reasons or warranty claims, while being easily accessible via email or mobile apps.

EReceipts provide retailers with more than just receipt tracking services; they also give retailers valuable customer data that helps them better understand their customers, leading to improved marketing and sales efforts. Furthermore, eReceipts allow retailers to send targeted promotional messages that attract new customers.

This sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia who are at least eighteen years old, except employees of Fetch Rewards Inc., Kraft Heinz and ZUFFA LLC as well as their immediate families and is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. By participating, participants agree to these Official Rules as well as decisions made by judges which shall be final in all aspects.

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Prior to GDPR coming into force, many retailers would scan and email receipts directly to customers’ email addresses in order to expand their email lists, gather customer data, and cross-sell with personalized sales incentives. With its implementation however, this method no longer applies and instead it is essential that before sending any eReceipts that customers consented to receiving marketing messages before sending any eReceipts out.


Fetch offers comprehensive privacy policies and procedures to safeguard any information it collects, which it uses for general purposes such as products and services provision, billing, identification/authentication/contact and research. Fetch also adheres to any applicable laws or regulations; should they require it, personal data may be disclosed to government agencies or law enforcement officials as per these requirements.

Users who do not agree with this policy should refrain from using Fetch services, and must take extra precautions to protect their computers, mobile phones and tablets from hackers by employing strong passwords and not clicking suspicious emails that appear to come from Fetch – otherwise their accounts could become vulnerable and receipts could be shared with third parties.

Fetch app users can upload digital receipts and earn credits they can redeem for gift cards, without providing sensitive data like their credit card number or PayPal details. Should an email appear from Fetch asking for such sensitive details, be wary and report it immediately.

Git fetch is an efficient and safe way to download changes in a remote repository without disrupting development activities on local machines.