Fetch Review – Is Fetch Right For You?


Fetch is a free app that enables you to earn rewards by scanning receipts. Your points can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash back!

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Earn Points on Every Purchase

Fetch is the only app that automatically rewards you for everything you purchase – be it groceries, gas stations or restaurants, online purchases with your linked credit or debit card or even in-store receipts! Earn points across any retailer receipt – from grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants all the way to online purchases using your linked card!

Your points can be redeemed for free gift cards from hundreds of retailers, or used to make charitable donations and enter sweepstakes with ease. Plus, leaderboard competitions and sharing offers with friends will earn even more!

When shopping, simply upload a picture of your receipt using the Fetch app and wait 24 – 48 hours for approval before receiving points!

Fetch works with brand partners to offer exclusive discounts and content through its app, making it free to download and use. In exchange, these brands compensate Fetch by giving it new customers and insights into consumer spending habits; Fetch uses data aggregated from millions of receipts while never selling individual’s personal identifying details.

Fetch derives much of its revenue through affiliate commissions paid by its partners, which include CPG and food companies such as Huggies, General Mills and PepsiCo. These businesses use Fetch to advertise their products and services to its audience of 17 million monthly users – helping them reach new customers more easily.

Redeem Points for Gift Cards

Fetch stands out from other cash back apps by not restricting how many offers you can claim at once. Once you’ve earned at least 3,000 points, they can be exchanged for gift cards using the Rewards icon at the bottom of the app.

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Over a dozen categories offer free gift cards from Amazon and Apple to Walmart and Target, such as diapers and wipes from Huggies, GoodNites, A+D Little Swimmers Pull-Ups; there is even one for beauty products from Dove, Nubian Heritage TRESemme and Vaseline!

Upload receipts from any store at any time; however, regular shoppers at specific stores will earn more points. Scan receipts from online purchases to increase earnings even further! Most merchants require at least 3,000 points in order to redeem gift cards; many require much more!

Although it’s essential to follow each merchant’s rules and limits, taking an extra effort can net you several hundred dollars annually if used in tandem with receipt-based apps like Ibotta. By dedicating just an hour a month uploading receipts onto these two apps, your earnings can skyrocket into free gift cards that you can spend on things you truly care about!

Discover Special Offers

Fetch is a free app, without any fees to download or use the service. Fetch makes money through affiliate and partner revenue that helps it fund its service; however, Fetch sells any data or information uploaded through its app for marketing and product research. To find out more on how the company utilizes your information read its privacy policy.

As soon as you scan a receipt, the Fetch app will automatically add any offers that pertain to it to your Discover page of Fetch account. Furthermore, by tapping an offer, more details about it may become apparent such as whether or not it has specific dates of validity and requirements.

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Fetch’s app not only keeps track of what brands and products you buy, but can also identify online purchases through retailers like Amazon. Additionally, Fetch can recognize eReceipts from participating restaurants, grocery stores, and drugstores.

Once you accumulate enough points, once they accumulate on Fetch you can redeem them for gift cards – including Amazon, Walmart, CVS and Target gift cards! Alternatively you could exchange them for magazine subscriptions; some cost free while others cost over $500 worth in points.

Take a Picture of Your Receipt

Fetch is an intuitive app that makes earning cash back easy by uploading digital or paper receipts from any store, including restaurants, convenience stores, or pet shops. While its initial focus was rebates for gas purchases only, now shoppers can earn rewards on all kinds of purchases made across restaurants, convenience stores, or pet shops!

Once your account is created, just open the app and use “Add Receipt” to upload any receipt from any retailer – whether physical or online. Next, check your balance and explore special offers – plus you can subscribe for push notifications for exclusive rewards from Fetch!

E-receipts from retailers offering them can also help you earn points, but may not allow for as much reward as physical receipts do. When making a purchase on either credit or debit cards, be sure to include the last five digits of your account number in your receipt for best results. On your profile page in Fetch you’ll also find an archive of uploaded receipts, along with stats and graphs showing just how much money has been earned through Fetch.

Fetch collects data about your shopping habits and sells it anonymously to brands. You may consent to receive push notifications from Fetch; however, you can opt-out at any time. Your points can expire if not submitted within 90 days; however if using Fetch regularly there should never be any shortage of rewards!