Fetch Review – Is Fetch a Scam?


Fetch is a free app that helps you earn points on all your purchases and redeem them for gift cards easily and hassle free without needing to fill out surveys or fill in forms.

However, you should shop around carefully to avoid paying more for products than necessary. Otherwise, bonus points could offer limited-time bonuses on certain items.

It’s free

Fetch is a free app that makes it easy to earn gift cards by scanning receipts from any store. Plus, when shopping with participating brands you’ll earn extra bonus points which you can redeem for gifts cards, prepaid Visa cards, charity donations or sweepstakes entries! Signing up takes less than two minutes with email address/Facebook/Google login as your sign in information; then scanning receipts from restaurants and grocery stores immediately begins earning points!

Fetch offers an average rate of 25 points per receipt, but has special offers that could earn you even more points. These limited-time offers may require that you buy certain sizes, types or brands of items – find these offers under the Special Offers tab in the app.

Referring friends can earn you bonus points! Referred users will get between 2,000-4,000 bonus points when they create an account and scan their first receipt, providing another way of earning extra cash or gift cards if you already use another shopping/couponing app.

Revenue models at this company include CPG brands paying to feature their products on the app as well as affiliate commissions and interchange fees, among others.

It’s easy

Fetch Rewards is an intuitive app that rewards its users for shopping. By scanning receipts, they can earn reward points that can be cashed in for gift cards. Plus, by combining this app with cashback apps such as Ibotta you can maximize earnings!

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The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and free to use. While it does collect data from scanned receipts, it does so ethically and compensates you accordingly. In addition, this helps companies better understand consumer buying patterns – another source of revenue for the app.

Start using the app by signing up with either an email address, Facebook, or Google account and creating a strong password during sign-up. You will be asked for information such as your state of residence, date of birth and phone number in order to complete registration – for optimal use it should include at least 12 characters long with at least one capital letter and one special character (the company recommends 12+ characters long passwords with both capital letters and special characters).

Fetch provides limited-time promotions called Special Offers that give bonuses of 250-5,000 points; typically these offers apply to items you would purchase regularly such as specific sizes, colors or brands of items that qualify. Fetch also has a referral program which pays you when referring friends!

It’s fast

Fetch is an efficient, reliable tool for making HTTP requests. Using promise-based programming instead of synchronous XHR API calls, Fetch enables faster page loads and is easier to debug problems, making debugging much faster and simpler. Fetch can be used for various tasks including parsing HTML documents or sending data over POST requests.

Fetch makes using it simple – download and register with either email or Facebook before scanning receipts to earn rewards based on what items and stores you buy, along with their respective point values. Plus, the app also provides an incentive referral program so you could potentially earn extra points!

Fetch offers an expansive network of brand partners, such as Ben & Jerry’s and Kleenex. You can take advantage of special offers that allow you to earn bonus points by submitting receipts; additionally, this app features one-snap savings options that makes saving simple.

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Although Fetch offers great savings opportunities, you should be aware that it sells your data to companies interested in understanding more about your shopping habits. All your personal data, including receipts, will be given over to these marketers for market research purposes unless you opt out. However, this is something you have control over!

It’s secure

Fetch Rewards is not a scam, but does collect and share your data with third-party companies for use to improve services and target ads more efficiently. They never sell full names or other personal data – any request to provide such details is likely an attempt at fraud or phishing scam.

Fetch Rewards not only collects and analyzes receipts from its own users, but it also leverages data from millions of others in order to develop improved offers and an easier user experience for all its members. Furthermore, this provides its partners with an accurate view of consumer shopping trends and patterns – it’s essential for you to know how the process works so that you can decide whether it is safe for you.

The company’s privacy policies are very straightforward. Their statements emphasize that they only collect data necessary for providing their service; such as purchase history, shopping habits and demographic information; plus they collect your email address and phone number – although no access is granted to password or credit card data.

As well as its privacy policies, this company also takes several safety precautions to keep both staff and customers secure. These include regular sanitization of its premises and a strict social distancing policy. Furthermore, there is a security system which requires users to enter a unique code before signing in to prevent hackers from accessing its database.