Fetch Review


Fetch is a free app that enables you to earn points by scanning receipts. Once collected, these points can be redeemed for gift cards or magazine subscriptions; there’s even an interactive social tab! Furthermore, Fetch doesn’t require any payment information and is safe and easy to use!

Use the app to redeem electronic receipts (eReceipts), track your shopping patterns, and redeem eReceipts.

How to use Fetch

Fetch is an asynchronous request library that makes retrieving web resources effortless. As an updated replacement to XMLHttpRequest, Fetch supports many of its same features but offers improved usability by using Promises instead of traditional HTML form submission.

The global fetch() method initiates a request and returns a Promise object, which upon fulfillment is resolved into a Response object containing JSON, text, or blob data. You can use methods on this object such as json() and blob() to extract specific types of data such as JSON or Blob data.

For this example, we will use the fetch() method to send a GET request and retrieve its response (in this case an HTML document). If this request fails, the.then() method will return an error that must be handled gracefully. Fetch is extremely powerful and has far more capabilities than these examples can demonstrate; but they serve as an excellent introduction. Understanding async and await is also key when using Fetch effectively; for more information about these topics read “Introduction to JavaScript Promises”.


Fetch Rewards provides an easy and straightforward way to accumulate gift cards for every purchase you make. Uploading receipts takes mere moments, while use is straightforward. However, reaching the redemption threshold may take some time as points accumulate slowly over time – bonus points may also be awarded by participating in certain promotions or using your referral code!

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The app accepts paper receipts from any physical retailer, such as grocery stores, clothing retailers, pet stores, gas stations and bodegas; in addition, many online retailers can submit electronic receipts. Users can earn extra points by purchasing products marked “Special Offer Products” either at grocery stores or certain online retailers.

The company earns revenue through commissions paid by brand partners and interchange fees, a referral program where users are paid for every friend they refer, and an in-app Help Center providing answers to frequently asked questions – helping ensure its user base grows, thus translating into additional revenues for the business.

Special offers

Fetch provides various methods for earning points, including special offers that can boost your point balance by as much as 100 percent. You’ll find these deals under the Discover tab of the app; offers may include groceries, magazine subscriptions or gift cards. Fetch Rewards also features social media giveaways where winners may win thousands or even hundreds of thousands of points!

Connect your eReceipts to the app for free points! Additionally, there are other methods of earning money with Survey Cash and Hog Cash which can be cashed out for PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

Although Fetch does have some drawbacks, it remains one of the easiest ways to earn points. Unlike Ibotta, which requires pre-selecting offers before uploading receipts, most points earned with Fetch are automatically awarded when uploading receipts and bonus points may also be offered when purchasing certain products on its Special Offers list – such as Kraft or Kotex products – offering bonus points as a result. These offers usually last only temporarily so it pays to check back frequently to see if there may be bonus opportunities that might present themselves if available!


Fetch is an app that rewards grocery shoppers for uploading photos of their receipts. It’s simple and user-friendly, offering numerous rewards options – not to mention being free to download!

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E-receipts have grown increasingly popular for various reasons. Consumers prefer them because they can easily share them when needed, such as filing their tax return or making warranty claims. Furthermore, they’re more environmentally-friendly than paper receipts as they don’t need ink or paper to create.

E-receipts provide companies with another important advantage – better understanding customer buying patterns. By analyzing this data, they can offer targeted promotions directly to their customers or identify shopper trends for loyalty program participation purposes.

E-receipts provide retailers with visibility into customer transactions that is particularly helpful for government compliance and maximizing VAT collections, ensuring consumers pay the correct amount of tax. They can even be used to track product returns and warranties to help streamline operations and enhance customer service.

Signing up

Fetch is an easy and enjoyable way to earn extra points on everyday purchases, whether at the supermarket, clothing retailer, pet shop, home improvement store, gas station, restaurant or gas station. There are also promotions which give you additional earning potential! When combined with cash back apps such as Ibotta it becomes even more profitable!

The app is completely free to download and use, but registration requires your cell phone number and birthday. After that, you can begin using the app by uploading receipts. When you have amassed enough points, they can be redeemed for gift cards or donated directly to charity.

Fetch Rewards stands out from similar apps by automatically finding partner products on receipts and you can select which one to earn points on. No matter where you buy their participating items – including baby food brands such as GoodNites and Huggies as well as beauty and cleaning items from St Ives and Ponds!