Fetch Review


Fetch is a free rewards app that enables users to upload receipts from any retailer and earn points, along with special offers and partnerships with products like Frito-Lays and Kleenex.

The fetch API allows programmers to request data from an endpoint, such as a barista at a coffee shop. It returns a promise which resolves when their request has been successful.

Easy to use

Fetch is an easy and straightforward shopping rewards app that enables users to earn points for submitting digital or printed receipts. When enough points have been earned, they can be redeemed for gift cards and other prizes. To start collecting points using Fetch on mobile devices, download and create a free account before uploading receipts you’ve collected to Fetch’s online platform.

To do so, simply click the blue “E” icon at the bottom of Discover or Activity pages and Fetch will scan your connected accounts, crediting any eligible eReceipts directly back into your account. Additionally, Amazon and email accounts can be connected for automated scanning receipts from those sources as well.

Fetch app goes beyond simply offering points-based eReceipts; it also features special offers with bonus rewards when purchasing certain products. These offers change regularly and are clearly displayed on your home page; additionally, graphs based on receipts can help track spending habits on its Activity page.

Fetch is available for iOS and Android devices. Logging in can be done through Facebook, Google or email addresses; sign-up is free with Fetch using either one! It uses your location to identify stores near you – perfect for families, coupon clippers or anyone who’s keen on saving money! Additionally, Fetch features an incentive referral program whereby every friend that refers you can earn up to 2,000 points!

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Easy to earn rewards

Fetch offers an easy way to earn extra cash back for purchases you already make, with its user-friendly app making it simple to scan receipts and earn rewards with each shopping trip. You can even use Fetch online retail shopping platforms and earn even more points – these points can then be redeemed for gift cards or other prizes!

In order to maximize your point-earning potential, take full advantage of Special Offers and utilize the Discover tab regularly. Special Offers update frequently and give you the chance to earn bonus points with every purchase made – in addition, additional points can be earned by linking social media accounts and sharing posts among friends.

Referring friends and family members is another effective way of increasing your point totals on Fetch. At present, you could earn up to 2,000 points for every one that signs up and submits receipts; combined with cash-back apps like Ibotta, this could net even greater returns!

Although Fetch provides a convenient way of earning cash back, you should know that it does collect data on your purchases and personal details for use by large brands in improving their products and services. You have the choice whether or not to share this data with them.

Easy to redeem rewards

Fetch is an app that helps users earn rewards simply by scanning receipts on iOS or Android devices, with reward points redeemable for gift cards or other items. It provides an ideal alternative to coupons by saving users the hassle of searching, clipping and visiting specific stores to take advantage of discounts.

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This app is an extremely simple way to scan receipts from all major retailers and grocery stores. In addition, it also supports receipts from wholesale club stores, hardware stores, pet shops and gas stations. Uploading receipts is quick and uploading is very user-friendly; with its referral program offering 4,000 points for every person who joins!

If you are unhappy with any aspect of Fetch products or services, don’t hesitate to contact its customer support. Their Help Center features answers for many frequently asked questions; additionally you can even access live agent support directly through the app!

One of the easiest ways to score free Fetch rewards is through giveaways or sweepstakes, and one way you can find out about these contests is by following Fetch Rewards on Twitter – they often post announcements of contests where participants could potentially win cash or prizes!

Easy to contact customer service

Fetch offers users multiple methods for reaching customer service, from their Help Center that offers answers to many frequently asked questions, to an interactive chat window where users can speak directly with a representative and receive responses within 4 hours.

Fetch has made numerous upgrades to enhance its user experience since launching in 2013. A newly added Discover tab displays relevant offers based on past purchase history, while an improved performance update allows users to track progress towards completion on offers.

Customers can use the “For You” tab to tailor offers based on their individual preferences. Using real-world purchases as data input, our app draws upon real recommendations to generate tailored, privacy-compliant offers tailored specifically to individual users.

The company has already partnered with multiple large retailers and plans on partnering with more. Amazon Echo and Google Home devices will allow customers to access their pet’s medical records while on-the-go and make vet visits even simpler for customers.