Favorite Long Eared Dog Breeds and Outstanding Traits

Favorite Long Eared Dog Breeds and Outstanding Traits

Long-eared dogs are bred a lot in Vietnam due to their cute appearance, intelligent and friendly personality. Let’s find out about this dog breed in today’s article!

What is a long-eared dog?

Besides adorable little dogs with short ears, some people are particularly impressed with dogs with long ears. From the name, we recognized that their outstanding feature is their long drooping ears on either side of the head. The image of them running, playing, even eating and drinking water will look extremely cute.

Most long-eared dogs are extremely intelligent, agile, and hyperactive. They are affectionate and friendly with their owners as well as other family members. This is also the reason why more and more families are choosing to adopt this breed.

Top 5 Most Popular Long-Eared Dog Breeds Today

In fact, there are many different breeds of long-eared dogs. Along with development and integration, you can easily find and buy these dogs. In today’s article, chocan will introduce you to the 5 most beautiful and favorite long-eared dog breeds.


The first and most well-known of the long-eared dog breeds is the Poodle. The origin of this breed comes from France and Germany. They have a beautiful and luxurious appearance. The soft and fluffy fur makes many people especially like it.

Poodles are popular in Vietnam with their characteristic curly coatPoodles are popular in Vietnam with their characteristic curly coat

There are 3 types of poodles and there is a size difference between them. The standard breed is the largest with a weight of 30-35 kg. Next is the miniature poodle weighing about 12-20 kg. The smallest miniature poodle weighs only 3-6 kg. Additionally, we often hear about the Tiny and Teacup Poodle breeds. The average lifespan of a poodle is 12 to 15 years.

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Currently, the price of a Poodle is 6 to 10 million VND/child. In particular, varieties imported from Thailand, especially Europe, can fetch over VND 50 million.

Golden retriever

The Golden Retriever is known to be an extremely intelligent, mischievous and exceptionally loyal dog. They are native to England and Scotland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Their ears are long with curly fur. The typical color is yellow.

The owner particularly likes the intelligent and loyal personality of the Golden Retriever The owner particularly likes the intelligent and loyal personality of the Golden Retriever

Their size is quite large. The weight varies from about 25 to 32 kg for females and 30 to 34 kg for males. The life span of gold reaches about 10-12 years.

Regarding the price, depending on the origin of the import, there will be quite a big difference. Dogs bred in the country cost between 10 and 15 million VND. For babies imported from the United States, United Kingdom or Russia, it can reach around 20 to more than 40 million VND.

Sausage dog

The next breed of long-eared dog that is quite familiar is the sausage. They are also known by another name Dachshund. He is a hunting dog from Germany, with a long body and 4 very funny short legs. Their personalities are extremely lively, sophisticated and active.

Long body, short legs of cute baby sausagesLong body, short legs of cute baby sausages

Sausage dogs have 3 main types with different sizes. Dachshund standard line with a height of 30-35 cm, weight of about 9-15 kg. The miniature series is small 20-25 cm high, weighs only 4-5 kg. The smallest is the Toy Dachshund breed, measuring only 15-20 cm and weighing about 3.5 kg.

The price of Sausage Long-eared dogs crossed in Vietnam is 2 to 5 million VND/baby. For the type imported from European countries can be up to 30 to more than 40 million.

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Beagle dog

The Beagle dog breed originated in Germany. Their ears are long and droopy. Very funny personality but also very naughty. Impressive appearance and loved by the tricolor coat. The coat is short, close to the skin and very easy to maintain.

The Beagle Hound has a short, close-fitting coatThe Beagle Hound has a short, close-fitting coat

Beagles are medium in size. The average weight is about 10-11 kg, the height is 33-38 cm. Their average lifespan is 12 to 15 years.

Like most other dog breeds, depending on the origin, the price will not be the same. If the Beagles bred in Vietnam cost from 6 to 8 million VND, the baby imported from Thailand from 10 to 15 million VND, the breed imported from Europe can be worth up to more than 50 million VND/baby.

Labrador Retrievers

Another impressive long-eared dog that you cannot ignore is the Labrador Retriever. It is a breed of hunting dog, originating in the United States. His personality belongs to the same group of intelligent people. Strong, healthy and muscular body.

The personality of Labrador Retriever dogs is extremely attached to their owners.The personality of Labrador Retriever dogs is extremely attached to their owners.

There are two main lines of Labrador Retriever: the American Labrador and the British Labrador. Large size with a weight of 20-35 kg, a height of about 50-60 cm. Their lifespan is about 10 to 14 years.

The feature that interests many readers is their selling price. Currently, purebred Labrador Retrievers in Vietnam fetch 6-8 million VND. If the import flow from Thailand reaches 10-15 million VND. Especially for European and Russian import lines, it can reach more than 100 million.

Currently, you will find information about the lineage of long-eared dogs as well as the most important representative dog breeds. With intelligent and friendly personalities, they promise to be the most perfect companions for you and your family members.