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Angelfish, also known as angelfish, are one of many ornamental fish species that live in temperate areas, are farmed in abundance, and have quite vibrant colors.

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Information about the fish Ong Tien, Fairy

The Ong Tien fish, also known as angelfish or Pterophyllum scalare, is a popular freshwater aquarium fish that lives in the tropics. They have quite beautiful and vibrant colors, which is why they are a favorite for many people to take care of in the family. Beginning in 1820, they were brought from South America to Europe and quickly bred.

Fairy Fish Information

Angelfish live in groups and thrive in freshwater areas. They are not omnivorous. Larvae and insects, small animals are their common food.

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Characteristics of the Ong Tien fish

Angelfish can live up to 10 years. However, how to care for them so that they live so long is quite delicate. I also always say that angelfish are difficult fish to care for. If not fed properly, the fish can die.

Characteristics of Ong Tien and Tien Tien fish

Ong Tien fish originally lived mainly in South America, the Amazon jungle. They live in a warm environment with a suitable water temperature of 25 degrees Celsius PH level of 6 -7

Angelfish can grow up to 15 -16 cm long. In the world of aquarium fish, this is considered a large fish. Angelfish are also divided into many different lines such as black angelfish, white angelfish, albino angelfish, Egyptian angelfish…

Depending on care and living conditions, Ong Tien fish grow fast or slow. On average they grow 5-1cm/month.

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How to distinguish an angelfish with an empty roof?

Among fish species, the Ong Tien fish is difficult to distinguish by sex. This is also one of the many questions that many of you ask yourself in the process of caring for angelfish spawning.

Many of you just wait until the fish spawns to recognize the male, the female actually has a lot of experience to help you easily identify the sex of the fish. Below is a collection of articles from Blogyeuthucung that will help you understand more about this topic.

Distinguish the male and female fairy fish.

Males grow and develop in size faster than females.

  • The head of the male angelfish is more rounded than that of the female, they are slightly curved.
  • The male fish’s antennae grow at the base of the top, as shown.
  • The male’s genitalia are pointed while the female’s are oblong, rectangular, and more pronounced.

Distinguishing Mr. Tien fish

How to breed angel fish, fairy fish

Angelfish are quite difficult fish to breed, to take good care of Ong Tien fish, you need to prepare the water and food carefully.

fairy aquarium

The aquarium should be large to help the fish move easily, this type of fish is grown in a calm and cool environment. Take care to stay out of the sun. Equipped with aeration to provide oxygen to the fish.

fairy fish tank

Change the water regularly, removing the chlorine present in the tap water when it is supplied to the tank. You can only change 1/4 of the old water so that the fish adapt to it. Also, they are sensitive to environmental changes, all the items you put in the tank should be changed slowly, gradually.

water specifications

The water temperature is kept between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius and the hardness between 9 and 25 dH. PH 6 -8.

Angelfish food

Angelfish are not omnivorous. Their main food is shrimp and small fish. Do not keep small fish together with this variety. Guppies and other small fish can become their ideal food.

Many people when raising angelfish have mentioned using fish pellets. They mostly don’t like these food lines. Therefore, you should consider using it for fish.

Some diseases when raising Ong Tien fish

Exophthalmos: Fish with black spots, loss of fins. This disease is caused by parasites in the aquarium. You need to clean and maintain the tank regularly.
Fish with white spots: The NH3 concentration in the water is too high, the fish must adapt to the environment or by parasites in the water.

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Some Common Diseases in Angelfish

Most angelfish die mainly due to unfavorable aquatic environment or living conditions.

Ong Tien fish farming

Angelfish are schooling fish, so choosing fish to release in the early stages is extremely important. Schools of healthy, color-stable, similar-sized fish should be chosen.

Fish in the 6-7 month old period are the most beautiful for you to care for. Glass tanks, cement tanks, canvas tanks can breed this fish. If you breed a lot, it is necessary to pay attention to the feeding density of 50-80 fish/m3. The roof vacancy ratio is 1:1. Use tank aeration to provide oxygen to the fish. Maintain the temperature with a space heater when the outside temperature drops.

How to breed angelfish to spawn

Note: sunlight can have a great effect on fish. So if it’s an outdoor lake, you should cover 2/3 of the lake with tarp. Change the water in the tank every day, pay attention to changing 1/4 or 1/3 of the tank. The water needs to be dechlorinated.

Know when the fish is about to spawn

Provide prices. When you see the parents cleaning the substrate, it means that the fish is about to give birth.

Breeders clean themselves by rubbing the substrate with their mouths. They also cover the substrate with a layer of mucus, the glue that holds the eggs in place. This glue is also food for the fry when the yolk sac is depleted.

The eggs hatch after 3 days. The fry can eat the external food after eating all the yolk in the abdomen. The food can be brine shrimp, small bugs… After 1 month, we can use worms, worms…

Angelfish like to eat their young little by little, so it is necessary to separate the school when the fry are newly hatched to rear them separately.

What fish does Ong Tien breed with?

The fish is beautiful and smooth, it can be kept with Chinese fish, Hong Kim fish and some other varieties of ornamental fish.

Note: Do not stay with small fish because they may attack and turn these fish into food.

Hopefully, Blogyeucomeo’s article on Ong Tien Fish or Angelfish can help you understand more about this fish.

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