faceless persian cat

faceless persian cat

The Persian flat-faced cat, also known as the Persian cat, is an ancient breed of cat that originated in Persia in the Middle East.

This cat breed has an extremely long development history. The 17th century witnessed the strong development of this cat breed as European merchants moved to trade with the Middle Eastern countries, this cat breed quickly became more popular. Not only does it have the beautiful coat, but the Ba cat Tu also possesses a face like no other with a flat nose. Its style is somewhat aristocratic and high-class than other cat breeds.

persian long hair catPersian long-haired cat. internet photos

The origin and history of the flat-faced Persian cat (Persian cat)

Hundreds of years ago, the ancient Persian cat appeared in Mesopotamia, now Iran. Since ancient times, this cat is almost not common in this country because they cannot catch mice. Until a European trader came and brought them back. The flat-faced cat immediately won the hearts of cat lovers in Europe and is surprisingly popular.

Even Persian cats were bred and bred and given to nobles and royalty. Persian cats are also widely bred by the British Queen and are extremely popular with the elite. Finally, after almost a century, this cat breed has become one of the most preserved cat breeds in the world. Until 2010, Vietnamese cat lovers could access this breed. Persian cats were quickly bred and bred in Vietnam.

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Origin of the long-haired Persian catOrigin of the long-haired Persian cat. internet photos

Characteristics and personality of the Persian Long Hair Cat | Persian cat

Persian cats have 2 layers of thick fur. The undercoat is thin and soft, and the outer coat is hard and thick to protect them and give them shape. Small ears, 2 big eyes, especially the flat nose, inward-turning muzzle makes them known as the flat-faced cat. This is also a special feature of this cat breed.

Their thick fur is very matted and sheds if not cared for properly. Therefore, you need to spend at least 30 minutes daily on care. The color of the coat of this breed of cat is very diverse, it can be yellow, reddish-brown, creamy-yellow… Currently, Persian cats are crossed with many different breeds of cats, which makes them more Persian shorthaired, convenient For daily care and grooming.

persian cat with faceFlat-faced Persian cat. internet photos

Persian cat personality | Persian cat

Persian cats have a cute little face, so they are loved by many people, they are good cats and they love their owners, they are friendly and affectionate with people. As british shorthair catThe Persian cat is lazy and rarely moves. This breed of cat is very suitable for those who have little time to play with cats. However, no matter how busy you are, try to take them out to exercise to reduce fat accumulation and avoid obesity.

Persian cats just stay in your living room, so you rarely see them catching mice or walking around, playing with the family. Even they are so lazy that they don’t care about anything but sleep. This breed of cat often tends to stay close to its owner or find a warm place to lie down. The cute gestures and actions will make any cat owner’s heart flutter.

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Persian cat - Persian long-haired catPersian cat – long-haired Persian cat. internet photos


Persian cats are very inactive, so the biggest problem for Persian cat owners is that they are very prone to obesity. It is extremely necessary for the Persian Cat to exercise. You should spend at least half an hour a day taking them for a walk and exercising to burn excess fat.

Because the nose is too clean, the respiratory system of the Persian cat always has a lot of problems. Store them in a large space to prevent suffocation. At the same time, clean your eyes daily to avoid diseases such as eye pain, and timely detect signs of strange diseases around the eye area.

Regularly brush your longhaired Persian. The weekly bath is the solution to help you get rid of hair loss and tangles.

Like other cat breeds in the world, the average lifespan of the Persian cat breed is about 10 to 13 years with good care. This is really a cute and easy breed of cat for families who don’t have a lot of time to care.

Some photos of Persian cats

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