Expression of dogs with thermal shock and how to give first aid promptly at home

Expression of dogs with thermal shock and how to give first aid promptly at home

Heat stroke is a condition in which the body is subjected to sudden changes in ambient temperature. Heat stroke can cause many dangerous complications in dogs if not treated on time.

Dogs are animals that are born with the ability to retain heat, not give off heat, so they absorb heat better and faster. This is an advantage in freezing weather but a danger come summer. The high temperature outside causes the dog’s body temperature to rise suddenly. The ability to retain heat can kill a dog if not treated promptly.

Dogs are good heat keepers, so the only way a dog can release heat is by panting. This is the reason why they often stick out their tongues and open their mouths to breathe after exercising.

Dogs with heat stroke and what you should knowDogs with heat stroke and what you should know.

Causes of heat stroke in dogs

Heat stroke in dogs usually occurs in the summer when outside temperatures are high. The main cause of this situation is

  • Overexertion in the sun: Exercising too much and exercising in high temperatures will cause dogs to burn when they are unable to remove heat from their bodies. Especially in thick-haired breeds such as Husky or Samoyed dogs, heat stroke is very likely to occur.
  • Forgotten in the car in the sun: Many cases of owners who come to buy things to forget their dogs in the car outdoors in the sun with a temperature of 38-40 degrees Celsius, with a small and narrow space, the dog may die if not removed in time from the car.

Causes of heat stroke in dogsCauses of heat stroke in dogs. internet photos

  • Sudden change in temperature: Many owners often let their dogs sit in cold air conditioners and accidentally let them out into a high-temperature environment immediately, this will cause the dog’s body temperature difference from cold to hot, rendering them unable to adapt and causing heat shock.
  • Diseases in dogs, such as obesity or heart disease, are causes of heat stroke in dogs.
  • Dogs that are too young or too old are also the cause of this phenomenon.
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Manifestations when dogs have heat shock

Some of the first signs you may see when your dog has heat stroke are:

  • Dogs breathing rapidly, wheezing, sticking out their tongues continuously.
  • The tongue is bright red, blood-colored, and the gums are lighter than normal.
  • Drooling drooling along with rapid heartbeat combined with the sound of shortness of breath, fatigue.

Symptoms of heat stroke in dogsSymptoms of heat stroke in dogs. internet photos

Beware of heat stroke, which is dangerous to your dog’s life. When you see the following symptoms, your dog is in a very dangerous situation.

  • Difficulty breathing, unsteady walking, and staggering.
  • Dogs vomit many times, they are tired and no longer have the strength to work.
  • The tongue and gums begin to turn purple.
  • The dog suffered a nosebleed and fell into a critical coma.

Additionally, dogs that vomit also signal unusual signs of health to the owner. It can be dangerous diseases that take the dog’s life, not just heat stroke. Let’s continue here. >>> See more <<

How to manage when a dog has heat stroke at home

When you see your dog showing the above signs, you should be very calm and take steps to reduce the dog’s body temperature quickly. Use a thermometer to measure your dog’s body temperature. The most accurate way to measure a dog’s body temperature is to insert a thermometer into the rectum through the anus and reduce the temperature of the thermometer to 34.5 degrees Celsius. If the body temperature is > 42 degrees Celsius, the dog is at risk of high mortality.

  • If you don’t have a thermometer and you suspect heat stroke, don’t wait too long. You should hold your dog or put him in the nearest shade, where the temperature is cool and lower than the airy outdoor environment. At this time, avoid letting the dog get more exercise, but keep them stationary to reduce the dog’s body temperature.
  • Give your dog water to drink immediately, you can let the dog drink on its own, avoiding squeezing in the mouth to avoid choking on the water.
  • Moisten your dog’s body with a spray.
  • Cover the dog with a damp towel to reduce heat, be careful not to use water that is too cold as this can have the opposite effect.
  • Using alcohol to clean the dog’s paw pads can stimulate heat radiation.
  • Stop dog nosebleeds.
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How to handle a dog with heat strokeHow to treat heat stroke in dogs. internet photos

After taking first aid measures, immediately take the dog to an accredited veterinary clinic for prompt treatment.

How to prevent a dog from suffering heat stroke?

  • Limit your dog’s time out in the midday sun or in areas with high temperatures, this will help stabilize the dog’s body temperature and limit dog bites that are common when out for walks.
  • Avoid exercising in hot summer weather. It is best to let the dog out for a walk after 9:00 p.m. and exercise when the weather is calm.
  • Increase your dog’s stamina with electrolyte water or water to improve dog health.
  • Do not take the dog out of the air-conditioned environment into the sudden sun and vice versa.
  • Clip or shave the outer coat with large breeds to help the dog easily escape the heat to the outside.

After cooling the dog, you should immediately take it to the nearest veterinary center for full treatment.