English Bulldog | Characteristics and prices of British Bulldogs in Vietnam

English Bulldog |  Characteristics and prices of British Bulldogs in Vietnam

The English Bulldog or English Bulldog known as Bull dog is a breed of dog that has long appeared in England. They belong to an old line of fighting dogs that was bred from the Italian fighting dog line. They are strong and loyal to their owners. Currently, Bulldogs are being bred a lot in the world, especially in European countries.

Origin of the English BulldogThe Origin of the English Bulldog. internet photos

Origin of the English Bulldog

The English Bulldog was crossed from the Italian War Mastiff with the native dogs of that time in England. An ancestor of a line of fighting and aggressive dogs, Bulldogs are quick to display their ferocity and prowess in battle.

It is due to the ferocity of this breed that Bulldogs were used for fighting or participating in the sport of Bull Baiting in the past.

Originally an extremely bloody sport, the English Bulldog was used to fight large, strong cows. This war ends when one side cannot fight or dies. This sport is considered a fashionable game among the nobility in England and has taken the Bulldog brand to a new level in the world.

After a while this sport was banned in Europe. Bulldogs were introduced to America, the promised land for war dogs at the time. Here they were bred with large breeds to create the current Pitbull breed.

In the homeland of the English Bulldog, many people have bred the breed to create a kinder, more human-friendly Bulldog.

The Bulldog’s size is now only 2/3 of what it used to be. Also in the UK Bulldogs were developed and there are standards to define the characteristics of purebred dogs.

Until 1940, this breed ranked 12/155 among the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Characteristics of the bulldog dog.  internet photosCharacteristics of the British Bulldog. internet photos

Although in the world this breed is quite popular, in our country the Bulldog has only been developed for 10-15 years. At first, they had an import price of up to tens of millions of dong.

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When more are bred, their price is still at 9-15 million depending on the characteristics of the body. Paper dogs are even more expensive.

Bulldog Characteristics

Blog love cats and dogs will introduce you to the modern British Bulldog breed.

This breed after the bloody period was bred to become softer. They are only 30-35 cm tall and can weigh up to 25-27 kg. The round head and drooping face look like an old man. Wide-set eyes, thick lids. The nose is large and upturned.

The ears are inclined and thinner. Its coat is hard and colorful, but the most common colors are white-brown, red-white, and the coat is close to the body and smooth. They do not need to be brushed or shed as much as other long-haired breeds.

Since the ancestor of this breed is a fighting dog, the standard for judging this breed is on muscles and face. To get the standard of a beautiful dog, you need to give your dog exercises to build muscle.

bulldog personality

Modern English Bulldogs have opposite personalities to their ancestors. Rather than a fierce and bloodthirsty nature, the modern Bulldog breed is gentle and friendly towards people.

They get along well with small children and other animals, and trained Bulldogs can be effective housekeepers. They are very alert to strangers or suspicious things.

Training the bulldog from an early age is essential. At the same time, you also need to be patient and tough in the process of training this breed.

In general, the modern Bulldog is obedient and easy to train. They love to be petted, praised and cared for.

How to care for a Bulldog dog?How to care for the English Bulldog. internet photos

How to care for an English Bulldog

This breed has a weakness when it comes to breathing, they have difficulty breathing. Especially the weather is too hot or too cold to make them sensitive.

Therefore, during the care process, you should not take the dog out and exercise too much, keep the dog’s body warm when the weather is too cold. Bulldogs are easy to raise in an apartment setting with a small area. This breed’s daily job is walking around the living room and sleeping.

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However, they are often faced with obesity and excessive weight gain. In addition to the above diseases, English Bulldogs are also prone to skin inflammation and bad eyes, so they need to be cared for carefully.

How much does a British Bulldog cost?

The British Bulldog has been developed in Vietnam for more than a decade, but currently, the climatic and temperature conditions in our country continue to be one of the many barriers when it comes to breeding this breed.

The price of this breed of dog is also quite high, from 9 to 15 million plus a short lifespan that makes Bulldogs rarely bred in Vietnam.

Specifically, purebred babies born in Vietnam have prices ranging from 8 million to 15 million depending on the characteristics and gender. Babies with good physical features are often used for breeding at a higher price than babies with poor features.

After birth, babies with AVK certificates are priced up to >20 million VND. When caring for a Bulldog, you need to determine your dog’s goals. If it is for ornamental purposes only, there is no need to choose the breed carefully.

Bulldog price in VietnamBulldog price in Vietnam

  • thailand bulldog

Of course, puppies from Thailand command a higher price because this is home to many famous dog houses not only in Southeast Asia.

Each baby imported from Thailand costs between 20 and 40 million depending on the lineage, genealogy, characteristics and achievements of the parent dog… Most of the people who choose dogs in Thailand to take care of them have a reproductive and breeding purpose.

  • Bulldog is imported from Europe

Dogs imported from Europe or the homeland of this breed command a high price of up to $3000 – 4000.

This means that you must have a large source of income to choose puppies imported from Europe. These puppies belong to the best quality breed, which is considered an extremely valuable genetic resource for dog owners not only in Vietnam.

Children whose parents have won top prizes in many Dog Show contests command even higher prices.

Hopefully, the article has partly helped readers understand more about the English Bulldog breed, one of many beloved dog breeds around the world. If you have conditions, why not choose a British bull to take care of?