Easy to grow aquarium fish without oxygen for beginners

Easy to grow aquarium fish without oxygen for beginners

Aquarists often keep aquarium fish in glass jars. Or places where the environment is not very rich in oxygen. This often leads to fish dying due to lack of oxygen in the habitat

Easy-to-Keep Types of Aquarium Fish Don’t Need Oxygen

This explains why easy-to-keep oxygen-free aquarium fish are so popular. Especially for those who are new to aquatic life. So today, let’s explore 5 types of aquarium fish that don’t need oxygen! However, a small note. Without oxygen, here is an oxygen-poor environment, but without full oxygen, no species can live.


The common characteristic of platypuses, guppies and swordtails is their small size. And can live in low oxygen environment. They can live in a small aquarium without needing oxygen to stay alive. Keeping these types of fish is easy because they don’t require a lot of filtration in the aquarium. And just use the ingredients that create microorganisms or those that serve as shelters for microorganisms in the tank. This is why they are considered one of the easiest aquarium fish to keep without oxygen.

Usually, aquarists often combine algae, duckweed, aquatic plants, porcelain filters… to breed them in large aquariums. This will create an extremely good environment for them. Both help them live and create a favorable breeding environment. If you don’t have experience raising fish or keeping fish that don’t live long, try the fish above.

Thirteen fish

Siamese fish, also known as fighting fish and some fish in the Betta family, are species of fish that live extremely well in a low oxygen environment. They can still live healthy even in tight spaces and lack of oxygen.

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betta fish

Betta fish are often kept by many office workers in a mini office aquarium to help them live close and friendly. However, if you keep fish in the North, remember to pay attention to the temperature factor of the fish. This breed of fish does not normally tolerate high temperatures.

Betta fish are usually kept indoors, so there is no need to worry. You can refer to the Betta dragon fish which is very popular in the water village

paradise fish

Paradise fish, also called flagtail fish, lia fish, is a line of fish that is exploited in the wild. They come in a variety of beautiful and classic colors with rounded fins. They are considered an easy fish to keep and are loved by many people due to their variety of colors and fighting nature.

In particular, they are species that live well in a low oxygen environment because they have accessory respiratory organs in addition to the main organ. It is a fish that you should start keeping or choose to keep in low oxygen environments such as mini lakes, small aquariums, mini ponds, etc.

It is necessary to separate the male from the female or keep several females with 1 male because the males are very aggressive and generally feed on insects, crustaceans or pellets…


Goldfish or three-tailed fish are pretty compact sized, lovely freshwater fish. They are kept as pets by aquarists. These are fish that can live well in a low or very low oxygen environment. However, to raise them to live well in an oxygen-depleted environment, not everyone has the experience.

To breed goldfish, you need an aquarium with a large spacious area. Be careful to change the water regularly, use a very clean and quality water filter… In general, aquarium fish are easy to keep, but you also have to learn a lot.

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It is a big fish and is often kept with arowanas, which is preferred by many Vietnamese brothers. Fish can eat mixed foods, green vegetables, insects, crustaceans or even juveniles… The fish has an accessory respiratory organ on the gills, so it is easy to breed for new players.

Notes when keeping fish that don’t need a lot of oxygen

  • Small fish are suitable for keeping in glass tanks, while large fish are suitable for aquariums or aquariums.
  • Choose a large tank to offer your fish a comfortable and free living space.
  • Should carefully consider the number of fish reared in a glass tank. Although it is an easy aquarium fish that does not need oxygen, if kept at a high density it will also have an effect on the growth of aquarium fish.
  • Fish food is not hard to find, but you have to be careful with the dosage of each meal
  • Change the aquarium water regularly to keep the environment clean for the fish. You must be careful to remove the impurities from the fish every week
  • Aquarium fish are easy to keep without oxygen but still need a water purifier to provide the necessary minerals for the fish to help them grow more fully.

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