Dogs with purulent dermatitis, hair loss and how to treat?

Dogs with purulent dermatitis, hair loss and how to treat?

Dogs with dermatitis, pus is a common phenomenon. Although it is a common disease, if it is not treated properly, it will affect the condition of the dog.

There are many causes of dermatitis in dogs, but some studies by experts say that: Most dogs get dermatitis from animal parasites on their skin such as ticks, lice, fleas, and Demodex snakes. Canis… They are all parasites and suck the blood of the host, causing serious damage that leads to infection, pus-filled skin. If your dog is not treated in time, it will affect the physical condition of the dog, especially the aesthetics of the dog.

Dog with purulent dermatitis, hair loss.Dogs with purulent dermatitis lose hair. internet photos

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Routes of transmission that cause dermatitis in dogs

  • The main route of transmission of the disease is from an infected host to a healthy host, while lactating mothers transmit the disease to their offspring when there is contact.
  • The external environment is also a condition for spreading dermatitis in dogs.

Symptoms of a dog with purulent dermatitis

Dermatitis in dogs often has very specific symptoms on the head, legs, eyes, and anal area. When infected, dogs often scratch, scratch the itchy area, causing sores that infect this area of ​​the skin.

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After this period, the dog exhibits hair loss and itchy, inflamed, red, and thickened skin. even scabs, there is discharge of pus. At this time, his body odor is very unpleasant and causes discomfort.

Symptoms of a dog with purulent dermatitisSymptoms Dogs have purulent dermatitis. internet photos

Demodex dermatitis in dogs is considered the leading cause of dermatitis in dogs. According to statistics, up to 26.94% of dogs with purulent dermatitis are caused by this bacterium. The main symptom is hair loss on the head and all 4 legs. when sick Initially, the skin area is very inflamed, after a short time, this skin will quickly ache, ooze and cause discomfort to the dog.

When you do not treat it in time, the disease will progress faster, the pus-filled skin stage is already quite serious.

How to treat dogs with purulent dermatitis, hair loss?

  • According to some data collected by the blog that loves dogs and cats, in order to completely cure inflammatory skin diseases, it is necessary to use BIVERMECTIN 0.1% with a dose of 1ml/2.5-3kg of body weight injected under skin, inject once a week, continuously for 3 weeks (do not use with some breeds of Collie Australian Sheepdog, Bobtail, Shetland Sheepdog, Long-haired Whippet).
  • In addition to using medicines, you need to use a combination of several special oils for the treatment of dermatitis for dogs. You can choose from some famous brands in the pet care industry in the world.
  • Increase the resistance of dogs with dermatitis with some vitamin enhancers that are sold in the market.

How to treat dogs with purulent dermatitis?How to treat dogs with purulent dermatitis?

  • If the skin has yellow or green pus, you need to gently and deftly cut off the surrounding hair and use alcohol or an antiseptic iodine, hydrogen peroxide to clean the wound, remove the pus area. It should only be used on the inflamed area, not on the entire person to avoid skin irritation.
  • Doctors apply another treatment route for purulent inflammation.
    – Antibiotics: Lincoseptryl 1ml/5kg body weight or Colamp 1ml/5kg body weight or Genta-Colenro 1ml/5kg body weight
    Anti-inflammatory: Ketovet 1ml/15 kg body weight
    Support medication: ADE.B complex 1ml/10kg of body weight or Vitamin AD3E: 0.5-1ml/dog (depending on the size of the dog – only 1 dose)
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You can check out this list of medicines from vets that monitor your dog’s health. You must remember that dermatitis is a disease that requires long-term treatment, so you must be persistent and stick to the given roadmap for maximum effectiveness.

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Measures to prevent dogs from suffering inflammation of the skin, pus

  • Regularly clean your dog’s body. You should use dog soap and avoid using human products because dog skin is very sensitive.

How to prevent dogs from suffering from dermatitisHow to prevent dogs from suffering from dermatitis

  • Brush the dog’s coat regularly with specialized tools and remove parasites on the dog’s skin such as ticks, fleas and lice. You can use diaper drops or dog shower gels to scare away these nasty guys.
  • Monitor your dog’s health regularly, when you see unusual signs, you should take your dog to the vet for a timely examination.
  • Carry out vaccinations, deworming for dogs periodically to achieve better resistance.

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