Dogs eat baits, get poisoned and give first aid on the spot in 5 minutes


Dogs ingesting rat poison or rat poison are quite common tricks nowadays of dog burglars. This drug can cause the death of the dog in a short time. Although it is poison, you can completely save your dog’s life with some timely first aid tips.

Most of the SEN when they see the poisoned Boss are very confused and worried. So the first thing to do is to stay calm so that you can solve the problem in the most intelligent and scientific way.

Symptoms when dogs eat baits, poison

When dogs eat bait or are poisoned, they often have obvious abnormalities. Depending on the different poisons, there are different symptoms, as well as the duration of the symptoms. Most after poisoning, dogs are often tired, moody, anorexia, with dog baits often convulsive, foaming at the mouth. These symptoms indicate that your dog is in big trouble if he doesn’t get first aid on time.

You can spot the distinctive color of your dog’s gums. They are often pale, brick red, white, which can mean the dog has a blood problem. Abnormally high body temperature combined with a rapid heartbeat is also one of the many symptoms that indicate a dog’s state of health.

In addition to the above signs, the dog may also experience other symptoms such as severe diarrhea, vomiting, and spatial disorientation.

Why are dogs beaten?

Dog thieves often mix poison with dog food every day to entice them to eat such as pâté, pâté… These are foods that dogs really like. This makes it easier for thieves to carry out their bad intentions.

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The rare cause is the fact that dogs go away from home, get lost and eat decomposing animal carcasses due to baits, which also poisons them. Toxic chemicals from humans, such as discharge water, acid, water – veins… by people who throw them away also make your dog eat accidentally and cause poisoning.

Dogs eat baits and how to give first aid.Dogs eat baits and how to give first aid. Internet

Timely first aid when a dog is struck or poisoned

As mentioned above, when you see your dog showing strange signs, stay calm and don’t panic. Immediately call the nearest veterinary center for help. If your home is not near any facilities, you can check out our shared first aid. For cases of poisoning, immediate treatment is extremely important because if the toxin is absorbed into the body, there is no cure.
First aid steps:

  • Determine the type of poison the dog has eaten belongs to which group of toxins. Because each different poison has a different way of detoxifying.
  • Method 1: Hydrogen peroxide is directly administered into the stomach in a suitable dosage that can help dogs to vomit toxins from the body. However, depending on your dog’s weight, you should use the proper amount because an overdose can backfire and endanger the dog’s life. Usually a dog weighing 4-5 kg ​​uses 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide.

Note: only use this method during the time the dog eats the bait after 1-2 hours. Do not abuse this method too many times. Apply only up to the 2nd time or up to the 3rd time, if the dog does not vomit, do not continue using it.

  • Method 2: Gastric lavage for dogs with professional measures and water. The only way to implement this method is to immediately go to the nearest veterinary center to receive the appropriate treatment.
  • Method 3: Immediately pump vinegar into the dog’s mouth, this is also considered a method of helping the dog to vomit poisons. Very fast and efficient.
  • Method 4: Mix milk, ginger juice, or lemon juice and quickly pump it into your dog’s mouth. These aqueous solutions are quite effective in detoxifying. But it must be done in the early stages to get the best results.
  • Method 5: A popular method that is also widely used is to use raw chicken eggs in combination with water for dogs to eat. Many cases of dogs have been saved by these apparently very simple ways.
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In the event that the dog is poisoned, absolutely do not cause vomiting.

Many cases of poisoned and poisoned dogs are not allowed to vomit as

  • These dogs can vomit on their own and are vomiting.
  • When the dog is unconscious and in a coma.
  • Do not induce vomiting when dogs ingest cleaning chemicals, acids, etc.
  • When your dog has a seizure.
  • Diarrhea and signs of gastrointestinal bleeding.

The dog was brutally poisoned.The dog was brutally poisoned. internet photos

Attention: After the dog has successfully ingested the bait and stimulated vomiting, you should immediately take the dog to the nearest veterinary facility for resuscitation and removal of any remaining poison in the digestive system. Here they will use active treatment measures. Use activated charcoal to prevent toxins from seeping through the intestinal wall.

Time determines the life of the dog in this case. So 1 minute late, you couldn’t save the pup.

How to prevent dogs from eating bait

Keep all chemicals and chemical containers out of your dog’s sight, and the play area should be free of chemicals, pesticides, and rat baits. At the same time, you should also keep a close eye on your pet to prevent dog thieves from targeting your dog.

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