Dogs breathe fast, wheezing is a sign of which disease? How to drive?

Dogs breathe fast, wheezing is a sign of which disease?  How to drive?

Dogs that are breathing rapidly, wheezing indicates that the dog’s health is having serious problems. If not treated on time, it can have many serious consequences.

Pneumonia and bronchitis are common signs in dogs when the weather changes, especially during the time when the north is getting colder. One of the first signs of the disease is the rapid breathing of the dog, wheezing. Upon detecting that the dog has abnormal symptoms, it is necessary to immediately take it to the veterinary medical examination and treatment facility for timely diagnosis and treatment by doctors.

Causes of wheezing in dogsCauses of wheezing in dogs. internet photos

Some Causes of Fast Breathing, Wheezing in Dogs

In general, after intense exercise, dogs tend to show their tongues to lower their body temperature. However, prolonged shortness of breath, shortness of breath, and wheezing can be caused by:

dog has heat stroke

Dogs suffering from heat stroke or overexertion in extreme weather conditions are among the many causes of this condition.

Dogs often suffer from heat stroke in the summer with high outside temperatures. At one time in our country, thousands of foreign dogs suffered from heat stroke. To limit this situation, it is necessary to avoid taking the dog out in hot weather.

Only take your dog out in the late afternoon or at night when it’s cooler outside. Additionally, providing plenty of drinking water for dogs is also an extremely effective cooling solution.

For more information on this condition and how to give first aid at home. You should consult the article: Dogs with heat stroke and how to give first aid promptly at home.

eat fast food

This is also the case with my dog ​​a lot. When hungry, dogs eat quickly, causing them to choke on rice and water. The dog will continuously pant and pant to release the stuck food.

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What does Golden Dog eat and what does Golden Dog care for?dog eats food fast

Airway inflammation

Inhalation of dust, polluted air, or unpleasant weather can cause your dog to show signs of shortness of breath and wheezing.

This is the most common case nowadays, in order to minimize this situation, you should keep your dog warm in winter and keep the dog’s place clean.


Streptococcal infection…dogs with a history of inflammatory bowel disease often contract this bacteria.

The above are some of the causes of wheezing in dogs, but the most common cause is pneumonia (inflammation of the airways).

Pneumonia can be a secondary syndrome of bronchitis or superinfection of infectious diseases in dogs such as Care, Parvo disease…

Initially, only a small bronchiolitis, but then it can worsen and spread to the lung parenchyma, worsening the disease, causing the lung organization to rapidly weaken. lead to death if not treated in time

Dog breathes fast from pneumonia`The dog is breathing rapidly due to pneumonia. internet photos

Manifestations of the disease:

  • The dogs do not eat, they are tired, they even have a high fever and red eyes.
  • Dogs breathe fast, pant, cough a lot at night and early in the morning.
  • Breathing is more difficult, the dog quickly becomes noticeably weaker, oxygen starvation leads to cyanosis.

If the subject is not taken to the vet in time, it can quickly become exhausted and die.


If the dog has a mild respiratory infection, with good care, the dog will recover quickly without treatment or medication.

– During this time, keep warm and let your dog rest regularly to avoid excessive exercise that leads to shortness of breath and loud wheezing. If the eye is oxidized, clean it and clean it with dilute saline. You can also clean the nose with mosquito water or specialized products for dogs.

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– Add nutritional gel if necessary when the dog refuses to eat the usual food. In addition to nutritional supplements, you must also remember to provide enough water to increase the body’s resistance. If the dog does not drink, you can feed it.

Supplement the necessary vitamins orally so that the dog can recover faster.

with a serious condition: The best way when a dog is sick is to take it to the nearest veterinary center for active treatment. Coming here, vets usually use some type of Penicillin G antibiotic; Streptomycin; Kanamycin… to eliminate the cause of the disease and some other drugs to treat the symptoms or improve immunity, resistance.

Attention: Avoid the use of medicines to reduce fever or medicines used for humans in large doses to give to dogs. Some medications can cause poisoning in dogs. All medications must be administered under the supervision of a veterinarian.

An active treatment plan will help your dog recover quickly.

Dog wheezing and how to handle itDog wheezing and how to handle it. internet photos


  • Spend time every day cleaning utensils and eating areas, to prevent bacteria and viruses from remaining in the environment.
  • Organize an area to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Especially during seasonal changes, it is necessary to pay attention to the health of the dog.
  • The diet and rations must be reasonably ordered and full of nutrients so that the dog can fully develop.
  • Vaccines Vaccines for dogs are complete to increase the resistance and immunity of dogs from an early age.
  • When you are sick, you should give your dog food that is easy to swallow, you can cook porridge or buy milk for your dog.
  • Also, you should monitor your dog’s health regularly to recognize unusual signs when the dog is sick.

I hope the dog-loving blog’s knowledge on dog-rearing helps you take care of your dog!