10 Undeniable Reasons Why Dogs are Family

Do you consider your furry friend as an integral part of the family? If so, you’re not alone. According to the 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owner Survey, around 85 million families (68%) have pets at home, with approximately 60.2% of these families owning dogs. This significant increase since 1988 reflects the growing importance of pets in the modern US household. But what makes this number truly fascinating is that 63% of pet owners identify their pets as family members. Clearly, pets are much more than mere entertainment or an addition to the household; they are, in fact, family.

You can’t deny the special bond between dogs and their owners. Dogs become an integral part of our lives, and we willingly care for them through thick and thin. It’s no wonder that dogs have earned the title of “man’s best friend.” Many dog owners will attest that their furry companions are more than just pets. Here are some undeniable reasons why dogs are considered members of the family.

They Share Your Last Name

When you give your canine companion a name, and even more so when you give them your last name, you solidify their position as part of the family. In moments of overwhelming cuteness, you can’t help but call them by adorable nicknames. And when people ask about your siblings, you proudly include your furry friend as a little brother or sister.

No One Can Say Bad Things About Your Dog

Just like the bond with your parents and other siblings, you feel insulted when someone mocks your dog. You simply won’t tolerate anyone saying anything negative about them. Yes, dogs can be annoying at times, but you won’t allow anyone to speak ill of your loyal companion.

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Your Dog Has More Photos With You

When you have more pictures with your dog than with anyone else in the family, it reveals that they are not just a pet. You want your dog to be included in every family photo because they mean more to you than just an animal. They are an important part of your life, and you want them to be present in every “picture-perfect” moment.

You Consider Them to Stay for a Lifetime

Blood is thicker than water. No matter what happens or what your Fido does, you won’t give up on them easily. As part of the family, you recognize their value in your life and understand that they are meant to stay with you forever. You will protect them just as they protect you.

They Have a Special Spot and Place at Home

You know that your dog loves to cuddle and have those precious petting sessions. That’s why you provide them with a special place inside the house to maximize your bonding time. Whether it’s resting on your lap, sleeping in your bed, or sharing moments on the couch, these special moments give your furry friend your undivided attention and strengthen your bond.

You Consider Your Dog in the Schedule

In everything you do or any decision you make, you consider your dog’s presence. This is especially true when going out shopping, visiting places, or strolling around the neighborhood. You always make sure your Fido is part of the plan. Even when buying a house or moving to a new place, you take into account your dog’s welfare by checking the size of the yard or the proximity of the house to the park. You provide them with a comfortable space because they are family.

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They Celebrate Birthdays and Join Family Events

Any family event is incomplete without your dogs. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, a wedding, or Christmas, they need to be there. The same goes for family trips, where your dog deserves a special, comfortable seat. And let’s not forget celebrating your Fido’s birthday with family and close friends. Showering them with gifts like toys and other goodies for playtime is a must. Statistics from the Harris Poll show that 45% of owners frequently buy birthday gifts for their furry companions. Sometimes, a little extra spending for your beloved dog is worth it.

They Complete Your Day

Another sign that your furry companion is part of the family is when they complete your day. You want to see your dog first thing in the morning and enjoy their presence throughout the day. Your dog brings a smile to your face even when you’re in a bad mood. Life is simply incomplete without the stare of their puppy eyes and their soft, furry touches.

Your Life Isn’t the Same Without Your Dog

When you realize how valuable your dog is to your life, you feel that it wouldn’t be the same without them. You miss your dog when they’re not around, and you long for their presence when you’re apart.

You Consider Their Welfare and Love Them Unconditionally

You know that your dog is part of the family when you genuinely care for them and shower them with love and affection. Your top priority is their happiness and well-being. This includes regular vet check-ups, proper nutrition, all-organic supplementation, and prevention from skin allergies, gastrointestinal problems, and ear infections, among others. You want to ensure that they are healthy so you can create lasting memories together.

In conclusion, anyone who has grown up with dogs at home can attest to their value. These furry companions brighten up our days, so we provide them with unconditional love and special attention. That is the essence of family: sharing love and affection unconditionally.

Final Thoughts

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