Dog with broken bone and 3 first aid solutions at home


Dog choking is a common accident when owners carelessly feed their dogs. So when you come across a dog choking bone, what should you do?

As in humans, dog with a broken bone There is often a feeling of discomfort and entanglement, which more severely affects the dog’s esophagus and intestines if not detected and treated early.

Symptoms of a dog with a broken bone

Dog Symptoms When Choking Bones Are Most Noticeable

  • The dog spits non-stop. Many dogs vomit.
  • drooling more than usual
  • Anorexia and bad mood.

How to deal with a dog with a broken bone?How to treat a dog with a broken bone. internet photos

Spitting up can also be a sign of a respiratory infection, so care must be taken to monitor your dog’s health and make an accurate assessment of the condition.

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3 tips that can help you give first aid in case of choking dogs at home

Note: These 3 methods only apply to small and simple dog choking cases, if your baby is in a more difficult situation, the bone is larger, and the bone location is deeper, you should take your dog to the hospital. for timely intervention.

  • Using the manual method: Wear gloves and ask people to help you remove the foreign body from the dog’s throat, this method is only applicable to the situation that the dog has small bones and it is stuck near the throat area. Please note that to avoid damaging the dog’s palate, you must carefully remove the bone. Do not put your bare hands on the hook because it can infect bacteria in the dog’s intestinal tract.
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How to deal with a dog with a broken bone?How to deal with dog choking. internet photo

  • Give the dog an orange peel.: According to the experience of our ancestors, orange juice contains active ingredients that can digest and soften small fish bones. Instead, you can use vitamin C, after a few minutes the bone will soften and go down. With large pieces of bone, such as chicken or pork bones, this method will not work.
  • You can also get a piece of white rice. Let the dog eat and swallow to get the stuck bone down.
  • Take the dog to the vet immediately for medical intervention to avoid a situation that may affect the dog’s health for a long time.

How to prevent and care for dogs with bones

  • temporarily at the moment dog with a broken bone, it is not allowed to give more food to the dog. You must be very calm to reach a timely solution. Psychology is the deciding factor in treatment.
  • Pet and reassure your dog because choking on the bones will make him uncomfortable and anxious. Encouragement and petting your dog will help reduce anxiety and he will be more cooperative when trying to get the bone out.
  • Do not use your bare hands to hook the bone and when you do, be very careful to avoid hurting the dog’s throat. If you’re sure, do it, if not, let a professional do it.
  • Don’t let your dog run while drowning.

How to prevent dogs from choking on bones.  internet photosHow to prevent dogs from choking on bones. internet photos

Note on dog food

  • Do not give your dog hot, cold, spicy, sweet food…
  • Do not give your dog bones until they have been eaten or chopped. According to the concept, bones are very good for dogs, but on the contrary, bones are the cause of malabsorption, constipation and increase the risk of severe bone choking. Hard bones also affect the dog’s teeth and its ability to chew.
  • Dogs should not eat sausages, spring rolls… This food is not good for dogs.
  • Do not let your dog eat spicy or sweet foods… These foods are harmful to dogs.
  • You should also deworm your dog periodically to get the most out of it.
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