Dog vomits, refuses to eat


Dogs that vomit food, refuse to eat have many causes that can be due to improper diet, an unsanitary environment, or can also be a sign of diseases that cause mass deaths.

Timely detection, diagnosis and first aid can save your dog’s life from extremely dangerous diseases. So when you spot these signs in your dog, you need to handle it quickly so you can handle it quickly.

the dog is vomitingDog Vomiting: Causes and Ways to Handle the Situation

Some Causes of Vomiting in Dogs

Vomiting in dogs is a sign of many illnesses, but the following are the most common causes. Of these causes, there are many conditions that cause quite a few serious illnesses that can be life-threatening.

Reaction after deworming

A side effect of scheduled puppy deworming can be the cause of the dog vomiting or refusing to eat. This is usually a normal symptom, just let the dog rest and rehydrate.

However, if this phenomenon continues to occur in the next 24 hours. Take your dog to the vet right away for an exam.

Common reactions when deworming dogsDog vomiting is a common reaction when dogs are dewormed.

You can take your dog to the clinic for deworming, or buy medicines to do it at home. The deworming process at home needs to be directed by a doctor. You can check the details on how to deworm your dog at home through the article:

>>> Instructions to deworm puppies correctly at home

Bacterial infections, intestinal inflammation

This is a disease that your dog must have at least once in his life. With the habit of sniffing, curious about strange things on the road. Dogs lick strange foods. Especially puppies – the digestive system and stamina are still weak.

You also don’t need to worry too much about your dog when he has enteritis. You just need to follow the rule, stop all dog food and rehydrate. Vomiting too much makes the dog cranky and tired.

You can buy infant digestive enzymes for dogs to drink. 24 hours later the dog will be fine. If this situation persists with diarrhea. Don’t hesitate to take your dog to the vet right away.

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Change your diet and diet.

This is also considered a problem that many people face when raising dogs, especially when taking your dog to a new home. Changing the diet from the old house to the new house will give the dog no time to adjust. They will show signs like anorexia, loss of appetite.

golden dog rationsChanging the dog’s diet causes vomiting.

Therefore, when you pick up your dog, you need to change the diet slowly, mixing the familiar food with the old, and completely changing the new food after 1-2 weeks. This will allow the dog to acclimate. In addition, I also limit my dog’s diet to raw foods, mainly seeds and cooked and processed foods.

foreign body ingestion

This case also happens quite a lot, especially when you feed your dog with too large bones, a small carelessness causes the foreign body to get stuck in the neck. Dogs spit but cannot, they will vomit, in the event that a bone blocks the throat, take your dog to the veterinary clinic immediately.

How to deal with a dog with a broken bone?How to deal with dog choking. internet photos

If you want to know more about how to give first aid to a dog with a bone or a foreign body in the neck, you can consult the article.

>>> Dog with broken bone and 3 first aid solutions at home

Motion sickness, heat stroke

The next possible case is motion sickness and heat stroke. In case of dizziness due to the fact that the dog is not used to sitting in the car for a long time, just let the dog rest.

Heat stroke occurs, and in the hot season, the subjects are mainly dogs that are active in hot weather. The room temperature rises suddenly. One of the many symptoms is that the dog is vomiting, vomiting…


Put them in the shade immediately, spray them or give them cold water to drink, absolutely do not use ice water.

Dog heat stroke symptoms and first aid methods are shared in the article: Dog Heat Stroke Symptoms and Home First Aid.

Symptoms of heat stroke in dogsSymptoms of heat stroke in dogs. internet photos

Other extremely dangerous causes

  • Pancreatitis, cholecystitis.
  • Consequences after surgery, effects of drugs during treatment.
  • Due to contracting dangerous viruses, especially Care and Parvo disease in dogs. These are the two main causes that are extremely dangerous with initial manifestations of vomiting, mood swings, and loss of appetite.

So when you see that your dog has vomiting and diarrhea for a long time, don’t be biased, but take your dog to the veterinary clinic immediately.

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Learn more about >>> Care of diseases in puppies <<< One of the many diseases that cause dogs to show signs of vomiting, not eating is extremely dangerous

Some diagnoses when the dog vomits and refuses to eat

  • If there is mucus in the vomit, the dog may have intestinal inflammation, it should be taken to the veterinary clinic for examination and timely diagnosis. You can consult the article >>> Dogs that vomit yellow foam, white foam, what is the disease? How to drive? <<
  • When a dog vomits undigested food, the dog may have been poisoned or the diet is too much, causing indigestion.
  • When there is fresh blood, it may be a gastric hemorrhage.
  • Vomiting with bile may indicate that the dog has pancreatitis or enteritis.

This is only the initial diagnosis, the exact conclusion of the disease depends on the results of the tests during the examination.

How to handle in case the dog vomits food

When you find that your dog is vomiting food, you should completely eliminate the food that the dog has eaten before. These foods can be the cause of prolonged vomiting.

If your dog stops vomiting, there is no need to go to the vet. However, if your dog shows signs of worsening, it is necessary to take him to the doctor immediately for tests to determine the disease and then provide appropriate treatment measures.

Absolutely do not give the dog any more food during this time because feeding will worsen the dog’s condition.

This is the key point in the treatment of diseases related to vomiting symptoms.

How to cure a dog's vomitHow to treat a dog that vomits

Regular bouts of vomiting that don’t last long

  • Give your dog water mixed with granulated sugar.
  • When the dog is stable again, give it a light meal to test for vomiting. You can then go back to eating normally the next day.

In addition to simple first aid measures at home. Dog owners can also use special oral medications, such as intestinal antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications, as prescribed by the doctor.

Measures to prevent dogs from vomiting and refusing to eat

  • Limit and avoid sudden changes in your dog’s diet and diet.
  • Do not allow dogs to bite or eat, swallow toys, foreign objects that are dangerous to the dog’s stomach and digestive system, many dog ​​owners think that chewing on bones will be good for them, but this is extremely wrong thinking.
  • Use muzzles and other utensils to prevent your dog from eating strange foods on the street.
  • Stay calm and handle situations quickly and promptly, going immediately to a doctor in dangerous cases.
  • Vaccinate 7 diseases for dogs to create better resistance.

prevent dogs from vomitingprevent dogs from vomiting

All actions to handle vomiting in dogs in the home must be carefully gloved and disinfected to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases such as Care and Parvo, 2 diseases that are difficult to treat and cause rapid death in dogs.