Dog refuses to eat, tired

Dog refuses to eat, tired

Dogs that refuse to eat, fatigue are signs of many dangerous diseases that can threaten the life of your dog. So what is the cause of this phenomenon?

Loss of appetite and fatigue are just a few of the many warning signs of a health problem in your dog. In order to accurately determine the condition of the dog, you need to combine many accompanying symptoms. They can be vomiting, diarrhea or seizures. Next we will give you the most common causes.

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Causes that dogs do not eat, are tired

Dogs often refuse to eat and lie in one place, tired and cranky for many reasons, but mainly for two main causes, pathological and psychological.

canine anorexia due to disease

cause of disease: When dogs refuse to eat, fatigue is accompanied by many other specific symptoms caused by a certain disease, leading to a feeling of fatigue and loss of appetite in dogs.

The cause of the disease must be diagnosed by the doctor through examinations and tests. When dogs lose their appetite, fatigue accompanied by bloody diarrhea, prolonged vomiting can be a symptom of Care’s disease or Parvo disease in dogs, 2 of many diseases that claim the lives of thousands of dogs each year. .

Management of the situation in which the dog vomits yellow and white liquidManagement of the situation in which the dog vomits yellow and white liquid

What you need to do right away is to get your dog to a medical facility as soon as possible for prompt examination and treatment.

Dogs that refuse to eat, lethargic can also be symptoms of many dangerous diseases that greatly affect the health of dogs such as enteritis, Care disease, Parvo disease… These are 3 diseases that directly affect dogs the health, even is the life of the dog if it is not treated promptly.

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If accompanied by foamy vomiting, diarrhea, you should immediately take your dog to the vet for prompt diagnosis and treatment. You can check the full details in this article

In addition to Parvo or Care, dogs can also have worms because they have not been dewormed regularly. The rapid proliferation of worms in the dog’s intestine and the absorption of nutrients causes the dog to stop eating, tired.

However, cases of worms are very rare because this condition only occurs with puppies.

Some of the best antiparasitics for dogs on the market such as Heartgard Plus, Thenium Closylate, Espisprantel, Mebendazole…

due to psychology

  • Causes by psychology, habits: When you raise a dog, you do not practice eating habits, causing the dog to form a conditioned reflex, causing anorexia and fatigue.

tired dog refuses to eatTired dog refuses to eat. internet photos

Part of the cause of your dog not eating, being tired, lies in the way your dog wakes up. Overindulging in and ignoring the Boss’s mealtime makes them increasingly “chic” and much harder to obey.

For example, when you first raised your dog, you gave him a lot of delicious and nutritious food, and one fine day, you let him eat rice and different foods. Dogs will get bored and even stop eating, they will only drink water to protest and ask you to buy “good” products like before. This is the cause of the dog’s lack of appetite and fatigue.

Dogs stop eating due to psychological fatigueDogs stop eating tired by psychology and habits. internet photos

In addition, psychological shock also causes the dog to stop eating, for example, after the owner’s accident or after the owner’s death, the dog feels absent and misses the familiar everyday silhouette. They forget about their eating habits and the feeling of being as well as before.

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To prevent this from happening, you need to feed him a scientific diet and make your dog adhere to its rules.

How to handle when the dog refuses to eat, is tired, stays still

To treat anorexia caused by disease, the only way is to cure it completely. We recommend that you take your dog to the vet for advice and treatment as soon as possible.

For dogs with anorexia due to habit, you need to force them into a certain frame. Take your dog to the doctor for an injection of a digestive stimulant to treat dog anorexia.

In addition to the above two reasons, the dog’s refusal to eat and fatigue are also symptoms after long-term surgery and wound treatment.

To help your dog recover quickly, you can purchase nutritional gels that are available at many pet stores. This is a nutritional supplement for dogs.

Just use 2 times a day, you have provided enough nutrition for your dog.

Dog stops eating tired what to doWhat to do when a dog refuses to eat? internet photos

Determining your dog’s diet is essential. You can use the following method collected by Dog and Cat Love Blog

– 1 day you take 100 grams of dog food, if they don’t eat and leave, you add the food.

– The second meal of the day, cut your portion in half and continue to evaluate the portion. If they don’t eat, throw them away, otherwise they show signs of starting to take care of themselves and eat. determine your appetite

  • Very hungry, that is, they are very hungry, you continue to maintain this diet until the 2nd day so that the dog gets used to the feeling of not having anything to eat.
  • Eating nonchalantly, without much excitement, you continue to assess the next day on the same diet.
  • Stop not eating, keep throwing away old food, and reduce the amount of food by half.

Good luck!