Dog breeds that do not shed or shed little are suitable for young children

Dog breeds that do not shed or shed little are suitable for young children

The non-shedding dog breeds presented by the Dog and Cat Love blog below are well-suited for grooming families with young children and people with allergies.

The companion dog movement in our country is highly developed with the introduction of many beautiful dog breeds to the world. However, many families still wonder and worry about the problem of dog hair that can stain the house and cause allergies in children. Therefore, the selection of dog breeds that do not shed or shed little is quite interesting and learned by many owners.

To help you easily choose the right pet dog, Blog Love Dogs and Cats will send you information on 5 very light shedding dog breeds suitable for indoor breeding conditions.

The best breeds of dogs that do not shed or shed little hair

1. poodle dog

The poodle is arguably the most popular foreign dog breed today. With a small and cute appearance. Poodle quickly won the hearts of dog lovers in Vietnam.

In addition, the characteristic curly coat of this breed is also very beautiful and less shed. You can choose Poodle to take care of in the family. They are very obedient, obedient and quite intelligent. This helps this breed to learn the owner’s commands very quickly. Also, they are quite friendly and love children.

toy poodle dogtoy poodle internet photos

About how to care for a poodle dog is not too difficult. You can use available foods in combination with fresh foods to help your dog grow evenly. The point that makes the biggest difference in the Poodle is the coat. They tangle very easily.

So take time every day to groom your Poodle’s coat. This is really important. Their curly coat needs careful care with a proper diet.

Bathe at least twice a month depending on your dog’s activity level and play area. This can be considered as a dog breed suitable for all conditions, especially in apartments with not too large area.

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2. Dachshund, Dachshund

The sausage dog is also known as a Dachshund. This breed has been bred a lot in our country since 2008 and is considered a fairly easy dog ​​to breed, not fussy like other foreign breeds. They originated from Germany and were the famous greyhounds of yesteryear.

Dachshund - DachshundDachshund – Dachshund

They have a short coat close to the body, less shedding, making it easy to care for and suitable for people with dog allergies. They are loyal, intelligent, but quite stubborn, they like to pamper. The price of sausages is also quite moderate from 2 to 4 million.

As for the diet, there is nothing too special. You can use cereal food or give your dog fresh food depending on its conditions and weather.

3. Basset Hound Cho

As a dog with quite a special appearance, the Basset Hound is ranked at the top of dog breeds that don’t shed or shed at all.

They have super short and body-hugging coat, very little shedding, which is why they are chosen by many families not only in Vietnam but also all over the world.

The Basset Hound has a short body, modest height, and long, deep-set ears. His eyes were downcast and he always looked sad.

They are gluttonous and inactive, so they are prone to obesity. So when you care for a Basset Hound, you need to pay attention to his nutrition and daily exercise regimen.

Basset Hound Dog CharacteristicsBasset Hound dog characteristics. internet photos

The special feature of the Basset Hound is the long ears and wrinkles on the face. Therefore, you should check and clean these 2 parts regularly to avoid possible diseases for your dog.

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4. Chihuahuas

The Chihuahua or Chi wa wa dog is known as a cute little dog that many families choose to raise. You may not know, there was a time when the Chihuahua was considered the most popular dog breed in our country.

teacup chihuahua dogTeacup chihuahua dog. internet photos

They only have a small body, the maximum weight is only 2-3 kg. Despite this, Chihuahuas are very loyal and attached to their owners. Many parents choose this breed to breed because of its short coat, which sheds less and is friendly to children.

Many parents also consider Chi huahua as their children’s childhood friend, instilling in them a love for animals from an early age.

Taking care of Chi wa wa dogs is not too difficult. The most important thing remains a balanced diet and adequate exercise. You should limit rice for dogs because they are prone to obesity due to their inactivity.

5. French Bulldog

Typically, Bulldog breeds like the French Bulldog rarely lose their hair, which is why many people choose these breeds to keep in the family. Especially the French Bull, they have a very special face with many wrinkles.

Characteristics of the French Bulldog – One of the breeds of dogs that does not shed hair

However, one thing that limits owners of this breed is that it is too expensive. To own a French bull, you have to spend tens of millions of dong.

This breed of dog is much more expensive than the Poodle, the Chiwawa… Maybe so, only you with economic capacity can care for and raise French Bull pups.

Through this article, I hope you will choose for yourself the non-shedding dog breeds that are suitable for your care conditions. Still the old saying I want to send you: “Be a responsible dog owner.”