Doberman Pinscher – Intelligent but aggressive dog breed

Doberman Pinscher - Intelligent but aggressive dog breed

The Doberman Pinscher is an aggressive dog breed that originated in Germany. This breed is known as one of the few dog breeds named after the discoverer. He is an intelligent dog but very difficult to breed. If he is trained strictly, he can become a guard dog and a professional in the military.

Dog Gentleman was created by a German named Louis Dorbermann, a tax collector in a small town in Germany. This man often has to move to remote and remote areas, so he needs a really loyal and strong watchdog.

From 1870 to 1876, he began to research and breed the dog he wanted. When he was successful, he released them to the public. Immediately, this breed very quickly won the hearts of dog lovers.

origin of the dobermanOrigin of the Doberman dog. internet photos

However, Dorbermann did not reveal the breeding formula for this breed. There have been many speculations that this breed was bred from German Pinscher, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Great Dane, Weimarane…and a few other breeds to form this breed. They inherit all the qualities of the previous races, intelligent, brave, loyal and extremely combative. After the death of Louis, this breed of dog received the official name

Doberman after the founder’s name. Later they were recognized by the German Kennel Club and became one of the four great national dogs of this country.

Later they continued to be developed by breeders in Germany. At this time, the Doberman dog breed is much more combative, brave, intelligent and healthy. Very quickly they were brought back to the US after World War II, the rest nearly extinct in Europe.

Then the US became the country with the most Doberman dog owners in the world. They are primarily bred to guard or become working dogs. It is also because of the ferocity that many countries prohibit the importation and breeding of the Doberman.

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In Vietnam, this breed is not popular, perhaps due to the aggressive and demanding training process. There have also been many unfortunate cases where Doberman dogs attack their owners or injure people.

Now after many years of development, Doberman along with some other ferocious dog breeds like Dogo, Pitbull, Rot… have been banned in many countries around the world.

Doberman Dog Characteristics

The Doberman dog has an average height of 70 cm and a maximum weight of 45 kg. They are agile, with a slender body, small legs but specially developed thighs that make them a fearsome predator.

Doberman Dog CharacteristicsDoberman Dog Characteristics

In Vietnam, Doberman dogs have 2 typical colors, brown and black. The short coat hugs the body, sheds less and is easy to care for, and sheds much less than other dog breeds.

The Doberman’s tail is long, but is often docked at birth to match the aesthetics and increase the strength of this breed. Another possible explanation is that in the process of chasing criminals, the long tail may be a weak point for the subject to grasp.

Upright ears are a characteristic feature of Doberman dogs, most of them have ears similar to other breeds but have been splinted since childhood.

That’s why when they grow up, they can be built like this. There are some dog owners who have the opinion of cutting the ears of the Doberman, but this more or less affects the health and physical or mental development of the dog.

doberman dog personality

The Doberman is the most aggressive and combative dog in the world. They can easily defeat opponents quickly.

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If not properly trained, it can become a real danger. Although aggressive, this breed is extremely loyal.

When they are raised from small, they only obey the orders of the person. When they see a threat, they always sacrifice themselves to protect their owners.

In a strict and disciplined training environment, the Doberman always excels and obeys commands.

Therefore, both the army and the police choose this breed of dog for security work. However, training a successful Doberman dog really takes a lot of time and effort.

doberman dog care

The Doberman is an active dog, so this breed’s diet also needs to be packed with nutrients. They do not suffer from specific diseases but they are not very cold tolerant, you should prepare heating devices and warm blankets to help them withstand the cold winter.

The short coat is easy to groom and does not require much cleaning. Every week you should bathe him or clean the dirt from his fur.

How to care for a doberman dogHow to care for a doberman dog. internet photos

The most important thing about Doberman dogs lies in their training and exercise regimen. They need to be exercised to expend the extra energy from food. They can run many kilometers with their owners.

Because this is an aggressive dog, it needs training from a young age. Trainers must also be extremely persistent and disciplined. If you can’t control them, the consequences are unpredictable.

If possible, you should take them to the vocational school. Here Doberman will be trained in the best way. Remember that when you take your dog out, you must put a muzzle on it to avoid unfortunate situations.

The price of having a Doberman in Vietnam is 6-8 million without papers and of course dogs with family documents, with winning parents or imported from other countries have a high price ~ thousands of dollars.