Do not belittle if the cat refuses to eat and goes to bed tired.

Do not belittle if the cat refuses to eat and goes to bed tired.

If you’ve ever raised a cat, you’re probably familiar with the days when cats stop eating and go to bed tired, not wanting to eat their favorite foods, even though they were still eating, running, and jumping normally. This will make you feel anxious, because skipping meals for a long time for 2-3 days can be life-threatening, it is very dangerous. So what makes cats stop eating and go to bed tired?

Why do cats stop eating and go to bed tired?

Finding out why your cat is refusing to eat is very important, so you can determine the cat’s current condition. In fact, there are many reasons why cats stop eating, but the two most common causes are habit or disease.

  • Cats stop eating due to psychology and habits

  • As we all know, cats are inherently animals that hate change. If your house suddenly has some strange features, such as a new person coming to play, adopting a new pet, or changing the dishes or placing them in another place, the cat will most likely feel uncomfortable, become difficult and without want to eat. If that’s the case, you can return to the same habitat and diet and continue to monitor their other behavior.

    Or because abusing the “boss” can also lead to a state of not eating. For example, if you used to feed your cat too much food in the past. However, later, for some reason, you feed them more simply, with more protein. They will get bored, stop eating, just drink water to “hit” to want you to buy better food. Therefore, in order to avoid the situation that the cat refuses to eat, anorexic, do not pamper it too much.

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    Some cats, after weaning, are only given certain foods by their owners, and often do not want to eat foreign foods afterwards either. Or sometimes choosing the wrong bowl can make it difficult for your cat to eat. Keep in mind that the food dish should be wide and deep enough so that the cat’s whiskers do not touch the sides of the dish. Keep the container clean and do not use scented detergent to clean the container.

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    In addition, psychological shock is also the reason why cats stop eating and go to bed tired, for example, if you have to be away from home for a while, or you cannot live with them, cats will feel absent and miss the family silhouette. every day. So at first they don’t feel as delicious as before. To prevent this from happening, you need to provide a scientific diet and make your cat abide by your rules.

  • Cats do not eat due to illness.

  • After trying the above methods and the cat still refuses to eat, it is best to take it to the doctor. In particular, if the cat is lethargic, crouching, anorexia, dry vomits or vomits with yellow frothy liquid, drooling, fishy-smelling drool can be a sign of leukopenia, one of the death sentences in cats. If you see that your cat presents these symptoms, take it to the vet as soon as possible so that it can be treated promptly.

    Or the cat may have worms and not have been dewormed regularly. When the worms multiply in the stomach, it will absorb all the nutrients, causing the cat to refuse to eat and lie down.

    In addition to the diseases that can be found as we listed above. Cats do not eat continuously for 24-48 hours, the excess fat in the body will be converted into energy. But maybe cats, unlike humans, can’t metabolize all the fat they have. This causes fat to accumulate and not be released in the liver, but simply stored there. It causes the liver to become fatty, which, if left untreated, can be life-threatening. Therefore, when the cat suddenly stops eating, there are signs of fatigue, it is best to monitor it and take it to the doctor immediately. Do not let this situation drag on, there may be unfortunate consequences.

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    How to take care of a tired cat lying down

    If your cat refuses to eat due to a medical condition, he or she should receive full treatment. To do so, you need to take your cat to the vet for advice and treatment as soon as possible.

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    For cats with anorexia due to habit, you must force them into a certain frame. You can take him to a doctor for advice and buy some more stimulating medicines to help your cat eat better. Or you can use some of the ways we have listed below:

    • Try giving your cat foods that he used to love.
    • Choose foods that smell attractive.
    • You can sprinkle chicken, fish on the food plate. Or a little cheese or nutritional yeast on top of the food.
    • Limit the mix of medications in your cat’s food, too many medications can overwhelm the taste of the food.
    • Feed the correct food and eat the prescribed amount. Don’t feed too many meals, eat too many times.

    Good luck!