DIY Dog Toys – How to Make Your Own Engaging Playthings for Your Pup

DIY Dog Toys How to Make Your Own Engaging Playthings for Your Pup

If your dog can rip apart every stuffed toy within 20 seconds, you may have become tired of purchasing new toys every few months. But no longer! Thanks to DIY dog toys from items already found in your home.

Example: Take that old sock that keeps coming back out in your laundry and turn it into this fun DIY toy.

1. Water Bottle Sock Toy

Have a tennis ball and socks (or two pairs) lying around? One of the easiest DIY dog toys you can create is by stuffing one sock with the ball and tying both ends close to its base. This adds gripping ability for tug-of-war games while providing soft chew toy for your pup!

Sock-stuffed plush toys are another good solution for dogs that don’t destroy their toys immediately, and make an ideal way to recycle old tees. Just grab an old sock, fill it with stuffing (if your pup likes that sort of thing) and tie the end closed before tossing it around for play with your pup!

2. T-Shirt Rope Toy

Are you frustrated by a dog that loves ripping apart his toys in minutes? If that is the case for you, frequent visits to a toy graveyard and unnecessary spending on replacement toys might become necessary. But with some creativity you can create engaging playthings for your pup from things already present around the home!

With My Camera has provided an easy DIY t-shirt rope toy made out of old cotton t-shirts and fabric scissors – everything needed for creating it is right here! For maximum visual interest, pick out some with distinct designs – but not too worn ones – for best results.

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Cut your shirt along the seam, creating 9 to 12 braids from it. After all of your braids have been tied together, fit a tennis ball into one end of one braid and secure with a knot to form an engaging tug-of-war toy!

3. Tennis Ball Toss Toy

DIY cognitive toys not only save money, but can be tailored specifically to your dog’s playstyle and size. For instance, creating a flirt pole could be accomplished using PVC pipe and bungee rope or even using an old T-shirt and tennis ball (see this Hometalk tutorial for help). Be sure to supervise when giving any homemade toys to your pup for play time as well as inspect regularly for wear and tear or damages before discarding.

If you have a spare sock (and a dog who likes to chew), creating this DIY toy in under half an hour should be simple! Cut a hole on the toe-side of a full length sock, place a tennis ball inside it, tie the ends together, and your new toy is ready for play! Your furry friend can enjoy tug-of-war or fetch with their new homemade toy while stuffing the tennis ball can increase difficulty for them and test their problem-solving abilities!

4. Dog Pupsicle

DIY cognitive dog toys can be easy and economical solutions for pet parents looking for educational toys for their pups. Not only can it use up old clothing that no longer fits, but it’s a great way to recycle what your pup has outgrown!

Craft a fun yet easy project for your dog by crafting them a bone-shaped toy from an old shirt! Begin by cutting along its seam and creating one long piece of fabric, before cutting vertical strips along its bottom at 2-inch intervals and tying them in a braid – it should stand up well against chewers – then tie this braided bone as play goes on! For safety’s sake, make sure you supervise play.

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If your pup loves chasing and chewing toys, the flirt pole may be just what he or she needs. Easy enough for beginners to create, the flirt pole requires heavy-duty fabric like denim for best results. Be sure to supervise play time with all toys regularly while inspecting for signs of wear or damage.

5. Ice Cubes

Pet stores sell fillable chew toys, treat-dispensing puzzle games, and more, but you can easily make your own at home for much less money. DIY dog toys are simple to create using items you likely already have around the house.

An inexpensive tennis ball and sock combination can serve as both an enrichment tool and plaything for dogs. Simply stuff one inside of an old sock, tie its ends tightly around it, and tie a knot close to the ball; your new toy can then be played tug of war with.

Permacrafters offers another amazing upcycled toy: a denim chew toy! Power chewers and thrift shop shoppers alike will adore this no-sew DIY dog toy made of jeans and towel strips that can be braided or knotted together into braids for your dog to play with – creating an affordable and durable chew toy that your pup will adore! Test different combinations until your design attracts them best.