DIY Dog Toys – How to Make Your Own Engaging Playthings for Your Pup

DIY Dog Toys How to Make Your Own Engaging Playthings for Your Pup

DIY dog toys can be an economical and engaging way to save money and stimulate engagement in your pup. Just be sure you understand his or her chewing style to avoid creating toys which could quickly become destroyed!

Romp Rescue’s Fox Tail-style toy should withstand even your dog’s most strenuous chewing efforts! Plus, it makes an excellent present idea!

1. T-shirt Rope Toy

Permacrafters has provided a straightforward tutorial on Instagram for making this DIY tug toy for your pup from three old cotton or poly-blend t-shirts that match in color, scissors and of course your pup to play with it!

Make a durable toy by cutting two to three-inch wide strips from the bottom seam of each shirt, ripping along those cuts, then braiding together without sewing! Thicker strips create more durable toys. Your pup can play tug with this toy or attach a tennis ball for fetching fun!

Your toy should also serve as an outlet for energy release for your pup, but be wary if he or she is an aggressive chewer who might shred it beyond usability. As with any homemade toy, inspect it regularly for signs of wear and tear and provide new toys with several days of supervised play before allowing your dog to freely play with them; any loose fibers could potentially cause intestinal obstruction if swallowed; this caution must also apply when playing with rope toys if your pup is an avid chewer.

2. Tennis Ball Toy

Though there are plenty of great treat puzzles and brain games for your pup to play with, you can create your own engaging toys at home for much less cost. Utilizing old fabric and tennis balls, YouTube channel eHowPets offers this DIY toy as a source of entertainment and cognitive enrichment. Easy construction using thick strips of fabric braided around a tennis ball provides both entertainment and cognitive enrichment when played with. When playtime arrives it makes an ideal tug-of-war or rolling toy that you can also reload with treats to add even more engagement when engaging your pup can play out its life span!

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Make this DIY dog toy with just one tennis ball and some old T-shirts or knit fabric scraps to keep your pup engaged and amused for hours! Add an irresistibly fun fox tail squeaker that you sew yourself or find at Goodwill to complete the toy and extend its play value even more!

This DIY toy is ideal for dogs who like to chew things. Instead of chewing up furniture or paws, they can enjoy this muffin tin puzzle filled with treats or kibble – providing both physical activity and helping control nipping and biting tendencies. Additionally, this toy provides safe play opportunities when teething puppies explore their environment; providing them with a fun way to engage in play!

3. Pupsicle

Puzzle feeders and interactive toys can be an invaluable source of entertainment for dogs that tend to chew through and shred their old toys, but if you don’t feel like spending an exorbitant sum on their amusement, why not make these DIY dog toys which will keep them busy without breaking the bank?

Make a tug-able toy for your pup from fabric strips cut from an old T-shirt (or pair of flannel pajamas!) that smell like you and pass them through the middle of a tennis ball. Add in their favorite treat as an additional incentive.

For something a bit more durable, this technique can also be used to make an adorable puppy frisbee out of an empty plastic bottle. Simply cut a hole at the top of the bottle, fill it with treats, then secure its end with duct tape.

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Make a fun food puzzle for your puppy using an empty plastic container from restaurants or yogurt bars, fill it with their favorite snacks, and watch them carefully try to unroll the container – this may get messy quickly so make sure they do it outside or on hard floors!

4. Plastic Bottle Toy

Fancy dog toys and puzzle feeders can be costly investments, but many items can be created from materials already around your home. By using old tennis balls, fabric strips, and other supplies as building materials for DIY toys that keep your pup engaged, you can create fun activities to engage them.

Turn a water bottle or any other plastic container that can be sealed shut into an engaging toy for your dog to paw at and roll around for hours of fun! Start by taking out the cap (it poses a choking risk), cutting a small piece from one sock’s toe and wrapping it over the bottle top, trimming off excess fabric as necessary and taping or gluing in place – then add another piece to form their head – you’re finished.

Add extra fun by hiding treats inside a bottle for your dog to work at extracting from. Crinkling noises as well as scent of their favorite food will be sure to attract their interest – perfect for helping teething puppies!