DIY Dog Toys – Engaging Playthings for Your Pup

Even the most energetic pups can become bored quickly, which makes enrichment essential to their mental and physical wellbeing. Here are a few DIY projects to keep your canine engaged for extended play sessions using materials you likely already have at home.

1. Tennis Ball and Fabric Braided Toys

If your pup has an active mouth and regularly destroys toys, it may seem as though money is constantly draining away. But there is an easy way to provide him with something fun without spending anything! Here’s the lowdown: Give your chomper something new without breaking the bank!

Create this fox tail-inspired toy for your pup using a tennis ball and an old tee shirt cut down its seams to form long fabric strips. Braid these fabric strips together before tying knots around it around the ball for playtime!

This interactive toy is a treat-dispensing puzzle designed to stimulate your dog’s natural foraging instincts and reward him or her with treats from either your pantry or freezer.

2. T-Shirt Rope Toy

Are you tired of buying toys that your pup destroys almost immediately? Try upcycling some old cotton T-shirts into rope toys using this no-sew DIY project from With My Camera; your pup will soon have something new and fun in no time at all.

Create your own homemade tug toy from fleece for maximum mental and physical stimulation for your pup! This quick and straightforward project will provide both mental and physical stimulation.

An old sock can make an easy tug toy for your pup, while Daily Dog Tag’s DIY tennis ball puzzle provides more challenging enrichment playtime for your canine friend. Just make sure that when introducing any new toys that they are under close supervision so that any wear-and-tear damage is minimised; over time chewing will only soften its material more.

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3. Octopus Toy

Hometalk’s DIY Puzzle Toy is sure to become your pup’s new best pal! This piece includes cotton ring legs, a squeaker and bell. Your pup is sure to love playing with this toy!

Grab some old, well-loved t-shirts to use in this craft project. Cut the bottoms of each shirt at least 4.5″ wide before cutting narrow strips from this and braiding them together into braided braids to form an octopus shape with wide arms and narrow tentacles – ideal for power chewers! Once assembled, ensure any loose parts don’t cause choking hazards during play – and be mindful when offering any treats or stuffing it with treats! Be sure to supervise pet play to ensure any parts come loose that could pose risks during play – avoid giving any treats that could cause hazards!

4. Sweet Potato Tug Toy

Make an engaging tug toy for your pup that will keep him busy while providing something he can chew on – simply by using an old T-shirt or jute rope with some sweet potatoes (or yams) cut into rings!

This project is another great upcycling opportunity, using materials that may otherwise end up in the trash. For dogs who love chewing toys, thicker fabrics and longer strips may help strengthen it more.

Rather than giving in to their tendency of ripping everything apart, why not give Hands Occupied’s DIY rope ball surprise toy with treats hidden inside instead? Not only is this an enjoyable interactive toy but it will help improve focus and mental acuity for both you and your pup as they play with this treat-filled toy? Be sure to supervise them while playing!

5. Sock Pull Toy

DIY toys for dogs who love to chew are an easy solution! Take an old pair of socks (either from your closet, or purchased at Goodwill at an extremely reduced price) and roll it into a donut shape, tying several knots in the fabric as desired, before handing over for chewing fun!

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Another easy toy to create is a braided rope toy, with Permacrafters offering an Instagram tutorial for this task. Additionally, an old tennis ball and fabric strips will be required.

6. Fox Tail-Type Toy

If your pup loves chewing rope toys, this DIY project could be perfect. Simply combine an old pair of jeans or long piece of cloth that can be cut into strips with some rope for this toy to become an instant hit! Durability may depend on both how powerful your dog is as well as the thickness of fabric used.

This project is ideal for anyone who doesn’t enjoy sewing. By using old T-shirts and flannel pajamas that smell of you, this project helps familiarize your new pup with your scents.

This fun toy will keep your pup busy chasing it around the house or backyard for hours on end, helping burn off excess energy before bedtime.

7. Plastic Bottle Toy

Many of us keep empty water bottles around to provide our pups with something satisfyingly crunchable to chew on. Add in Kunin Felt, and this becomes an interactive toy that challenges dogs while also rewarding them with treats as they push and spin the bottle around.

This DIY coronavirus lockdown project can keep your pup entertained while still allowing him/her to get out and play! Plus it’s completely free and uses items likely already present at home!

Make the toy more chewable and enjoyable for your pup by wrapping an empty plastic water bottle in an old sock, giving your dog something that makes a crinkly noise when chewed on, while helping maintain their grip with this quick and easy toy designed for both power chewers and those with less destructive teeth. This solution makes the ideal quick play toy solution!