Dachshund | dog sausage

Dachshund |  dog sausage

Dachshund Dog – or Sausage Dog, Dachshund, Tacken is an intelligent pet dog with a body that couldn’t be more special. There is no other breed of dog whose body is as long and round as a sausage, and its legs short and short as a hamburger.

The sausage originated in faraway Germany. They were bred to serve people hunting at that time. No one believes that such a dwarf dog can drive even large animals such as wild boar, deer… Depending on the size of the body, they are used to hunt prey such as.

The Dachshund and Dachshund were created by crossing the Braque and Pinscher breeds. When raised, they have a medium body, short legs, and are aggressive.

After many centuries they were added from the genes of Basset Hounds, their shape was more perfect and shaped today. They become effective partners of humans in hunting.

Dachshund |  dog sausage |  hot dogDachshund | dog sausage | hot dog

Origin of the “born” dachshund | Hot dog

From the first moment they were born, the Germans wanted their dogs to be brave and good at hunting. Long-legged, round and elongated body.

The dachshund easily kills its prey right in the burrow. Upon discovering a badger or rabbit hole, they will immediately destroy it and return the loot to the owner.

Sharp teeth and strong legs also help Sausage to hunt larger game such as wild boar or deer.

However, until the early years of the 18th century, dachshunds were kept in the home for the purpose of pets, from this period they were bred and smaller in shape than the previous generation, despite their size they are somewhat modest in size but still retaining the strength of their ancestors. Ready to rush at the enemy when in danger.

origin of the dachshund, dachshundOrigin of the dachshund, sausage

When imported to the US, the dachshund won the love of many dog ​​lovers and quickly became the most widely bred dog breed in this period.

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Through many wars and historical periods, Dachshund dogs still thrive in America and European countries. Not only is it a pet dog in the family, but the dachshund is also used again in many wild animal manhunts.

Characteristics of the Dachshund – Dachshund

The Sausage is one of the medium-sized dog breeds that come in standard and mini sizes. In the standard size, the Sausages weigh up to 15 kg if they eat and sleep, while the Mini line only reaches a maximum of 5 kg.

Dwarves have the price of dwarves

Although they are called dwarfs, on the contrary, pepperoni are very energetic, active and agile. Appearance alone is unacceptable. Like a hot dog sandwich.

The body is long, the bust is wide, the waist is slim – the right beauty, but each leg is short to the armpit ^^!. The body is slow, but it likes to run and jump, lively and destructive. The feet are big and paddle-shaped, digging in the ground to find worms for SEN to fish for is great. The strong and long tail is painful.

Characteristics of dachshunds and dachshundsCharacteristics of dachshunds and dachshunds

Small slender head, long muzzle, strong teeth, jaw muscles that can be folded quickly and strongly. The ears are large, long, drooping on either side of the cheeks. Short straight hair. Common coat colors are reddish brown or ocher. Currently, with the introduction of many breeds of dogs, more dachshunds are bred, so the coat color is also more diverse, even having different long hair from the ancestors. However, this is a breed of dog that is not very common in Vietnam.

The “weird” in the personality of the Dachshund-Dachshund

Although, small but muddy. Dachshunds are fearless, tenacious and courageous, always defending their territory and ready to protect their owners when threatened.

Most owners of this breed choose to raise them from a young age to train their character and train them to be more friendly.

In addition to their hot temper, stubbornness, dachshunds are also especially cunning, they like to dig, so when they see some den, they begin to return to their ancestral nature. So if you have a mouse in your house, your ears will be deaf for a long time. @@!

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Dog breed personality Dachshund - Dachshund - DachshundPersonality of the dog breed Sausage – Sausage – Dachshund

How much is the dachshund?

To breed 1 baby sausage, you only need to spend 2-4 million. This is quite cheap price and suitable for low income dog owners like in Vietnam. Unlike other dog breeds like Corgi, Akita, etc., the imported dachshund in Thailand is only 6-8 million. And ~10 million with dogs imported from European countries- Their homeland.

How to care for a dachshund?

Since childhood:

  • You should choose dogs that are between 2 and 3 months old to ensure health and fitness when caring for them.
  • Don’t let the puppy eat too much during this time, you should divide the time into 3 meals to train the puppy’s habit at this time.
  • The diet of the puppies is very varied: Like milk with seeds, rice flour, minced meat, ground meat or animal organs…
  • Note: The dog should be allowed to eat cooked and dry foods should be avoided as they are good for their digestive system. It is necessary to dose a sufficient amount of dog food, avoid excess that causes rancidity of the food.

Dachshund - DachshundDachshund – Dachshund

  • Eat at the right time, at the right time.
  • At half a year, it should be supplemented with fresh meat for dogs such as beef, this will help dogs grow healthier. You can be sure that dogs are not like humans, their nature is to survive in the natural environment, so eating raw meat is very necessary.

Note: When picking up your dog, you must vaccinate and deworm your dog periodically.

mature stage:

  • Reduce your dog’s meals. Reduce the quantity but increase the quality, the food must be full of nutrients, because at this stage the dog needs more physical exercise.
  • During this period, if your dog needs more exercise to avoid obesity.
  • Increase fiber and nutrition with food. If you choose organ meats, you must cook them to avoid chance in food. Very dangerous.

For the future health of our BOSS children ^^

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