Corgi Dog – Super Cute Poodles Everyone Loves

Ngoại hình của chó Corgi.

corgis Super cute everyone loves and wishes to own one. Their only obstacle is the high cost while it can reach around 10 million. If you keep hybrid corgis, they may not look as good as purebreds. Either way, you should learn a little more about this line before looking for a pet.

Origin of Corgi

According to many sources, they are up to 3000 years old and originated in Wales. The primary purpose of this dog breed was as a herding dog. Their presence helps prevent livestock from wandering away from the herd and possibly losing or being attacked by wolves and predators. Many people will be surprised why this dwarf dog breed is preferred over other breeds. The reason is quite simple that the small size will avoid eating cattle rear kicks. Stepping on the mouth will only break the dog’s mouth.

The Corgi was bred by the Queen of England.The Corgi was bred by the Queen of England.

The long origin of the Corgi may be a cross between a Swedish dwarf dog breed called Vallhunds. At a glance, they are quite similar in makeup, physique, and a bit of a head. However, he doesn’t seem to be kind compared to today’s corgis. This line of dogs shares the same ancestry with Alaskan, Husky, Samoyed… so they all have nice smooth hair, guys.

In addition to the name Corgi, we are also known by other names such as Welsh pembroke corgi, Welsh corgi.

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Characteristics of the Corgi Dog

Their beautiful appearance combined with their long silky coat and short tail wins them the hearts of their owners. This is why we can see that if we have to choose between companion dogs, the corgi is the most chosen.


The most important is always the cute and funny appearance with a long body and short legs. Create a cute and cute dog line in the style of a pet dog. Although they are herding dogs, they are not aggressive. The beautiful appearance conquers most owners when choosing their own line of companion dogs.

Corgi dog appearance.Corgi dog appearance.

Not only that, the highlight is also in his short tail. Owners eventually create different hair styles with this tail. In which the heart-shaped hairstyle is the most popular and beautiful for users.

weight size

The most common height is 25 to 30 cm from the foot to the tip of the dog’s ears. Comes with quite light weight when only around 10-13 kg. Due to their voracious appetite, if they are not careful, they will become obese. At this time, the weight can go up to 20kg which is not good for the dog when it is imperative to reduce its diet or exercise.

face head

With 2 large upright ears and a pretty face, he is easy to recognize. At first glance, they look like foxes. The muzzle and nose area usually has white hairs on the front of the dog. Big round eyes, smart feeling when ranked 11th smartest dog in the world.

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Puppy corgi dog.Puppy corgi dog.


It is often thought that corgis do not have tails. In fact, this is not the case when their tails are usually around 2-5cm long. Any longer than that will not be recognized as a purebred by AKC or FCI standards. There are even people who see the long tail, so they cut off the tail to bring beauty to the dog. However, this is inhumane and often happens in Vietnam. The situation is similar for the Hmong cuckoo or mystic in Phu Quoc. We also amputate the tail or we amputate the feline as soon as the dog is born.

Corgi Dog Personality

Because they are descended from herding dogs, they are quite active and agile. Their favorite target is moving objects, so it can be seen that most photos of this breed are of dancing activity. However, they are also very friendly with owners and are an affectionate breed with owners. Always follow the owner wherever he goes.

Corgi dog expressionsCorgi dog expressions

Moreover, they are also quite intelligent dogs when they can be trained very well with basic commands. Ranked 11th among the smartest canine bloodlines in the world, and Malinois is only ranked 25th.

Although they are so friendly, they should also be in contact with animals and humans often. Only then can they limit their wild instincts to avoid unnecessary accidents.

How much do corgi dogs cost?

This is a line of Western dogs, so the price will be high, bro. Especially purebred corgi dogs, the price of a few dozen bottles is normal. For domestic individuals, the common price is between 8 and 10 million. With hybrid dogs, the price can be cheaper. However, their cuteness is also reduced as they have been crossed with other dog lines.

If possible, buy purebred Welsh corgis overseas. Full of extremely high purity FCI papers. However, their prices will definitely be higher than usual. So be mentally and financially prepared when you learn more about this dog breed.

The price of the Corgi dog is affected by what factors?

Like many other dog breeds, Western dogs are most affected in price by original sadness, color, size…

  • The higher the standard, the higher the price when the dog imported from the west has the highest price with FCI paper, followed by the dog from Thailand, and finally, the dog from Vietnam and the hybrid breed.
  • Some colors cost more than others. Cheapest is yellow, most expensive are blue and green colors
  • The sex of the dog also affects the price of the Corgi. The price of children is a little higher because they are prioritized for breeding and economic purposes.

What do corgis eat?

Just like other dog breeds and canines, they eat quite well. On the one hand because they are companion dogs, and on the other hand their prices are high, so we must also pay attention to their food. I can’t eat randomly like grass dogs. I’ve lost tens of millions of dollars playing like a game. Here are this Welsh corgi’s popular foods.

Corgi dog food can choose grain-based foods.Corgi dog food can choose grain-based foods.

  • Breast milk is their only food if available from the first month to 40-45 days. Alternatively, can replace specialized puppy milk.
  • Porridge with minced meat and vegetables is both soft and provides enough nutrients. Do not give too much, but divide it into meals.
  • Grain foods should be soaked to soften so they can be easily digested.
  • Fruits and tubers of all kinds to supplement fiber and vitamins.
  • Giving milk is also possible when giving 200-300ml of milk is best.
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Details of dog food for corgi see here.

Where to buy Corgi puppies?

Customers should look to pet stores for the best purebred corgi dogs. There are complete documents VKA, FCI, as well as chips in the body of the dog. Thus, ensuring that weed dogs and dogs of unknown origin are avoided. Limit online shopping on Facebook, cheap because most of the above stuff is full of bullshit. So don’t expect to buy 1 million corgi or 3-4 million but to have good products. will continue to update the reputable corgi dog addresses below.

Corgi Dog FAQs For Those Interested

Here are some quick questions about this wonderful breed of dog. Added a bit more knowledge for those looking to buy.

Do corgis have tails?

They have a tail but are quite short, almost invisible, only about 2-5cm long. Some people even cut off their tails to hide their hybridization. There is a long tail corgi line which is the Cardigan line and the Pembroke corgi line is almost as short as the above.

Do corgis shed their hair?

Of course, any breed of dog can molt. They molt every year 1-2 times before estrus. Because they have long hair related to Husky, Alaskan, Samoyed…so owners should also take them to the spa for washing, hair and nail trimming. The cost is around 200-500 thousand, so it’s quite expensive, guys. Going about 4 times a month lost 2 radishes.

Corgi dogs have 2 types of long tails and short tails.Corgi dogs have 2 types of long tails and short tails.

How many months does a corgi breed?

This dwarf dog breed resembles the vast majority of other canine lines when it is around 8-9 months old and can breed. However, this is usually the first time they are left out so they can fully develop their bodies. They will fall back in about 2 to 5 months depending on the individual.

How many puppies do corgis have?

Pregnancy ranges from 57 to 63 days until the onset of childbirth. When the female dog is 30-35 days old, she begins to see a bigger belly than usual. When about 48-55 days, you can see the sprouts with milk. The number from 1 to 9 depends on different nutrition as well as genetics.

Are corgis easy to breed?

Generally, they are fairly easy to raise when the food is not too picky. To ensure safety to avoid getting sick, nut foods are better. Accompanied by adding fish meat, milk eggs for them. The most important thing is to make sure the temperature is not too high, lest they easily get heatstroke because they come from cold countries.

How much does a corgi dog weigh?

As the information above, they only weigh about 10-13 kg, which is the most common and standard. If they weigh around 15 to 20 kg, they may be obese and need to reduce their diet and exercise more. Obesity is a common disease in corgi dogs as they are quite voracious.

Corgi dogs are not too heavy and are among the top 20 intelligent dog lines.Corgi dogs are not too heavy and are among the top 20 intelligent dog lines.

How many types of corgis are there?

They have 2 main types, Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis are the most popular. They are now recognized as two separate species by the FCI. Previously, they did not have this concept and were always classified in the same category.

How many years do corgis live?

They live 10 to 14 years like other dogs. Each age of the dog is divided into several age groups in humans. For example, with a 2 month old puppy, they are equivalent to 14 months of human age. However, when they reach 6 months, they correspond to 5 years of human age. When the dog turns 14, the human age will be around 84.

Are corgis smart?

They are in the top 11 rankings of the smartest dog breeds in the world. See detailed rankings here.

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