Corgi Dog Heart Butt: Characteristics – How to take care of it – How much?

Chó Corgi có tính tình hiền lành

If once you can admire the Heart-Butt Corgi’s adorable jaw-dropping moments, you will surely be “fascinated” and immediately want to buy one to take home. Let learn interesting things from the cutest dog in the world.

Corgi Dog Name Meaning

Before owning your own Corgi, you should have some basic information about this breed:

  • Corgis are said to have the same shape as their name, with “gi” meaning dog and “cor” meaning short, it’s because of that cute “short” appearance that can always give itself a feeling The feeling of wanting to be cared for, cherished and protected.
  • Corgis have an erect, short tail, upright, upturned ears with pointed triangles, and a slender, fox-like snout.
  • The highlight on the face is the large round eyes that impress the opposite person from the first time, as well as the black nose and the charming little mouth.
  • This breed has a big round ass and a long back, very similar to a dachshund.
  • The corgi’s coat consists of 2 layers, the outer layer is long and hard, and it is waterproof. Soft, thin and thick inner layers alternate with outer layers to keep warm and curl.
  • The coat has a variety of colors, mainly white yellow, black white, black orange…

a cute corgi in the shape of a hearta cute corgi in the shape of a heart

Origin of the Heart-Butt Corgi Dog Breed

Although the appearance is quite modest in size, in fact the Corgis are closely related to the Alaskan, Husky, Samoyed, Pomeranian, … the Land of Snows.

Appeared about 3000 years ago, they were originally only one species. It was not until the 10th century that the corgi began to appear in Pembrokeshire as the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and gradually became popular.

Although the two versions are similar in appearance, the Pembroke Corgi is larger and has shorter legs than the original Corgi.

However, the easiest way to identify people still using it is by the tail, the Pembroke has an extremely short and extremely small tail.

Corgi dogs are small, but they react very quicklyCorgi dogs are small, but they react very quickly

In the past, corgis were trained to watch and track other cattle farm animals. With an intelligent, agile nature and short stature, Corgi can completely dodge a direct kick from a large bull.

Corgis were not considered pets until Queen Victoria and Elizabeth in the 16th century. Perhaps that’s why they became more famous for being pampered by the Queen.

In Vietnam, the difference in climate is a huge obstacle, which only caused the heart-shaped dog to appear in 2010.

Core Corgi Dog Personality Characteristics

Corgis are very docile, loyal and always follow their owners. They are absolutely obedient and intelligent in nature, they are also easier to raise.

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If you really love corgis, you need to spend some time playing with them every day. Corgis are sometimes overwhelmed in activity as they have a habit of biting children’s feet while playing. Although the bites are not serious, because they know they are joking, but parents should also be careful.

Corgi dogs have a gentle dispositionCorgi dogs have a gentle disposition

The habitat of the Corgi breed.

When it comes to weather, corgis are adapted to live in a variety of climates. However, with a tropical climate like Vietnam, it is more or less difficult to take care of it.

In the summer, the dog’s coat is usually shed to cool off and change coat. Therefore, you should place the cage in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

How to Care for a Corgi with a Heart

With their hyperactivity and high activity frequency, the Corgi breed needs proper nutrition and health care.

Food for the Corgi breed.

Depending on the age and state of health of each child, the diet will be different. However, they basically need to be provided with the following nutrients:


Protein-rich foods: beef, chicken, fish… Never give your corgi too much fat. Corgis should only eat lean meat at each meal.

In addition to fish meat, protein is also an important nutrient commonly found in organ meats and duck eggs, etc.

Vitamins and fiber

To keep your dog’s coat soft and his eyes bright, you need to feed him vegetables and fruits.

As mentioned above, heart dog is very easy to eat. Whether fruits or vegetables, just puree them and mix them with the main food.

Corgis can only eat porridge, dry foods soaked in warm milk, and other mushy foods for 1-2 months after birth.

If they must stray away from breast milk, eat 4-5 or more meals a day.

Older corgi puppies from 3 to 6 months old can start eating soft, cooked foods such as fish, shrimp, flour, grains, etc. By the time the puppy is 6 months old, it is an adult and can eat anything.

However, farmers must ensure nutritional balance and increase portion sizes at each meal to maintain optimal health.

The corgi at heart is easy to feedThe corgi at heart is easy to feed

Notes when caring for Corgi dogs.

– The corgi’s sleeping area and breeding environment should be well ventilated and clean. In summer, actively cool them to avoid heat stroke.

– Too hot weather will make corgi dogs prone to hair loss, at this time, the dog’s coat should be trimmed regularly to cool the dog’s body. However, baths should not be frequent. Especially during the breeding period, bathing only when really necessary, on average 1-2 times a week, is suitable.

– Instead of keeping your dog in a familiar place at home, walk it and exercise it every day.

– Even if you do not bathe regularly, important parts such as the eyes, nose, mouth, ears… should still be carefully cleaned every day.

Common Diseases in Corgi Butt Heart

To raise a healthy corgi dog, you must also be aware of some of the diseases that this dog often suffers from.

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The average lifespan of a corgi is around 12 years.

In the breeding process, it is necessary to note the risks that can reduce their lifespan such as: intestinal diseases, obesity, eye diseases…

The body structure of the Corgi is not as balanced and harmonious as that of other dog breeds, with a rather long spine and 4 short legs. Thus, if they exercise too much, they may suffer from spinal pain.

It is advisable to take the dog to a reputable place for periodic examination and treatment, vaccination against disease, deworming, etc.

Take them for regular checkupsTake them for regular checkups

The Cutest Corgi Hybrids

With its long back, short legs and unmistakably big ass, the Corgi is still very recognizable even when crossed with any breed of dog.

Husky hybrid Corgi dog breed

When crossing a corgis with a husky, the husky’s ski instinct disappeared. In exchange, a new breed of dog with short blue eyes will be created.

In general, these two breeds look more like huskies when crossed, except the long legs have disappeared and become shorter and shorter.

Corgi Huskies are very stubborn. They like to play with things, run around and explore the world around them

corgi lay huskycorgi lay husky

Alaskan Corgi breed

Alaskans or Huskies are large, well-proportioned snow dogs. This breed has an extraordinary physical background.

When traveling through Alaska with a corgi, they are a super cute and fun dog.

lay alaska corgilay alaska corgi

Japanese Corgi hybrid dog

The Japanese dog belongs to the royal breed, has a long history, an extremely compact and well-proportioned body. When a Corgi is crossed with a Japanese dog, it produces offspring that inherit important traits in life from its parents.

Basically, they all have pointed mouths, short legs, and characteristic long coats.

Japanese Hybrid CorgiJapanese Hybrid Corgi

Moreover, Corgis dogs can also be crossed with many other dog breeds such as German Begie dogs, Chihuahua, etc.

How much is the cheapest Corgi dog at heart? Where did you buy it

Depending on age, state of health, color, purity, origin, Corgi has different prices.

Domestic breeding

Corgis are becoming more and more popular in Vietnam as people often like to buy small and cute ones.

Due to climatic conditions, the number of Corgis bred in the country is extremely limited.

To be able to breed a native Corgi dog, customers have to spend between 15 and 22 million VND.

At this price, students or low-income people will hardly be able to afford it.

Imported from Europe

This corgi is guaranteed to be a purebred and is always the top choice of professional dog owners.

Imported European eagles currently on the market can range from $2,500 to $3,500, depending on the quality of each person’s pedigree. All have full FCI and import documents.

Imported from Thailand

For those with a decent income, if they cannot afford a purebred European Corgi, the Corgi imported from Thailand is not a bad choice.

Queen of England corgi dogQueen of England corgi dog

In Thailand, Corgi dogs are divided into 2 lines.

  • The average price of 2 lines including: FCI Paperless Series is around 23 – 33 million per child.
  • Lines with FCI papers and full certifications cost approx. 34 – 51 million won depending on the quality.

You can easily find this heart-shaped short-legged dog at any pet store in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Above is an article that summarizes all the information about the breed corgis known to be kind and charming. Hope, can provide readers with useful knowledge.