Chihuahua dog breed – What is the price of the chihuahua dog in Vietnam?

Chihuahua dog breed - What is the price of the chihuahua dog in Vietnam?

The Chihuahua is considered a breed of pet dog that originated in the Americas, specifically in Mexico. Known as the smallest dog breed in the world and known to Chinese dog lovers. Only later was it introduced to Europe and widely bred to this day.

The Chihuahua is a breed of small dog named after the place where explorers discovered their land.

The Indians also thought that the breed was associated with the gods. Although they only weigh 1.3 kg, they love to run and play. Chihuahuas are sometimes very aggressive.

chihuahua dog breedChihuahua dog breed. internet photos

Characteristics of the Chihuahua dog

This breed is extremely small and has a short muzzle. Large round eyes are the main characteristic of this breed, the color of the eyes varies with black or dark red.

The ears are set high and as big as the face, which looks very funny. The body of a Chihuahua is longer than it is tall. The often curved tail makes them balance on the body.

Chihuahuas come in two breeds, short-haired and long-haired. Mainly the Vietnamese are short-haired dogs. The most common coat color is yellow or chestnut.

In addition to these 2 colors, Chihuahuas also have many other colors or mixtures of many different colors. They are all recognized. They are very mischievous and hyperactive.

Chihuahua personality traits

Chihuahuas are very loyal, they love to be taken care of and they become friends with their owners. This breed is always attached to its owner and demands attention in return.

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They are small, so each movement is very light and agile. Chihuahuas have highly developed hearing, are intelligent, and extremely loyal.

What is special about the personality of this breed is that sometimes Chihuahuas feel jealous when their owners do not take full care of them.

Characteristics of the Chihuahua dogCharacteristics of the chihuahua dog. internet photos

Around strangers, this breed is extremely alert. They bark and signal strangers to their owners. With young children, they feel uncomfortable being teased and may lash out when the teasing level is too much.

Be careful when having a Chihuahua in a home with children.

To train the Chihuahua breed requires a high level of perseverance on the part of the owner. They bark a lot and are persistent. This can cause problems for the breeder.

Common Health Problems with Chihuahuas

The short, slightly flat nose makes it difficult for them to breathe, when breathing often produces a hissing sound. Big eyes facilitate inflammation or eye-related diseases.

They do not tolerate too cold air, so they need to be cared for and warm enough when winter comes. Do not feed chocolate or other industrially produced human foods.

Obesity is a phenomenon that should be avoided in this breed. Owners being too busy to walk them is also considered a cause of obesity.

Obese dogs often face dangerous heart disease or shorten the dog’s life very quickly. A diet limited in starches and fats is also considered essential for this breed.

In addition to the diseases mentioned above, Chihuahua dogs also face many other diseases such as bone and joint diseases or skin diseases.

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The price of chihuahua dogs in Vietnam

In Vietnam, Chihuahua dogs have an average price of 1 million to 2 million. They mix with other breeds and are not purebred.

Characteristics of the Chihuahua dogCharacteristics of the chihuahua dog. internet photos

Children of 3 to 5 million are raised in the family or as pet dogs for sale. Sometimes there are also dogs imported from China that are very popular.

Those that are more expensive up to 10 million are usually dogs imported from countries where the dog breeding industry is developed, such as Thailand or European countries.

They are transported back to the country and carry rich genes. This means that the price of these babies is not cheap.

Dogs with prices of up to thousands of dollars are imported from Europe and Western countries guaranteed in all aspects from breed to 100% thoroughbred. These children have full pedigree certificates and are equipped with a tracking chip. There are even Chihuahuas that have won important prizes in the famous dog show competitions.