Chartreux breed cat – Characteristics, character and price of the Chartreux cat

Chartreux breed cat - Characteristics, character and price of the Chartreux cat

The Chartreux cat is one of many beautiful cat breeds and is sought after by many cat lovers around the world. The Chartreux cat has many distinctive features. Let’s find out together with the Dog and Cat Love Blog.

The Chartreux cat is quite intelligent and perfect when it comes to hunting mice, being intelligent and making good friends with people. In addition to agility and intelligence, Chartreux also contains a deadly beauty that is hard to resist.

The origin of the Chartreux cat

Known as a cat breed from France, the original origin of this cat breed is still unclear. Many people believe that the true origin of the Chartreux cat is in remote Syria. According to many sources, the first Chartreux cat was brought to France in the 13th century.

Chartreux cats were associated with the crusaders who took refuge in alpine monasteries, where they kept the brought Chartreux cats. The name of the Chartreux cat is also named after the famous Grande Chartreuse monastery at the time.

Origin of the Chartreux catOrigin of the Chartreux cat. internet photos

As the Chartreux cat became better known through stories, the breed began to gain people’s attention but in a negative way. The Chartreux cat was hunted for its beautiful fur. Over the years, the number of Chartreux cats is very small. Until the end of the First World War. They just started breeding and breeding more Chartreux cats.

Until World War II, France faced many losses and casualties. Along with that, the number of Chartreux cats is declining, even leading to extinction. Realizing the urgency of preserving cat breeds, many scientists have bred and bred the Chartreux cat by crossing with British Shorthairs, Persians, and other cat breeds.

The number of Chartreux cats also increased significantly rapidly. This breed of cats quickly honed their skills, with intelligence, agility, and top-notch mouse-hunting instincts. The Chartreux cat breed gradually appeared in families in France.

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In 1970, the United States imported this French cat breed and bred it to produce the Chartreux cat breed of today.

appearance features

The Chartreux cat has a large appearance and the legs are not too long compared to the size of the body. The short, double-coated coat helps cats adapt to cold climates. Larger cats have long, thick fur around their heads, legs, and chest area.

Characteristics of the Chartreux catCharacteristics of the Chartreux cat. internet photos

They have a longer back than other cats, and a shorter neck and legs that give the impression of unevenness in the body. The Chartreux cat has a round face, larger hind legs, and is extremely agile. No one thought with such a disproportionate appearance that this breed of cat could move and chase rodents very well. Chartreux cats with good care can weigh up to 4-8 kg.

The forehead is wide, the nose is long, the ears are large and erect. The eyes are big and quite sharp, different from the “smooth” ALNs in my house 🙁 The color of the eyes has many colors, mainly copper and gold… The small and cute muzzle is the characteristic of this breed of cat.

Small legs can catch mice quite well. The Chartreux cat’s coat is short and has been becoming a trend for many people for some time. The coat of the French cat is ash gray, light gray.


Unlike many other cat breeds, the Chartreux is very loyal and affectionate towards its owners. They live independently and are very peaceful. They always like to be close to their owners, who often take care of them. They can adapt to living alone for certain periods of time. However, don’t leave Chartreux alone for long. There really is no cat like this.

Chartreux Cat PersonalityCharacter . internet photos

Hunting is an instinct of this breed, they are very sensitive to movements around them, especially those caused by small rodents. This is truly a fearsome predator. With family members, Chartreux cats appear sociable and friendly, but they are always close to the owner, who often takes more care of them.

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It can be said that this is a breed of cat that has all the elements of an intelligent and charming cat.

Speaking of cuteness, British Longhairs are also considered one of the most “amazing” cat breeds in the world, especially in Vietnam. To learn more about this breed of cat, you can read this article >>>See more Icon

Chartreux Cat Health

With proper care, cats can live up to 14-15 years. However, this age is quite rare for a cat in general. During the care process, cats often encounter some diseases related to the kidneys and urinary tract.

Caring for the Charteux cat

To take good care of the Charteux cat, it is necessary to take into account some of the following characteristics:

  • It is necessary to care for its coat carefully, regularly brush the lost hair and bathe the cat. Food also needs to ensure the necessary nutrients for the body. You can also use granules in heavy duty conditions.
  • Check your cat’s ears regularly because cats in general are at risk of ear infections and internal contamination from ear mites.

Caring for the Chartreux catLook after. internet photos

  • Provide a reasonable diet and meet the nutritional requirements for the full development of the cat. Always combine fresh and dry foods for a healthy digestive system.
  • Control weight and provide cats with moderate exercise to reduce obesity caused by inactivity. In addition, you should also provide enough water for cats, especially when feeding dry food.

Price of Chartreux cats

Currently, there is not much information about the price of this breed of cat in our country. As far as I know, in the UK this breed of cat has an average price of £400, equivalent to almost 12 million VND. When imported into Vietnam, this price can be much higher. I will update the price in Vietnam when I can check it.

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