Characteristics of purebred Dalmatians? Dalmatian dog price in Vietnam?

Characteristics of purebred Dalmatians?  Dalmatian dog price in Vietnam?

The purebred Dalmatian is also known by the foreign name Dalmatian. Although it is a dog breed that very few people keep, it is associated with an exciting childhood for Vietnamese children.

Dalmatians are the most famous dog breed in the world as their image is associated with the childhood of many children through the cartoon 101 Dalmatians. The once popular movie attracts millions of fans across the globe and is also the springboard to bring the reputation of the Dalmatian breed to the top.

Origin of the Dalmatian breed

This is still considered one of the many problems that are not clear. No one knows for sure what country or territory the Dalmatian originates from, but only knows that it originated in ancient Greece.

During this period, they are trained to become guard dogs for military cars. Loyalty is a highly valued factor in this breed. In addition, Dalmatian dogs are also used for many other purposes, such as war and circus shows.

Many people believe that the origin of the Dalmatian is the famous Great Dane. The world’s first Dalmatian dog was discovered in Croatia, which is why it got its name from this land.

During its 2,000 years of development, the Dalmatian was often trained as a watchdog for the aristocracy to protect carriage herds or to warn the owner when immediate danger existed.

With the keen senses of a hunting dog, the Dalmatian always detects lurking prey and danger and sends signals to the owner in time.

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Dalmatian dog characteristicsDalmatian dog characteristics. internet photos

Today, Dalmatians are also bred in many European countries with the task of providing first aid and helping rescue forces in disasters.

Dalmatian Spotted Dog Characteristics

This is a muscular dog with a well-proportioned body. They are agile and have remarkable stamina. They can run tens of kilometers and perform heavy exercises. The coat is short and thick, stiff, randomly dotted with black or red spots.

Dalmatians are medium in size with a height of up to 60-65 cm, a length of 100-112 cm and a maximum weight that it can reach is 35-36 kg. The legs are round, the toes are arched. The ears are close to the head and relatively high on the head. The color of the eyes varies from brown, amber. green.

The Dalmatian’s head is not too big, the muzzle is long and quite square. strong teeth. This breed matures later than other breeds.

Male dogs can mate after 2 years and female dogs reproduce after 1 and a half years. This breed is also more fertile than other breeds. This can be considered one of the most fertile canine breeds in the canine world. The number of puppies per delivery can be up to 13.

Dalmatian Dog Appearance and Personality Characteristics Characteristics of appearance and personality of Dalmatian dogs. internet photos

The spots on the body are usually 30-60 mm in size and are mostly black and brown. The coat has many colors such as brindle, mosaic, tricolor…

The special thing is that this breed sheds a lot, so it must be cleaned and brushed regularly to remove the shedding coat. Dalmatians mostly have a very clean instinct, so those who prefer neatness can choose this breed. However, it is advisable to keep them in a large area and spend time taking them out for exercise.

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Purebred Dalmatian Dog Personality Characteristics

This dog breed is one of the many dog ​​breeds with quite sensitive senses and top 1 ranked memory. Due to its excellent intelligence and physical foundation, the Dalmatian dog is usually easy to train and remembers lessons very quickly. Furthermore, their loyalty and kindness to humans also makes them a breed of dog bred to rescue and help people in disasters.

As a dog that knows how to maintain good hygiene and discipline, the Dalmatian is well-suited to being raised in an apartment environment. They can maintain family hygiene on their own and know how to be disciplined when you train them.

As an energy-rich dog, Dalmatians need to exercise properly, running and jumping a lot so they can relax and not get stressed. This requires the owner to care for and give the proper training regimen for this breed.

What is the price of a Dalmatian dog in Vietnam?

Currently, to own a Dalmatian in Vietnam, you only need to spend 4-5 million and of course female dogs are more expensive than male dogs, dogs with papers are also more expensive than dogs without papers.

dalmatian dog priceDalmatian dog price. internet photos

Rare and beautiful colors are usually more expensive. Much of the price of a Dalmatian dog usually depends on the color of the coat. The color of the coat of the Dachshund is highly appreciated when choosing to buy it. In which children with black heads and white bodies are not appreciated.

Dogs imported from Thailand and European countries cost more than domestic breed dogs. A Dalmatian dog imported from Thailand generally falls in the 7-9 million range.

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