Characteristics of Bengal cats

Characteristics of Bengal cats

The Bengal cat is one of the most beautiful and expensive cat breeds in the world today. The Bengal cat is of American origin, bred from Asian wild cats and domestic cats.

The Bengal cat or tiger striped cat is known as one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world today and is sought after by many famous giants. They are called tiger stripes probably due to the patterns and features that look like a small leopard. Although crossed with wildcats, the Bengal’s personality has been very tame. To this day, this breed of cat is quite popular and is widely kept.

Currently, in Vietnam, this breed of cat is classified among the rare and uncommon cat breeds, to have a Bengal cat you have to spend a small amount of money. This makes Bengal always sought after and loved by people with high incomes.

Origin of the Bengal cat

The Bengal cat is the result of a cross between an Asian wild cat and an American domestic cat. A purebred cat with a proven pedigree can sell for several thousand dollars. However, when the breed was first introduced, they were not recognized by the International Cat Breed Association because the Bengal is only a hybrid cat.

Characteristics of Bengal cats

The Bengal has a similar appearance and coat to the American Shorthair, but its coat has a much more distinctive feature in the stripes on the body. The Bengal cat has a strong, muscular body, an elongated body, and small paws. The Bengal’s paws are much larger than those of other cat breeds. Their heads are small, sharp, and their eyes are quite large, similar to their ancestors in the wild.

The ears are erect, large and the tail small, long and oblong.

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Characteristics of the Bengal catCharacteristics of the Bengal cat. Internet photo collection

Delve into the fur of the Bengal cat. They are smooth, multicolored quite similar to jungle leopards. Common body colors are black or marble. These are 2 typical colors of Bengal. Also, when crossed with other cat breeds, they can produce much more distinctive coat colors.

Bengal Cat Personality

Bengal cats are intelligent and full of energy in their bodies. Due to the cross between wild cats and domestic cats, their mobility is very high. They respond well to their environment and are just as agile as their wild ancestors. Some people even compare the Bengal to a miniature leopard in the human world.

Bengal cats are usually friendly, fun-loving, and affectionate. They are close to humans and other animals. When the Bengals began to be widely kept, many thought that they would not be able to give up their savage ferocity. However, no attacks on humans or other animals have been reported. Many studies also show that Bengals that are bred for 3 generations are usually fully domesticated.

Bengal Cat PersonalityBengal cat personality. Starlight photography

Like other cats, they always want to be petted and cuddled.

How to care for a Bengal cat?

  • As with any other breed of cat, you can feed your Bengal canned wet food or dry pellets. However, it is necessary to organize and program a reasonable diet to avoid overweight and obesity.
  • Bengan cats are different from other cat breeds in that they love water, they like to play and play with water. When they see water running, they can play even if they are wet. When breeding indoors, you should also pay attention to the areas in the toilet and toilet. It is better to keep the cap on to avoid getting stuck.
  • Use of equipment, toilet tray for Bengal, must use high barrier to keep it clean. This does not affect cats, as they can jump up to 3 times their body height. Teach your cat how to go to the bathroom in the right place with a few simple tips.
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You can use some tricks to teach your cat to go to the bathroom in the right place with 100% success, simple grooming tools with a normal litter box, standard litter and… See more

  • Use specialized tools like grooming gloves, depilatory combs, and cat balm for comprehensive care for Bengal cats.
  • As an active breed of cat, you need to create the conditions for the Bengal to climb and get regular exercise. Cattrees can be used indoors to help them acclimate more easily. They will love to exercise in conditions where the house does not have a lot of space.

How to care for a Bengal catHow to care for a Bengal cat. internet photo collection

Vaccinate, deworm and sterilize (if necessary) Bengals to help them thrive in Vietnam. Bengals are small cats, so you should set aside time during the day to play with them.

Also, Bengal cats tend to be destructive at night. If possible, you should breed another Bengal cat to be your friend, to avoid sleeplessness at night.

How much does a Bengal cat cost?

Currently, the price of Bengal cats is quite high in general. This is ranked as one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world today. Bengal cats born in Vietnam are crossed with domestic cats with a price of 8-10 million/child. Purebred and imported cats from Thailand or Europe always have a high price of not less than $1000. The Bengal is arguably one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world, second only to the Ashera cat and the Savannah cat.

Therefore, in order to own a purebred Bengal cat, you also have to spend a large amount of money. And also very few purebred Bengal cat breeding facilities in Vietnam. Most cat dealers are people who keep and sell cats on a regular basis.