Causes of pain in the eyes of the dog and timely treatment at home

Causes of pain in the eyes of the dog and timely treatment at home

Dog eye pain is caused by many different causes, from simple to complex. If not detected and treated early, it can lead to blindness.

Just like humans, dogs’ eyes are also the windows to their souls. This is one of the tools to express emotions, connect with other human beings and express your feelings of love to the owner. Once this window is dirty or infected, it will cause problems for the dog. Even if not detected and treated early, some eye diseases can lead to blindness.

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Some Common Signs When Dogs Have Eye Pain

When you see that your dog has some of the following symptoms, you should check your dog regularly and take appropriate action.

  • The dog suddenly sheds more tears than usual.
  • Fleeting eyes in the corners of the eyes.
  • The hair is bleached and stretched along the path of tears.
  • The dog’s eyes are cloudy and discolored.
  • Dogs have more eyelids than usual.

Causes of pain in the dog’s eyes and timely treatment measures

Dogs have frequent tears.

Do not take this matter lightly. When you find that your dog has a lot of tears, it means that he has problems with his eyes, watery eyes are just one of the many signs that dogs experience. This may be the first sign of dangerous diseases that are predicted, such as an infection or a tumor in the eye.

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As mentioned above, watery dogs are just one of many signs of dangerous diseases. It may be a symptom of a tumor or simply an infection due to not having been cleaned properly. Another reason for long-haired dogs is that the hair stuck in the eyes causes discomfort and tearing in dogs.

the dog is cryingThe dog has tears. internet in english

Treatment: You can use simple measures such as trimming the hair around the eyes, cleaning the dog’s eye area with physiological saline or special eye drops such as terramycin, and continue monitoring. If the dog has not recovered, you can take it to the vet for the most accurate diagnosis. Only then can you know what kind of problem your dog has?

The dog has eye pain due to dry cornea

The disease is mostly seen in small dogs when the body does not produce enough tears to moisten the cornea, leading to severe dryness of the cornea which, if left untreated, can lead to ulcers or more serious eye infections that can lead to blindness.

Dog breeds with bulging eyes often have this condition because the eye structure does not close when sleeping, so the amount of tears will not be enough to produce when a part of the eye is exposed to the outside environment. In addition, some of the causes of this disease are immunological. Inflammation of the lacrimal gland prevents the eye from producing enough tears to lubricate and maintain moisture in the eye. Another part is the complications of diseases in dogs such as Care’s disease, diabetes…


Clean your dog’s eyes daily. Use artificial tears to keep your dog’s eyes moist. They will lubricate and relieve dry eyes in dogs. Also, you can use Terramecyn, Gentamicin if your dog has a corneal infection.

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The dog has pain in the eyes due to ingrown hairs

The cause of trichiasis comes from genetic factors. The eyelashes, instead of growing, regrow and pierce the dog’s eyes, making them uncomfortable, over time, it will cause a more severe corneal ulcer that will have a pus-filled swelling in the area in contact with the eyelashes.

ingrown hairs in the dog's eyesCurly hair in the dog’s eyes. internet photos

Surgery or waxing is the only way to treat this disease, plus you should also clean your dog’s eyes with a dilute 0.9% Nacl mosquito water solution to clean the area around the eyes.


Typical symptoms of the disease are red and swollen eyes, a lot of tears, if not treated in time, the dog’s eyes will gradually stick together and convulse.

The causes of this disease are multiple, mainly due to infections and external agents such as excessively long dog hair, plants or some human chemical solutions that come into contact with the eyes. If it is left for a long time and without timely solutions, the dog will most likely face blindness and vision loss.

Conjunctivitis in dogsConjunctivitis in dogs. internet photos

Treatment: First, clean the dog’s eyes daily with physiological saline. Trim hair around eyes as short as possible to limit eye contact which can cause irritation. If the condition is more serious, go urgently to the vet for advice and operate promptly.

the dog has cataracts

It is usually found in older dogs or dogs with diabetes. The most common sign is that the eyes are discolored, cloudy than usual. The eyes are stretched, swollen pus, swollen eyeballs and vision problems leading to blindness.

It is necessary to immediately monitor the abnormal signs of the disease and take him to surgery. Without surgery, it will lead to blindness.

WaterfallWaterfall. internet photos

In addition to the above causes, dogs with eye pain can also be caused by tumors, defects in the eye. All these diseases are very dangerous and directly affect the eyes of dogs. Therefore, you should take care of your dog’s eye health regularly by cleaning the eye area and around the eyes.

Good luck.