Causes of constipation in cats and simple home remedies

Constipation is a disease that causes pain in cats when going to the bathroom. So what causes this condition and how is it treated?

Constipated cats are just like people, they are extremely uncomfortable and painful. As upset as humans are, so will your cat. So if not treated on time, cats can experience many dangerous complications. You should take your cat to the vet immediately for prompt treatment.

Cats are constipated and how to treat themCats are constipated and how to treat them. internet photos

Causes of constipation in cats

  • Because the pet cat expects too much. To explain this situation, it may be because the cats have just come home, so they are not used to going to the bathroom in a strange way, or they show signs of psychology and fear.
  • Food that is too dry and lacking in green vegetables, drinking less water can cause severe constipation in cats.
  • Cat hair loss is also a cause. Cats often lick up the amount of shed hair, which leads to large clumps of hair in the intestines, leading to constipation and difficulty defecating.

Home remedies and treatment: This is a common condition in cats, so you just need to change the diet and increase the fiber in your cat’s menu. It can be vegetables, pumpkin… Usually, cats will not eat this food, you just have to puree it and mix it with the food so that they do not recognize it. Giving cats water more frequently is also a solution to prevent constipation.

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Cat grass can be used to eliminate hairballs in the stomach to relieve constipation in cats.

In addition to the above causes, constipation also portends dangerous and serious signs of a cat’s illness, such as a cat with kidney disease or diabetes can also lead to constipation in a cat. Enlarged colon, tumors, and spinal problems are also considered among the many causes of this condition.

Causes of constipation in catsCauses of constipation in cats. internet photos

Signs that your cat is constipated

When the cat has strange symptoms such as going to the bathroom for a long time but the amount of stool is small and hard, lumpy or has some symptoms such as straining to go to the bathroom, stool with blood or mucus, loss of appetite, abdominal discomfort or vomiting vomiting … When you see these signs, you should monitor the cat’s condition for a while and decide the appropriate treatment based on its condition.

How to prevent constipation in cats

Perhaps the best prevention for house cats is to adjust their diet. You can consult the experience of cat owners or veterinarians to arrange a reasonable diet for them. Adding fiber and drinking water will help cats to have the best health.

  • One suggestion that many cat owners apply is the use of canned cat food. These are carefully prepared, highly moisturizing and nutritious foods suitable for cats of all ages.
  • Feeding cats too full and without moderation also causes a lot of digestive system problems, especially for kittens. Proper diet and diet arrangement also help cats develop good habits when they grow up.
  • Always provide enough water for your cat. Many busy people often ignore this problem, but this is one factor that helps cats stay healthy and avoid constipation.
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How to prevent constipation in catsHow to prevent cats from getting constipated. internet photos

  • Trim cat hair, especially long-haired cats, to prevent shedding from getting stuck in the intestines, affecting the digestive system and causing dangerous complications for cats in the long run.
  • Cleaning the cat’s habitat and litter tray, the clean and scented litter tray also makes the cat want to use it much more.

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