Embrace the Unique Charm of the Stink Eye

By Margery Morstein

Welsh Terrier owners rejoice: the Stink Eye, that captivating gaze that combines fierce individuality with unmistakable annoyance, has become the endearing trademark of this spirited breed. For the past two years, the Stink Eye Walk has been the emblematic event of the WTCARES (Welsh Terrier Rescue) yearly fundraiser.

Unveiling the Origins

The Stink Eye Walk first originated from the Midwest Welsh Wag (MWWG), a series of annual gatherings where local groups would convene to relish in the joyous presence of Welshies, indulge in delicious treats, and partake in mini-fundraisers for WTCARES. It didn’t take long for the event to expand its reach, encompassing Kentucky and Tennessee, and ultimately uniting terrier owners from across the country.

A Southern Extravaganza

Last year, the Stink Eye Walk blossomed into an exquisite three-day affair in Greenville, South Carolina – the renowned Stink Eye Walk and Social. This charming southern city embraced the event with open arms, warmly welcoming our four-legged friends. Complete with dog parks, The Swamp Rabbit Trail, and a revitalized downtown area brimming with chic retail shops and outdoor eateries, the Stink Eye Walk became an instant hit for attendees and an absolute must-attend event for Welshie owners. And fear not, for Wire Foxes, Airedales, and Lakies were all invited to partake in this exuberant celebration – after all, it’s a terrier thing.

Fun Fuels Fundraising

While the weekend celebrates joy and merriment, it remains steadfast in its commitment to fundraising. Last year, WTCARES dedicated over $30,000 to support abused and neglected Welsh Terriers. In addition to finding new homes for Welshies whose families face illness or financial struggles, WTCARE representatives provide invaluable guidance and education to owners grappling with the challenges unique to the breed’s independent and energetic nature.

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The Stink Eye Walk and Social serves as the driving force behind these meaningful contributions, and we’re filled with anticipation for the upcoming 2015 event – eager to make it even bigger and better than last year’s resounding success. The organizing committee, helmed by Iris Fox, John Hoemann, and myself, all proud Carolinians, are determined to ensure every attendee experiences the warm embrace of Southern Hospitality.

Unleashing the Adventure

This year’s event, taking place from September 10-13, 2015, will feature an additional day to explore the captivating beauty of Greenville. Upon check-in, guests will be provided with an exciting list of suggestions, offering a myriad of delightful options such as strolling along the picturesque Swamp Rabbit Trail, indulging in a shopping spree down Main Street, or embarking on the renowned BMW plant tour. Friday night is dedicated to indulging in food, drinks, and endless revelry, with the added excitement of bingo and remarkable prizes sponsored by the Carolina Panthers, BMW, ORVIS, and the Tennessee Titans. On Saturday, the Pelham Historic Dog Park will be the hub of canine excitement and pleasant picnics. As night falls, the popular doggie costume party will make its return, followed by a delightful dinner, thrilling raffles, and a lively auction.

Experience the Stink Eye

To learn more about this year’s event or to register, click here.

To discover more about WTCARES and delve into heartwarming Happily Ever After stories, visit www.wtcares.org.

Join us in embracing the enchanting allure of the Stink Eye and celebrating the unwavering spirit of Welsh Terriers.