Cats with sore eyes and simple solutions at home

Cats with sore eyes and simple solutions at home

Cat eye pain often has many different causes, it can be dirt, bacteria or viruses. So how to avoid and handle this situation?

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Cat’s eye disease is also known as conjunctivitis. As one of the many common diseases in many breeds of cats caused by many different causes, such as dirt, bacteria, viruses… Here are some signs, symptoms and ways to manage when cats have sore eyes at home.

Causes of cat eye painCauses of cat eye pain. internet photos

Symptoms of the cat with pain in the eyes

Please make sure that this is not a contagious disease, they only cause discomfort to your cat. If it is not treated in time, the disease will change rapidly and affect the cat’s health, even leading to blindness.

Some symptoms are easy to recognize when cats have eye pain

  • The cat’s eyes are suddenly redder than normal and water constantly. Cat tears are usually greenish-yellow and sticky.
  • Eye scratches caused by broken legs, eye scratching also occurs more often.
  • There is more ocular rust than usual.

As long as you check on your cat daily and pay attention to his eyes, you’ll notice the difference when he’s sick.

Causes of cat eye pain

Just like humans, the cause of cat eye pain is mainly due to dust and grit agents getting into the eyes and causing damage and allergies. These factors will make cats itchy, according to the body’s response, they will raise their paws to rub and scratch, causing eye pain on one side or both sides.

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cat eye pain symptomscat eye pain symptoms internet photos

From the scratches when cats rub their paws, the bacteria will continue to come into contact with the cornea, from which the eyes become red and swollen, secretions are secreted that cause infection or affect the eyes.

– When cats have the flu, their eyes will also ooze a clear colored fluid, when this condition lasts they are at risk of eye swelling, redness, itching and corneal ulcers.

How to treat cat eye pain at home

The first thing you should do is determine what disease has caused your cat. If it is not caused by bacteria, you can treat your cat at home with physiological saline solution or drops recommended by veterinarians. During the treatment period, the cat should be kept in a quiet place.

Avoiding environmental exposure and external dirt is essential for the cat to recover.

If the disease is caused by bacteria or viruses, and after washing the cat’s eyes, it is not effective. You should take your cat to the medical facility right away to be diagnosed by a veterinarian because eye pain when too severe can worsen the condition. Treatment is also much more difficult.

How to deal with cat eye pain?How to deal with cat eye pain. internet photos

If left too long, the cat may go blind. After examining, the doctor will remove the fluid and pus from the cat’s eye. And antibiotic treatment avoids causing infection. To completely get rid of the disease, you need to give your cat a full dose of the drug and avoid pathogens for them.

  • To minimize the possibility of re-infection in cats, it is necessary to clean their eyes regularly with a cotton pad, rubbing only the outer edge to avoid contact with the cornea.
  • Use physiological saline to disinfect the eyes.
  • Certain medications will be used to help the cat improve the situation. Your doctor will give you detailed instructions on how to use and dosage.
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Prevention is better than cure, so it’s best to clean your cat’s eyes regularly to prevent the invasion of bacteria and other harmful factors.

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