Following a Different Path: A Journey with Rocket’s Chronic Nasal Congestion

Have you ever wondered what could be causing your furry friend’s chronic nasal congestion? Meet Rocket, the adorable feline whose journey we’ve been following closely. We’ve tried various treatments to get to the root cause of his congestion, and recently, we took a different path to find answers.

Chronic Nasal Congestion: A Possible Nasal Polyp

It’s been a challenging week for Rocket. Our quest to solve his nasal congestion mystery led us to work with a veterinary homeopath from Denver. Although we made some progress, we hit a bump in the road. Following the homeopath’s recommendation, we scheduled an appointment with a specialist at Gulf Coast Veterinary Services in Houston to investigate the possibility of a nasal polyp. Little did we know that it would involve surgery and a strain on our wallets even before stepping into the clinic!

And So the Tests Begin…

After a series of tests including blood work, x-rays, a CT scan, and rhinoscopy, the truth emerged. There was indeed a polyp nestled deep within Rocket’s nasal passage, about the size of a raisin. Unfortunately, it was out of reach for removal with a scope, necessitating surgery. 😖

The day before the surgery, we met with the surgeon, who instantly put me at ease with her exceptional bedside manner. With Rocket sitting in his open carrier, we discussed his case. The polyp would be sent to a lab for analysis to determine if it was benign or otherwise.

The Big Day Arrives

Dr. Fascinelli, our trusted veterinarian in Denver, advised giving Rocket a dose of calc carb, the best homeopathic remedy for polyps, on the morning of the surgery. I also used a few drops of Bach’s Flower Rescue Remedy for both Rocket and myself to calm our nerves. The surgery went smoothly, and Rocket spent the night at the hospital. The following afternoon, I joyfully picked him up. As we went through the discharge information, I learned that he had become the favorite among the staff! He received countless cuddles, hugs, and was passed around for everyone to hold. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts expecting fan mail and considering launching his own Instagram account now. 😂 The staff bid him a reluctant farewell, and we promised to arrange a reunion during our follow-up visit in a week.

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Embracing Natural Recovery Methods

Instead of relying on pain medication with potential side effects, we opted for Arnica, a homeopathic remedy recommended by Dr. Fascinelli. By using muscle testing, I could determine when Rocket needed another dose. I dissolved three pellets in water and administered 1/2 ml with a syringe. Additionally, I gave him several doses of a homeopathic blend called Relief Tone from Energetix to eliminate anesthesia and flush out any remaining drugs from his system. As he convalesces, he enjoys the company of Aylen and Gunner, as well as occasional baths from Aylen to rid himself of that lingering hospital scent. 😸

Treating the Cause, Not Just the Symptoms

Despite the successful surgery, Dr. Fascinelli reminded me that we must address the underlying condition that allowed the polyp to develop in the first place. Simply removing it is tantamount to treating symptoms without addressing the root cause. We will reconnect with Dr. Fascinelli to begin this phase of Rocket’s healing journey. Since polyps are typically caused by inflammation, we need to identify the source. It’s highly possible that spending hours in our interior courtyard during the sweltering summer exposed him to airborne irritants, similar to how humans develop seasonal allergies. Rocket might not be too thrilled to learn that sun worshiping will be limited this summer!

Trust and the Veterinary Model

Traditionally, I no longer follow the path of conventional veterinary medicine, and this recent journey has further pushed me out of my comfort zone. As I sat in the waiting room, surrounded by other pet parents, I couldn’t help but empathize with their agony over sick pets, the financial burden, and the ceaseless worry that accompanies such situations. Like my own healthcare choices and those for my cats, I firmly believe in the value of emergency medicine. However, I have lost faith in the traditional medical and veterinary model, especially when pharmaceutical and commercial pet food companies influence and fund veterinary school courses. This system promotes drugs and surgeries that coerce our pets’ bodies rather than utilizing natural foods, plants, and holistic remedies that harmonize with their bodies.

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Dr. Randy Wysong, a knowledgeable DVM, highlighted this issue in a recent newsletter discussing nutritional education in veterinary schools. He stated, “The pet nutrition taught in veterinary schools is not a product of critical thought, but rather results from manufacturers (with the deepest pockets) providing free products… Pet food companies are no dummies. Brainwashing infants (in this case, veterinary neophytes) is highly effective.” Furthermore, he emphasized the need to mimic the natural diet of animals and choose nutrient-dense, unaltered ingredients. Wysong claims that modern medicine cannot protect us or our pets from severe ailments like cancer, heart disease, and obesity. It focuses on treating symptoms rather than understanding the root causes of health issues.

Essentially, modern medicine has become a profit-driven machine, and our beloved pets are caught in the midst of this high-stakes game.

A Crossroads: Choosing a Different Path

I urge you to reassess your pet’s food choices with a fresh perspective. Does the food you provide your pet resemble real, whole food? Do you understand all the ingredients listed on the label? While our pets’ bodies, like our own, are resilient, continuous exposure to toxins, unnatural ingredients, and harsh manufacturing processes takes a toll. Eventually, you may find yourself at a crossroads—should you continue down this harmful path or forge a new trail?

Rocket, with his 90% raw diet and complete avoidance of kibble for several years, likely developed his condition from an airborne irritant rather than his diet. Nonetheless, we remain committed to his natural healing journey, striving to follow a path that aligns with nature’s wisdom. He is my teacher, and together, we are exploring uncharted territories.

We’re Here to Help!

If you resonate with the quest for natural alternatives to promote health and well-being, you’re in the right place. If you have any questions, need assistance for your feline companion, or have a story to share, please leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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