Why Do Cats Stand on Their Hind Legs? Unveiling the Mystery (and Enjoying Some Fun Videos!)

We’ve all witnessed our graceful feline friends engaging in an amusing yet perplexing behavior: standing upright on their hind legs. It’s as if they transform into a peculiar mix of a meerkat and a marionette puppet. But why do cats do this? Is there a scientific explanation behind it? Let’s delve into the fascinating world of cats and discover the reasons behind this behavior. And of course, we’ll also enjoy some delightful videos along the way!

1. Cats Stand on Their Hind Legs to Ward Off Predators

As comical as it may seem, the origins of this behavior are rooted in self-defense. When cats feel threatened by a cunning predator, they instinctively try to appear as imposing as possible. Hence, they elevate themselves on their hind legs. In some cases, you may even witness them shuffling sideways in this upright position, further enhancing their intimidating presence. So remember, when you see a cat standing on its hind legs, it’s best not to mess with them!

2. Cats Stand Up for Some Extra Head Boops

In the serene and leisurely world of domestic cats, standing on their hind legs can be a charming tactic to win some additional head petting from their human companions. After indulging in some ankle brushing, your feline friend may gracefully rise on their back legs, seeking attention and affection. My own cat, Mimosa, has mastered this move and we endearingly refer to it as “on her twos.”

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3. Treat Temptation: Cats Stand Like Humans to Reach for Treats

One surefire way to witness your cat perfecting the art of standing on two legs is to entice them with treats. Even the most reserved cats can be lured into showcasing their bipedal talent when the elusive sound of a treat bag rustles in the air. It’s undeniable—cats are no strangers to the allure of tasty rewards.

A cat standing on his hind legs
Photo by EEI_Tony/Thinkstock

4. Cats Standing Up Resemble Meerkats

Let’s admit it, when cats decide to rise on their hind legs, they bear a striking resemblance to meerkats—although technically speaking, meerkats belong to the mongoose family. Nevertheless, we can attribute this similarity to yet another captivating quirk of our feline friends.

5. Munchkin Cats: The Regular “Vertical Cats”

Munchkin cats, with their genetically determined short and stumpy legs, naturally find themselves standing on their hind legs more frequently. Their distinctive physical traits and low center of gravity make this behavior a common occurrence among these delightful squat kitties.

An orange munchkin tabby cat
Photo by Seregraff | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

6. Special-Needs Cats: The Extraordinary Hind-Leg Heroes

For some special-needs cats, standing and moving solely on their hind legs isn’t just a captivating spectacle—it’s a means of survival. These extraordinary felines have become stars and advocates on social media platforms. Take Lil Bunny Soux Roux, who was born without her front legs but has captured the hearts of Instagram users worldwide with her kangaroo-like hopping. And then there’s Roo, born with radial hypoplasia, who joyfully hops around alongside his famous feline sister, Venus the Two-Face Cat.

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A special-needs cat standing on hind legs
Photo by adogslifephoto/Thinkstock.

So, the next time you catch your cat standing tall on their hind legs, remember that there’s more to it than meets the eye. Whether it’s a natural defense mechanism, a playful attempt to seek affection, or a unique trait of certain breeds, this behavior adds to the delightful complexity of our beloved feline companions.

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