Lu the Kitten: Overcoming Challenges with Aggressive Optimism

Video cat born without eyes

Ruby the seeing eye cat for Lu

Sharing is caring! Meet Luna, the blind tortoiseshell kitten from Charlotte, NC, affectionately known as Lu. Lu was born without eyes, but that doesn’t stop her from living a happy and fulfilling life alongside her canine sisters, Ruby and Maggie. Despite being blind, Lu fearlessly tackles everyday activities with the belief that there is no obstacle she can’t overcome.

Lu’s Journey: A Remarkable Tale of Resilience

Lu was diagnosed with a rare congenital condition called anophthalmia, which means she was born without eyes and has malformed eyelids. It is believed that a genetic mutation caused this condition, although exposure to a virus during fetal development can also be a potential cause. Despite her limited or no vision, Lu receives the best veterinary care, enabling her to lead a remarkable life just like any other cat.

Mom’s Little Helper and Gardener

Lu effortlessly navigates her surroundings, climbing her cat tree and playfully exploring her home. She also doubles as her mom’s office assistant, keeping her company while she works. And when it’s time for gardening, Lu joyfully joins in, rolling in the dirt alongside her mom’s plant projects.

Tackling Life’s Stairs with Ease

Blind kittens and cats are incredibly resilient and adaptable. Lu is no exception. Watching her play on the carpeted stairs with sister Ruby is a testament to her indomitable spirit. In fact, her captivating actions inspired the creation of the “Lu Can Do” page on Instagram.

“People often ask Mom what blind kittens can do. She says the shorter list is what we can’t do 💗.”

Ruby: Lu’s Loyal Guide

Maggie the dog with Luna

Ruby, another tortoiseshell jewel, was once a street cat. She now serves as Lu’s trusted seeing-eye cat, helping her navigate her surroundings when she gets disoriented. Ruby’s extraordinary behavior is a testament to the remarkable bond between animals. Her human affectionately calls her “sour patch kid,” a nickname that perfectly captures her sassy personality.

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Aggressive Optimism: Lu’s Life Philosophy

Lu and her mom believe in embracing life with a positive mindset. Lu often shares words of encouragement and love, exuding what her mom calls “aggressive optimism.” And Ruby, being the loyal companion she is, is always there to support Lu in her journey.

“Ru believes in aggressive optimism 💥. Ruby wanted to join me for my next video, but it turned out a little different than usual…”

“Hi. Lu here. Here’s your reminder to go and smell the flowers every once in a while 🌼 Featuring my big sissies Maggie and Ruby 🐶🐈‍⬛”

Maggie: Lu’s Protective Guardian

Lu’s canine sister, Maggie, is a gentle giant who loves to snuggle with her feline sibling. Their bond is heartwarming and comforting, as Maggie’s protective nature ensures Lu’s safety at all times.

“Nap time is always better when big sissy Maggie joins 💗. She gives the best snuggles.”

A Bed Fit for Lu

Blind kitten on her bed

In late July, Lu received a new bed, providing her with a cozy space of her own. Watching her mom assemble the bed was quite the game for Lu, as she mistook the instructions for a toy. Eventually, the bed was ready, and Lu had a low-to-the-ground, soft haven that catered to her needs. However, there was one day where Lu needed some assistance to get down from her elevated scratching post/cat bed, reminding us all that it’s okay to ask for help when needed.

“Just a reminder that it’s okay to ask for help. It may be uncomfortable, but you don’t deserve to handle it alone. Sometimes, you just can’t. And that’s okay 💗.”

Follow and support “Lu Can Do” on Instagram. Lu is an inspiring example of why adopting cats with special needs can be one of the most rewarding experiences. And let’s not forget the amazing human behind these extraordinary fur babies, providing them with love and care.

“Lu here! Just a reminder to say ‘I love you’ often and freely. You never know who needs to hear it 💗 Life isn’t always easy, but love makes it all worthwhile.”

Remember, Lu’s story is a testament to the power of determination and the boundless capacity for love and joy that our animal friends bring into our lives. So, embrace life’s challenges with aggressive optimism, just like Lu.

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