Can the disease from dogs spread to humans? How to prevent the disease?


The disease of care is one of the many culprits in the death of thousands of dogs today. So can Care’s disease in dogs be transmitted to humans?

As you know, Care’s disease is the most common disease in dogs, especially in puppies from 3 to 6 months of age. The mortality rate of dogs is very high 90-100%. Currently, there is no medicine to treat this disease, but it is mainly due to the owner’s awareness of disease prevention through the use of vaccinations against the disease from childhood.

What breed of dog may be more susceptible to Care’s disease?

Almost all breeds of dogs can contract Care’s disease, but the highest incidence is in puppies 3 to 4 months of age. This is a danger that lies in wait for dog owners, especially when they bring their dog to a new home. Adult dogs have a lower incidence.

Disease care in dogsCan the disease from dogs spread to humans? internet photos

Symptoms and manifestations of dogs when infected with Care

The care of diseases in dogs is usually very complicated and ends the life of the dog after 5-7 days. Some of the following symptoms will help you assess your dog’s condition.

signs of care

  • Dogs infected with Care often have very specific signs and symptoms of specific diseases: high fever, swollen and watery eyes, cloudy eyes with yellow discharge, and pet blindness.
  • Diarrhea and vomiting lead to rapid and prolonged dehydration. If there is no rehydration measure for the dog, it will lead to prolonged fatigue and lethargy. Stools are usually mucoid, grayish-yellow in color, and contain gastric mucosa.
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Diarrhea is also a sign of Parvo disease in dogs, but the intensity of Parvo is much higher, even claiming the dog’s life after just a few hours. Learn more about >>> Parvo disease in dogs and the symptoms of Parvo disease.

  • In the last stage, the dog’s condition was very dangerous when the feces were bloody and he could not control the act of going to the toilet.
  • Pneumonia has shortness of breath, shortness of breath, and especially yellow-green mucus from the nose due to secretions in the airways.

Signs of Care's disease in puppiesSigns of Care’s disease in puppies. internet photos

  • Also, the hind legs are weak and cannot walk.
  • There are strange red-edged spots on the lower abdomen.
  • Bad mood, erratic changes, when the nervous system has complications, seizures will occur, complications will occur when the disease is completely cured.

Can the disease be transmitted from dogs to humans?

The care disease can be transmitted through the respiratory system, the oily secretions secreted during the dog disease, and the dirty air environment is also a condition for this virus to multiply and thrive.

Under the right conditions, this virus can rapidly convert humans and other animals into vectors. However, according to many studies by scientists, it has not been confirmed whether Care’s disease in dogs can be transmitted to humans. In the world, Care’s disease is not on the list of diseases transmitted to humans.

Can the disease from dogs spread to humans?Can the disease from dogs spread to humans? internet photos

Although it has not been confirmed that dog care can be transmitted to humans, we still need to take measures to prevent and clean the place where infected pets are kept. Use disinfectants and antibacterial chemicals to protect living areas.

Also, to protect dogs, you should vaccinate them as prescribed by the doctor. Currently, there are synthetic vaccines against 5 diseases for dogs on the market and they are recommended for use by veterinarians.

Treatment when dogs have Care

Currently, according to the Dog and Cat Love Blog, there is no cure for the canine disease, all owners need to do is get their dogs vaccinated. When your dog shows signs of care, it is necessary to use measures to isolate the dog from your herd or use bactericidal antibiotics recommended by doctors such as Amoxi 15% LA, Lincocin 10%… Rehydration time and electrolytes for the dog to recover quickly.

When your dog is infected, you need to isolate it from the large pack and disinfect the dog’s place. Dead dogs need to be buried or hygienically destroyed to prevent them from being a source of disease for the rest of the pack.

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