Raw Turkey for Dogs: A Nutritious and Delicious Protein Option

If you’re a dog owner looking for a healthy and tasty protein source for your furry friend, look no further than raw turkey. Not only is it a lean meat packed with essential minerals and vitamins, but it’s also a favorite among my own dogs, Missy, Buzz, and Wally.

What’s So Great About Raw Turkey?

Raw turkey is a neutral food according to traditional Chinese medicine, making it a versatile choice for your dog’s diet. It’s rich in protein and contains important minerals and vitamins such as iron, choline, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and various B vitamins. It’s also lower in saturated fats compared to chicken and beef, making it an excellent option for weight management purposes.

A Variety of Cuts to Feed Your Dog

When it comes to feeding your dog raw turkey, you have several options. You can feed them the entire bird, including the neck, wings, leg quarters, gizzards, liver, heart, legs, and breasts. If your dog has dental issues or tends to gulp their food, grinding the turkey with a meat grinder is a suitable alternative.

Turkey Necks: A Crunchy Favorite

Turkey necks are a popular choice among raw feeders due to their crunch factor. They are a raw meaty bone that provides calcium and phosphorus for your dog’s skeletal health. Make sure to rotate the raw meaty bones you feed your dog to prevent dietary-induced hyperthyroidism, as turkey necks can contain thyroid tissue.

Turkey Leg Quarters: A Huge Raw Meaty Bone

Turkey leg quarters are another raw meaty bone option for your dog. They are large and weigh around 2 pounds on average. Although some raw feeders may consider them too tough for smaller dogs, medium to large and extra-large dogs can handle them just fine.

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Turkey Gizzards and Hearts: Rich and Nutritious

Turkey gizzards and hearts are excellent sources of muscle meat for raw dog food. Feed them in moderation due to their richness. Turkey hearts, in particular, are packed with vitamin B12 and magnesium.

Turkey Breast: A Lean Muscle Meat Option

Ground turkey breast is a popular raw dog food choice that falls into the muscle meat category. It’s low in fat and can be used in various recipes for both dogs and humans.

Where to Buy Raw Turkey for Dogs in the USA

There are several options for purchasing raw turkey for your dog in the USA. Local grocery stores often carry turkey necks and ground turkey breast. You can also explore online retailers such as Raw Feeding Miami, Raw Paws Pet Food, My Pet Carnivore, Hare Today, and Viva Raw Pets. Consider buying in bulk to save on shipping costs or take advantage of affiliate discounts.

Raw Turkey for Dogs of All Sizes

Raw turkey necks are best suited for medium to large dogs. They provide important nutrients for skeletal health and help keep their teeth clean. Smaller dogs can enjoy turkey necks once they’ve been cut into smaller parts or ground. Alternatively, chicken or duck feet are excellent bone alternatives for small dogs.

Freeze-Dried Raw Turkey: A Space-Saving Option for Travel

If you’re traveling with your dog and space is limited, freeze-dried raw dog food is a convenient alternative. Brands like Stella & Chewy’s, Northwest Naturals, Vital Essentials, Steve’s Real Food, Sojos, and BIXBI offer freeze-dried turkey dog food options.

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Raw Turkey for Dogs: A Healthy and Delicious Choice

In conclusion, raw turkey is a nutritious and tasty protein option for your canine companion. It’s packed with essential minerals and vitamins, low in fat, and loved by dogs like Missy, Buzz, and Wally. Look for bulk options or use affiliate discounts to save on costs, and consider freeze-dried options for convenient travel. Keep your furry friend healthy and happy with raw turkey from trusted retailers.

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