Can leukopenia in cats be cured?


Feline leukopenia is the leading cause of death in cats. The disease is caused by a virus and can be cured with proper treatment.

Feline leukopenia is a dangerous infectious disease that spreads rapidly, causing death in a few days if not detected and treated early. The disease is caused by the FPV virus, which is an extremely stubborn virus when resistant to strong antiseptics such as chloroform, acid, sensitive to Clorox, and survives temperatures up to 56 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. This means that we cannot use the previous disinfectants to eliminate this type of bacteria.

FPV virus causes leukopenia in catsThe FPV virus causes leukopenia in cats. internet photos

Feline leukopenia, also known as feline leukopenia, is transmitted orally by cats. The disease progresses very quickly, suddenly with dangerous symptoms such as dehydration, loss of appetite, vomiting leading to great death if left untreated.

Symptoms of leukopenia in cats

  • In the mild stage: the cat is still agile but walks with a wobbly expression, can no longer maintain balance, wobbly face, gradually slows down, drooling in the mouth, unpleasant odor.
  • In the most severe stage: Vomiting yellow frothy fluid, loose hairy diarrhea, profuse drooling, foul and fishy odor. The morbidity and mortality rates in kittens are much higher. Kittens may die suddenly without any accompanying symptoms, if there are few symptoms, they may die after 5 days of illness.

Signs of leukopenia in catsSigns of leukopenia in cats. internet photos

How to treat leukopenia in cats

Although leukopenia in cats has a high mortality rate, if you follow the doctor’s treatment plan and persevere, this rate will decrease, the ability to save the cat’s life is also greater. After recovering from the disease, the cat’s body will produce antibodies against the bacteria, making it immune to FPV, so the main goal of treatment is to maintain the cat’s health and condition until its body has regained resistance. autogenerated.

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Antibodies usually appear 4 to 5 days after the first symptoms appear. Therefore, if the cat receives proper care in 5-6 days, the cat will have a good chance of being cured. With Western cats: Due to their weaker body compared to our cats, they will show obvious symptoms, while when cats get sick, they are usually in the final stage or in danger of death.

  • When you notice suspicious signs of the disease, you should immediately take your cat to the veterinary center for examination and timely treatment. Only 1-2 days later, the cat’s condition worsened markedly.
  • If your house is not close to veterinary facilities or hospitals. You can check the treatment of leukopenia in cats from Fanpage Hanoi Cattree Shop. This is a good article to share when the owner saved the lives of her 16 kittens by carefully preparing and patiently following the treatment schedule.

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Leukopenia in catsLeukopenia in cats.

How to prevent leukopenia in cats

Currently, the best prevention is to vaccinate cats. There are many vaccines on the market to prevent 3 of the most dangerous infectious diseases for cats. Valid for up to 2-3 years, however you should also receive a booster shot as a precaution.

Vaccinate your cat for the first time from 8-10 weeks. 4 weeks later you will receive a second injection. The third dose is generally recommended if your cat is raised in an epidemic area at 16 weeks of age.


  • When bringing a new cat home, it is necessary to isolate it from the cats in the house for 15-20 days.
  • Clean cages and cat areas.
  • Part of the cause of leukopenia comes from the cat’s habit of seeking a mate during heat, so spaying female cats and male cats is considered a solution to help prevent the possibility of leprosy.
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Good luck.